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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
Wed 24th Jan 2018 - Lion's Head
19 Millions

Beautiful climbing. Not 30 m length at all. 25 m at most.

- with Justine Cole
Trad 28m Lion's Head Very Good Renato da Costa
Wed 24th Jan 2018
Mon 8th Jan 2018 - Lion's Head
18 Huguenot Crack

First pich is grassy. The second one is a really fun 18.

- with Justine Cole
Trad 70m Lion's Head Very Good Renato da Costa
Mon 8th Jan 2018
Thu 30th Mar 2017 - Lion's Head
Sandstone Lookout Sector
13 Atlantic Wall

Big loose block at the start of pitch 1 -- which is a section of stacked detached blocks. Scary when it started to move. Guidebook gave this 4*, and Rainbow Crag 3* -- but we (Mike and I) both thought Rainbow Crag was better. Not just the couple places with loose blocks on this climb -- but also lots of scrambling on vegetated terrain.

Trad 90m Lion's Head Good
Thu 30th Mar 2017
13 Rainbow Crag

A fun outing, and nicely in the shade all morning -- despite the rest of Lookout Sector being in the sun.

Trad 60m Lion's Head Classic
Thu 30th Mar 2017
Tue 18th Feb 2014 - Lion's Head
17 Tea Trolly Crack

Scary. First 7m run out.

- with Justine Cole and Charles Bowker
Trad 60m Lion's Head Very Good Malcolm V
Tue 18th Feb 2014
Sun 22nd Sep 2013 - Lion's Head
15 Taking Down the Lion

Hard to find but Amazing climbing

- with Onsight
Trad 200m Lion's Head Classic Dave
Sun 22nd Sep 2013
Sat 1st May 2004 - Lion's Head
17 Scratch

sparce gear placements

Unknown 70m Lion's Head Very Good Adrian van Zyl
Sat 1st May 2004
Sat 13th Dec 2003 - Lion's Head
18 Huguenot Crack

Very sharp rock

Trad 70m Lion's Head Average Zee van Zyl
Sat 13th Dec 2003

Showing all 8 ascents.