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Rank Climber Ascents
1 Carlos Caicedo 309ascents
2 Vanessa Wills 119ascents
3 Hugo Castro de Barcellos 81ascents
4 Adrian Cubillos 46ascents
5 44ascents
6 Neil Monteith 33ascents
7 Kelly 32ascents
8 Nadja Becker Ferraz 18ascents
8 Marcia Y Kanzaki 18ascents
10 Simone Bischofberger 15ascents
11 Adam Pullen 12ascents
11 juan sebastian mejia botero 12ascents
13 10ascents
13 Rob Baker 10ascents
15 Julio Donati 9ascents
15 Bill Conor 9ascents
17 pablo 7ascents
17 Alexandre Ferreira 7ascents
17 Fernando Charnis 7ascents
17 Juan 7ascents
21 5ascents
21 Mic 5ascents
21 Marcus Brubaker 5ascents
21 Joe Alexander 5ascents
21 Todd dawson 5ascents

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