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Access issues inherited from White Umfolozi River

South Bank: This is private land however the owner is very fond of climbers and has even erected a great camping spot for us. While he likes us booking is essential. Please respect him and keep his views of the climbing community good ones.

North bank: This is also private land. The owner of this land is not fond of climbers and has banned all climbing his side of the bank. However the owner of the south side of the river said not to worry and we may go climb there. So if you do just be aware of the situation.

Ethic inherited from White Umfolozi River

Please remember that the owner of the north bank is not fond of climbers so if you see people on the top of the north bank who aren't climbers, please try stay to the south bank until they leave. There are also snakes, crocodiles and leopards in the area so please don't go night climbing and be aware. Keep the campsite clean and don't break things as the owner has people living right there. This is to help you if something does go wrong with the house or its appliances. They are also there to prevent people taking your things as it has been known that people who are walking down the river run up to the hut and go "shopping". However this is very rare. It is etiquette to help with the "gardening" as the climbs aren't often climbed.


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