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Rank Climber Karma
1 Anesh 916points
2 Russell Warren 336points
3 Hugo 203points
4 Zee van Zyl 196points
5 Malcolm V 129points
6 Taib 118points
7 Robert Weyer 88points
8 Paul 73points
9 Catharina Warren 60points
10 Simon Vos 59points
11 bosvrou 45points
12 Gavin Tsang 42points
13 Marcus Yong 40points
14 30points
15 Manou 27points
16 Jeremy Goble 20points
17 Ted Boezaart 17points
18 @willem 14points
19 @tedboezaart 13points
19 Stitch 13points
21 Tian Bothma 10points
22 rocco nienaber 9points
22 Brendan Boyle 9points
24 Ian 6points
24 Aaron Schreiner 6points

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