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The very low angle slabs host a number of the easiest bolted lines at Boven. Ideal for absolute beginners. Milou can be used as a scramble out from the crag if you are confident soloing a 9!



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Grade Route

Gently scrambles up from left of the tree, heading diagonally right to easily accessible chains.

FA: Mel Janse van Rensburg, 2011

Starts a couple meters left of Milou, up generally easy slab to bolted anchor at the base of the obvious arete in the upper part of the cliff.

An externsion of either Bob or Milou -- climb the striking arete near the top of the cliff.

Starts just left of the tree at the base of Crouching Tiger. This route does not go all the way to the top of the crag. A must do, especially if you are old enough to walk.

FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg & Charles Fourie, 2007

Starts on a block just right of the tree growing out of the crack line that makes up this route.

Originally 10 bolts, now extended another 3 (U-bolts) past the original anchor, to bring total to 13 bolts, and finishes on anchors visible at the skyline.

FA: Charles Fourie, Agnes Fiamma & Gustav Janse van Rensburg, 2007

Shares the first bolt with CROUCHING TIGER, then climb up the slab.

FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg, 2007

Start just right of Mel, following U-bolts up diagonally rightwards then up to anchor.

FA: J Bollerup, 2017

Boulder up the arrete of the left facing corner, then step accross onto the main face and up.

FA: Agnes Fiamma & Gustav Janse van Rensburg, 2007

The following 5 routes start above the picnic ledge -- all can be started either by stemming up the cave to the ledge, or by climbing the bolted face a couple meters left of the ledge. Then traverse varying distances right before heading up. With the plethora of bolt-lines, finding the right one can be tricky, but each line generally uses a different type of bolt and this can help to distinguish which you are on.

Start inside a stradle width chimney 20m right of the obviuos Huffing Warthog crack. Reach a large picnic ledge after 2 bolts and continue onto the main face going slightly left.

FA: Charles Fourie & Gustav Janse van Rensburg, 2007

From the block, go up and right following U-bolts, and staying on the slab left of the black water streak.

After toppinig the block, go right for a few meters, then follow P-bolts up crossing the black streak.

Traverse even farther right, past the black streak, and follow U-bolts up to anchors.

From the ledge, go up and right towards the arete (anchor at start of arete), then climb the exposed arete.

May be worth climbing Mort/Rosy and the lowering to the ledge & anchors at the start and just climbing the arete.

Just at the start of the gully to the left of "Consistency is Fashion", on the left wall, are a couple of re-bar steps and u-bolts. These lead to an easy scramble (with rope on one side and via ferrata cable on the other) up and out to the top of the escarpment.

Start on the broken looking corner with an hourglass feature halfway up the arete.

FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg, 2007

Approach from the left to gain a platform beneath a tree. Step across onto blocky rock. Climb the prominent layback crack. Halfway up the route changes from crack climbing to face climbing.

Not as closely bolted as most other climbs at the Creche.

FA: rad Davies, Kieren Davies & Hilton Davies, 2008

Climb onto a ledge towards a crack leading steeply through the double and up.

FA: Gustav Janse van Rensburg & Derk Battjes, 2007


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