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Access issues inherited from Swinburne

The area is on private land shared by the Bald Ibis Hiking Trail. Please contact the owners prior to accessing. They are friendly people and welcome climbers to the property. Please call Ansie on +27 (0) 82 926 1155 to arrange access. Be sure to book before arriving and pay before leaving. A day visitor fee may apply. Avoid bird nesting sites on the main crags.

Ethic inherited from Swinburne

Testing was done a few years ago on the different types of bolts and it was found that on slab, vertical or slightly overhanging routes the stainless steel Hilti HSA-KR M10x110mm can be used. Please note that for anchors of multi-pitch routes or steep routes these bolts will not be strong enough. Either the M12x110mm bolt or the Upat UKA3 glue-in capsule with 100mm stainless threaded bolts can be used. Almost all of the other glue's and readily available bolts were tested and not always found to be sufficient. Please take extra care in testing where you place your bolts as there are many hollow sections of rock. Remember that when you bolt a route you do not own the rock, and that many others would also like to climb it, so bolt it for everyone and not only yourself. Some of the routes are still bolted with unrated U-bolts and some dodgy placements can be found, but for the most part all routes are safe. If you would like more information about bolting in this area please contact the Mountain Club of South Africa.


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Grade Route
- Open Project 1 Unknown
- Open Project 2 Unknown
7a V6 ** Dunce Boulder
7b V8 * Ebb Boulder
7c+ V10 * Open Project 3 Boulder
7c V9 to V10 Open Project 4 Boulder
6b+ V4 Hektik Boulder
6a V3 Grass Snake Boulder
V4 Moonface Boulder
V5 Come Down Boulder
6a V2 Mysterious Boulder
6b V3 * Lateral Boulder
V4 Vertical Boulder
7c V9 Mooning Miss V Boulder
7a+ V7 * Blue Funk Boulder
7a V6 * Die Krupps Boulder
6a+ V3 * Low Tide Boulder
6c V4 * Reach Boulder
6a+ V3 Grater Boulder