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Table of contents

1. Sabie Gorge 41 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 30.778719, -25.088321


Situated in the gorge below the Sabie Waterfall. Lots of indigenous vegetation and some interesting birds. (Louries and even Fish Eagles to name a few.) Facing South, and being above 1050m above sea level, the sun is rarely a problem. The routes can become very wet and slippery during a heavy rainy season. You can take a swim in the river or pools or take a jump from higher up into the pools. Please check for submerged rocks first. I wouldn’t drink the water!!

Access Issues:

Drive out of town towards Graskop. Just as you cross the bridge at Sabie Waterfall, turn left and park in the parking area. Walk through under the bridge and follow the footpath for about 130m. To the right there is an easy path down. Stay to the right, back towards the waterfall. Height: 12 – 18m

1.1. The Cauldron 3 routes in Sector

All Sport

These routes are on the cliffs flanking the waterfall above the pool and most of them are accessed by rappeling down from chains to a hanging belay above the water. The routes follow from left to right (clock wise) when faced from the bridge. Makes for some good spectator value. These routes are not very high but pumpy for their grades. Warm up before doing them. Take your shortest 30m rope. If you don't mind the potential swim or some wet climbing shoes or chalk bag, the more adventurous can give it a bash at deep water soloing.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 For the show of it

On the main face across from the bridge to Graskop. Rap down from anchors and steer left. Steeper than it looks but good holds. Some nice laybacks.

FA: Jaco de Wet & Ruan Pretorius, 2007

13 Sport 8
2 Een Donker Nag

On the main face across from the bridge 3m right of FTSOI. Rap down to hanging belay. Short but pumpy for the grade. Crank the small roof with funky moves. Balancy.

FA: Ruan Pretorius & Jaco de Wet, 2007

19 Sport 9
3 Bombs are Great

On the right hand arete of the main face just to the right of EDN. Rap down to hanging belay.

FA: Jaco de Wet & Ruan Pretorius, 2007

18 Sport 8

1.2. Routes in the gorge 3 routes in Field

All Sport

Downstream from the bridge

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Onnerie Brug

Starts right underneath the bridge going to Graskop. Climb the face or the small overhang to a flake and into the roof. Some skip the 4th bolt but then you shouldn’t bugger up the next! Either go straight across the roof (FA: Tiaan Boshoff 1996) or move out to the right (FA: Jaco de Wet 1998).

FA: Jaco de Wet, 1998

22 Sport 12
2 Aalwynkrans (Direct)

6-7m right of OB. The face above a huge overhang. Start on a little platform on the left and then traverse onto the face. Please be kind to the little cliff-aloe at the top. To reduce drag you can unclip the first draw after clipping the second.

FA: Craig le Roux, 1996

20 Sport 9
3 Aalwynkrans (Variation)

The same as the direct. At the 4th bolt traverse right and then climb to the same anchors. A bit of a zig-zag with some drag on the rope. Take your longest draws for the 4th, 5th, and 6th.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 1996

20 Sport 10

1.3. Donkerhoek 14 routes in Sector

All Sport

Around the corner from Aalwynkrans there is an open book with 4-5 routes. Start on the little platform.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Magician’s Nephew

On the left hand face. Try to stay away from the obvious crack on the left. Shares the 3rd bolt with PS.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 2003

15 Sport 8
2 Pleasant Surprise

In the middle of the left hand face. Climb to the anchors on the right.

FA: Tiaan Boshoff, 1996

16 Sport 8
3 The Bulge

Just to the right of PS. Share some of the bolts and the same anchors with PS. A thin start. Run out between 3rd and 4th but easy.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 1996

17 Sport 6
4 The Stair Case

The right hand side of the open book. The crux is right at the start. The rest is just a nice climb. After the second draw, keep left. Straight up is very easy but with no draws.

FA: Craig le Roux, 1996

19 Sport 8
5 Piece of Cake

To the right of TSC. Follow the obvious line from the bottom and share last bolt and anchors with TSC. First bolt is rather high, but easy.

FA: Tania Louw, 2004

14 Sport 7
6 Up in Smoke

Just to the left of POC. A tricky start. Don't fumble the third bolt.

FA: Jens Kock, 2007

18 Sport 9
7 Pixy Toes

About 13m right from POC before you get to a huge overhang. Start on an arête. The fun starts after you’ve clipped the third draw.

FA: Lourens Inggs, 2005

22 Sport 9
8 Monster

The obvious line under the huge roof, halfway between PT and KA. Climb into the open book to clip the 3rd. Use a longer draw on the 2nd to reduce rope abrasion. You can tie off on the 3rd, wile the be-layer unclip the 1st to reduce drag. Chimney up the open book to the roof. Here the route splits in two. Use a fist jam above you and then move right onto the face, Monster Crunch [F.A. Jaco de Wet 2007 (10D)] or go left, Monster Munch [F.A. Ruan Pretorius 2007 (9D)] and follow an arête to anchors.

24 Sport
9 Kid’s Arête

Start in a little corner where there is an overhang on your left with a knobbly face above it. Start on the right and climb unto the face on the left as soon as possible. Go to the arête ASAP with your feet on the little bulge as far down as you can. Climb the arête to the anchors. The further left you stay the more difficult it is – the further right, the easier.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 2003

14 to 17 Sport 7
10 Kid’s Corner

The same as KA and share the same bolts with it. Stay on the face, though, and use different anchors as well as the last 2 bolts.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 1996

14 Sport 9
11 Little leap of Faith

From the boulder, 3m out from the start of HW and ID, jump to the first hold on the face above the huge roof. Be carefull when on top rope not to land yourself back onto the boulder if you miss the hold! Climb the face to a ledge and then across the horn to the anchors.

FA: Jaco de Wet and Ruan Pretorius, 2007

21 Sport 8
12 Holy Water

Start on some blocks in the puddle under a roof. (Keep your feet dry!!) Crank the roof through the obvious line with some good under clings to a chock stone. Climb the face only (20+) or the chimney (9) to anchors.

FA: Jens Kock, 2007

20 Sport 10
13 Intelligent Design

Start the same as HW. Do not climb onto the chock stone after the roof, but stay on the arête to the right all the way to top.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 2007

20 Sport 9
14 Blitz Krieg

Starts about 3m to the right of HW and ID right underneath the power lines.

FA: Jens Kock

24 to 25 Sport Project

1.4. Treebeard’s Towers 17 routes in Field

All Sport

Next to and in the shade of an old Yellow Wood, (Treebeard) there are a couple of pillars. Check out the Louries if you’re lucky.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Nameless Fear

The obvious line 5 – 6 m left of SP. Climb onto the face on the right after the third bolt and before you reach the small tree.

FA: The obvious line 5 – 6 m left of SP. Climb onto the face on the right after the third bolt and before you reach the small tree., 2007

{UIAA} AU:17 Sport 7
2 Spread-eagle Pillar

Climb a small face (one bolt) to a platform on the right and then onto a little pillar to a small roof and straight across to anchors. Use the pillar only!! Exposed, run out and risky!! Not a nice route.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 2001

24 Sport 7
3 Do not chimney

Just to the right of SP. Do not climb into the crack and the idea is to not use chimney moves at all. If you do its probably a 12. Run out from last to anchors. When in doubt – chimney!

FA: Jaco de Wet & Ruan Pretorius, 2001

17 Sport 5
4 Baboon’s Neck

From the same ledge as DNC. Stay on the right of the arête and climb over the first bulge to a roof. Traverse right underneath the Baboon’s head and then up to anchors

FA: Jaco de Wet & Ruan Pretorius, 2004

23 Sport 6
5 Smaug

The steep arête 3m to the right of BN. Stay on the arête and to the left all the way to the top. Good holds all the way. Share anchors with BN.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 2007

16 Sport 8
6 Born Free

Starts in a recess. The face on the left. Can be wet and slippery in rainy season. Harder if you only use the face and not the layback or chimney.

FA: Jens Kock, 2006

12 Sport 7
7 Long Drop

Starts in the same recess as BF. The face on the right. Steeper than it looks but with good holds.

FA: Tania Louw, 2005

14 Sport 8
8 After the Piece of Cake

Climbs the arête to the right of LD.

FA: Tania Louw, 2005

15 Sport 8
9 Mello Yellow

The line just to the right of ATPOC. Duck under the branch at the top. Thanx for cleaning it up, Jens.

FA: Jens Kock, 2006

19 Sport 7
10 Quickbeam

In the middle of the face there is a fist size hole (good for a jam). Angles to the right – don’t go onto MY on the left.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 2006

18 Sport 7
11 Shelob’s Lair

The little chimney that climbs to a chock stone at the top.

FA: Jens Kock, 2007

9 Sport 5
12 The taming of Smeagol

Climbs the face just right of SL and angles right. Do not use the big blocks in the middle of the face – unless you don’t like your be-layer. The blocks can make it much easier and maybe dangerous.

FA: Jaco de Wet & Jens Kock, 2007

19 Sport 7
13 Harder for Hobbits

Starts on the arête and climbs right, into the roof. More than one way of cranking the roof. Shares last bolt and anchors with JG.

FA: Ruan Pretorius and Jaco de Wet, 2007

22 Sport 8
14 Jungle Gym

The last climb on Treebeard’s Towers. Climbs the easy lichen covered steps to the right of HFH. Steps left after the forth bolt and shares last and anchors with HFH

FA: Jens Kock, 2006

14 Sport 7
15 Bush Baby

Starts 2m left of Brandwag. The start is easy but climbs into a tricky roof and end. Harder for midgets.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 2005

{US} AU:20 Sport 7
16 Brandwag

4m left of DOTW. Climb straight up to a small roof. Do not go right – the crux is to go straight across with a layback on your left hand.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 1997

18 Sport 9
17 Dancing on the Wall

The first route you find as you come down into the gorge. The 1st small brownish face you find. After the 3rd bolt traverse in direction of B. The 4th is very loose. Into same roof and anchors as Brandwag. Keep B’s bolts to your left. Some rope-drag as you start to traverse.

FA: Jaco de Wet, 1999

17 Sport 9

1.5. Bouldering 4 routes in Sector

All Boulder

CFE.. Boulders in Sabie are abundant, just needs to be cleaned up.lots of projects just waiting to be climbed and lots of Problems needing a second ascend.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Purple Rain

Starts on the small crack line up to the flake, Dyno to jug and top out. (the small rock at the bottem is in as a foot grip)

FA: Johnny steenkamp, 2007

{FR} 7A+ Boulder
2 Rath-Of-God

Same line as Queen of the Golgari, Skip the Dyno and travers out left.

FA: Johnny Steenkamp, 2003

{FR} 6B+ Boulder
3 Ants

Starts just left of R-O-G, Standing start top out. Short and sweet

FA: Lourens Inggs, 2003

{FR} 5+ Boulder

Start on the pocket at waist height, bad foot grips, slap out left then top out on top of the boulder. ( Boulder nexto it is out ) A big armspan helps alot.

FA: Johnny steenkamp, 2003

{FR} 6C+ Boulder

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
9 Shelob’s Lair Sport 5 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
12 Born Free Sport 7 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
13 For the show of it Sport 8 1.1. The Cauldron
14 Kid’s Corner Sport 9 1.3. Donkerhoek
Piece of Cake Sport 7 1.3. Donkerhoek
Jungle Gym Sport 7 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
Long Drop Sport 8 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
15 The Magician’s Nephew Sport 8 1.3. Donkerhoek
After the Piece of Cake Sport 8 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
16 Pleasant Surprise Sport 8 1.3. Donkerhoek
Smaug Sport 8 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
14 to 17 Kid’s Arête Sport 7 1.3. Donkerhoek
17 The Bulge Sport 6 1.3. Donkerhoek
Dancing on the Wall Sport 9 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
Do not chimney Sport 5 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
The Nameless Fear Sport 7 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
18 Bombs are Great Sport 8 1.1. The Cauldron
Up in Smoke Sport 9 1.3. Donkerhoek
Brandwag Sport 9 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
Quickbeam Sport 7 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
19 Een Donker Nag Sport 9 1.1. The Cauldron
The Stair Case Sport 8 1.3. Donkerhoek
Mello Yellow Sport 7 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
The taming of Smeagol Sport 7 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
20 Aalwynkrans (Direct) Sport 9 1.2. Routes in the gorge
Aalwynkrans (Variation) Sport 10 1.2. Routes in the gorge
Holy Water Sport 10 1.3. Donkerhoek
Intelligent Design Sport 9 1.3. Donkerhoek
21 Little leap of Faith Sport 8 1.3. Donkerhoek
20 Bush Baby Sport 7 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
22 Onnerie Brug Sport 12 1.2. Routes in the gorge
Pixy Toes Sport 9 1.3. Donkerhoek
Harder for Hobbits Sport 8 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
23 Baboon’s Neck Sport 6 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
5+ Ants Boulder 1.5. Bouldering
24 Monster Sport 1.3. Donkerhoek
Spread-eagle Pillar Sport 7 1.4. Treebeard’s Towers
24 to 25 Blitz Krieg Sport Project 1.3. Donkerhoek
6B+ Rath-Of-God Boulder 1.5. Bouldering
6C+ FOG Boulder 1.5. Bouldering
7A+ Purple Rain Boulder 1.5. Bouldering