• Grades: US
  • Aka: 용화산 새남바위




The name of this granite crag means “Birds are flying”. It offers mostly challenging crack climbs with natural trees in the middle of the routes. As this crag is located in a remote region, it is a quiet place to enjoy climbing. Saenam-bawi faces south and is in sun all day.


To reach the crag, take a bus from Chuncheon 춘천 bound for Yangtong 양통. It will take an hour. Get off at the end of the line. Walk straight up the road to the north until you reach the bridge Sayeogyo 사여교. At the bridge, stay to the le (don’t cross the bridge) and hike up for an hour until you reach an unpaved road on the hill. Go right at the hill and you will reach the crag in fifteen minutes. The crag is visible from the bus stop.


Gear 10 draws, a 50m rope, and a full set of cams. Safety A helmet is recommended. Instead of abseiling, you can take the trail at the top of the hill to walk down. A few of the bolts and anchors are not in good condition, so bring a few slings to back up the protection. Additional Comments Water and food should be purchased beforehand.


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Grade Route

1p (|35m) 2p (|35m) 3p (*|15m)

1p (5.10*|25m) 2p (5.10*|35m)

1p (5.9|25m) 2p (5.10d|20m) 3p (5.11d|40m) 4p (5.10b|45m)

1p (|40m) 2p (|40m) 3p (*|27m)

1p (5.10c|35m) 2p (*|35m) 3p (5.10c|40m)

1p (|40m) 2p (|35m) 3p (5.10c|30m)

1p (5.8|35m) 2p (5.10*|37m) 3p (5.10a|25m) 4p (*|30m)

1p (5.12a|30m) 2p (*|30m)

1p (5.8|35m) 2p (5.8|40m) 3p (5.10a|30m) 4p (5.7|30m)

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