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1. South Korea 25 routes in Region

Sport, Trad and other styles

Long/Lat: 127.593761, 35.906187


Climbing in South Korea is an awesome experience. There is rock everywhere, predominantly granite. The locals are amazing, too. Even if you have a language barrier, they are really accepting and you can usually figure it out with hand signals.

Crags can get pretty crowded on the weekend, especially around the Seoul area.

The locals tend to sandbag their ratings a little. Each group tends to have its own favorite spot; they have the routes wired pretty tight, so they can think a route is easier than it really is.

1.1. Seoul 16 routes in Region

Trad, Sport and other styles

Long/Lat: 127.013258, 37.571019

1.1.1. Dobongsan 3 routes in Crag

Unknown and Aid

Long/Lat: 127.017328, 37.697593

1.1.2. Suraksan 0 routes in Crag

1.1.3. Insubong 9 routes in Crag

All Trad

Long/Lat: 126.981002, 37.660117

Unique Features And Strengths:

Massive granite peak right outside of Seoul


Routes are primarily slab and cracks with a few face and chimney climbs in between. Climbs range from one to eight pitches. The highest graded route is My Way(5.12b).

1.1.4. Baekeun Dae 0 routes in Crag

1.1.5. Byeongpung Am 0 routes in Crag

1.1.6. Surisan 0 routes in Crag

1.1.7. Hanyang University 0 routes in Crag

1.1.8. Kwanaksan 4 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 126.960417, 37.443157

Unique Features And Strengths:

So close to the city, you can't beat it


It's a small crag. The routes are all 8-12 meters. It has granite face routes, cracks, overhangs and some slabs. It's all bolted, so you can climb it sport, trad..or, you can scramble around the left side and top-rope.

Access Issues:

You have to pay 300 won at the park entrance (that's like 25 cents US)


Take subway line 4 from Seoul to Gwacheon Station. Leave the station through exit 7, and walk up the road until you dead end at the river road. Take a left, and walk until you see the park entrance on the right. Go up the main trail until you see two large signs (I uploaded a picture) on the left of the trail. There are stone steps right after the signs. Turn left just at the foot of the stairs. Cross the river on the boulder walk, and follow the trail for about 20 meters to the crag.

1.1.9. Seodaemun Ansan Amjang 0 routes in Crag

1.1.10. Seonin Bong 0 routes in Crag

1.1.11. The River Beds 0 routes in Crag

1.2. Wonju 3 routes in Region

All Sport

Long/Lat: 127.937183, 37.383104

1.2.1. Our Rock 0 routes in Crag

Unique Features And Strengths:

Short route just off of road


On the outskirts of Wonju, about 100 meters from road. 16 routes from 7-11 meters high (the majority being 7). Very Crimpy stuff. Some face and crack.


Only about 100 meters off the road, but its easy to get lost. Take the bus from Wonju to Suam-ri (수암리). Between the intersection and gas station is the trailhead. Follow it up the hill until you come to the clearing.

1.2.2. Ganhyum 3 routes in Crag


Long/Lat: 127.824037, 37.367358

Unique Features And Strengths:

Limestone crag with significant grade variation and some multipitch


The limestone varies from chossy to excellent. A few multipitch climbs. Has alot of huecos and finger pockets, offering a range of difficulties.

There are alot of groups during the vacation season, so there will be alot of late-night partying and noise. But, it's easy to find belay partners and lunch and opportunities to make new friends.

Access Issues:

Pay a fee at the park station (was about 1500 won last time I checked)


Take a train to Ganhyeon (관 현) station. Follow the road following the tracks North. About 500 meters into walk, stop at Park gate and pay fee. Continue along tracks until you cross the bridge. Follow the trail around, and the crags will be on the right.

Where To Stay:

Places to camp right across the river from the main crag (as long as you can stand the noise of late-night partying. It's very busy during the summer)

1.2.3. GuRyongsa 0 routes in Crag

Unique Features And Strengths:

Tons of Boulders


Fields of boulders along and in the river. In the Chiaksan National Park.


Take bus from downtown Wonju to guryongsa (구룡사). The bus stops at the trail head. Pay the fee to enter the park and follow the trail around until you just pass the temple. From there, boulders are everywhere along the river.

1.2.4. Ipseokdae 0 routes in Crag

1.2.5. Sang Bawi 0 routes in Crag

1.3. Daegu 0 routes in Region

1.3.1. UkSuGol 0 routes in Crag

1.3.2. Palgongsan 0 routes in Crag

1.3.3. Yeongyeong 0 routes in Crag

1.3.4. YongMunSan 0 routes in Crag

1.4. Chuncheon 0 routes in Region

1.4.1. EuiAmAmJang 0 routes in Crag

1.4.2. Chuncle Ridge 0 routes in Crag

1.4.3. YonghwaSan 0 routes in Crag

1.5. Ulsan 0 routes in Region


There are a couple of climbing areas for which Ulsan is the closest major city.

1.5.1. 문수산 - Munsu Mountain 0 routes in Crag

Unique Features And Strengths:

Days and days worth of climbing, right on the edge of the city.


Munsu Mountain offers a wealth of sport routes on a large array of cliffs, all with a southerly aspect. (Climb here all winter long!) The climbing area is below Munsu Temple (Munsu-sa).

For ease of description, Munsusan can be roughly divided into 3 areas - 1 lower, and 2 upper. Facing the mountain, the upper left and the lower areas offer the most routes, whilst the upper right offers the longest routes.

Access Issues:

When accessing the upper right cliff, be aware of climbers below you on the lower cliff. On weekends, the road up to the temple carpark is packed with hikers, and parking will be at a premium.


The crag can be accessed from the pathway up to the temple, or from the dirt road a few hundred metres below the temple carpark. If taking the temple path, follow it until it levels out and you start to traverse the cliff. Just before you get to the stone steps, bear down to the left on a dirt trail. You'll shortly see some bolted routes on your right (the "upper right" cliff). If approaching from below, follow the dirt road until it is intersected by a dirt path coming down the hill on the right - it has stone steps for the first 30 metres or so. Continue up this steep path, which becomes a set of winding stone steps. You will eventually see a path off to the right, which takes you to the "lower cliff". Or carry on up, until you reach a T-junction - left to access the "upper left", and right to access the "upper right".

Where To Stay:

Camping seems to be permitted at Munsusan, there are many flat areas that are suitable. There is also some accommodation along the road up to the temple.


People have been climbing here for at least a couple of decades.

1.6. Busan 6 routes in Region

All Sport

Long/Lat: 128.971716, 35.110324

1.6.1. HoelYongAm Boulders 0 routes in Crag

1.6.2. Am Nam Gong Won 0 routes in Crag

1.6.3. Amnan Park 0 routes in Crag

1.6.4. Nabi Bawi Boulders 0 routes in Crag

1.6.5. Bu Chae Bawi 0 routes in Crag

1.6.6. Dae Ryuk Bong 0 routes in Crag

1.6.7. Igidae 0 routes in Crag

1.6.8. Moo Myeong Ridge 0 routes in Crag

1.6.9. Naewonsa 0 routes in Crag

1.6.10. Songgye 0 routes in Crag

1.6.11. The Falls 0 routes in Crag

1.6.12. Samagui Bawi 6 routes in Crag


Long/Lat: 128.971719, 35.110332

Unique Features And Strengths:

Great for winter climbing - gets the sun most of the day.


A small crag overlooking the harbour. Only 7, short sport routes, with grades ranging from 5.9 to 5.11a. Possible to trad climb on a couple of cracks.

1.7. Daejeon 0 routes in Region

1.7.1. Dwaeji Bawi 0 routes in Crag

1.7.2. Bagaji Bawi 0 routes in Crag