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Table of contents

1. Casucho 7 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: -0.673166, 40.129203


Above the Casucho homestead the homonymous climbing area offers a good view on the junction of Mijares and Paleo Meja. The stretched cliff is separated into multiple small sectors. The so called "detached rocks" some pinnacles are the highlights of the spot. The common Casucho pitch is steep pocket pulling up to 30m.


Leave TE-V-2001 where it crosses the Mijares river between Los Giles and Los Villanuevas. Drive along a gravel road on the right hand side of the river (upstream). Road ends after approx. 500m in front of a house. Do not park your car behind the mast and take care to leave enough space for vehicles to turn. From there walk 10 to 15min uphill to the sectors as indicated in the picture.

1.1. Meteoblue 0 routes in Sector


Vertical sector with solid pocket limestone up to 20m in height. The routes are on the western side of Felsengasse and have late afternoon sun.

1.2. Felsengasse 0 routes in Sector

1.3. Bergfreundeturm 0 routes in Sector

1.4. Horzelbub 0 routes in Sector


Free standing spire with 20m height. The small summit is quite uncomfortable due to the sharp rock but it is worth to have a short break to enjoy the scenery and sign into the summit register.

1.5. Esquina suiza 0 routes in Sector

1.6. Don Quijote 7 routes in Sector


Long/Lat: -0.673079, 40.129165


Large sector in the center of the Casucho riff. Steep climbing on very abrasive rock up to 25m on some beautifully natural lines are the positive facts, the extreme sun trap after noon is the opposite point.


To get there go to the left from Esquina alemana or to the right from Horzelbub on small trails.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Rosinante

Pasar el diedro izquierdo del espolón (fisura) a la pared vertical. Se reúne con Rucio al llegar a la penúltima chapa.

6a+Sport 19m, 10
2 ** Rucio

Pasar el diedro izquierdo del espolón (fisura) a la pared vertical. Se reúne con Rucio al llegar a la penúltima chapa.

6aSport 19m, 9
3 ** Sancho Panza

Un pequeño espolón lleva una fisura con buenos agujeros y listones. Poco antes de girar a la derecha te espera un movimiento algo raro.

6a+Sport 21m, 9
4 ** Luchar contra molinos de viento

Escalada persistente y desplomada con malos puntapiés (primera crux) y pared vertical a la crux de Don Quijote y a la misma reu.

7aSport 24m, 13
5 *** Don Quijote

Escalda larga de diedro con una crux fina al llegar a la reu.

6b+Sport 25m, 12
6 ** Dulcinea 6b+Sport 22m, 10
7 ** Aldonza 5cSport 18m, 7

1.7. Esquina alemana 0 routes in Sector

1.8. Friedrichshain 0 routes in Sector

1.9. Esquina española 0 routes in Sector

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5c ** Aldonza Sport 18m, 7 1.6. Don Quijote
6a ** Rucio Sport 19m, 9 1.6. Don Quijote
6a+ * Rosinante Sport 19m, 10 1.6. Don Quijote
** Sancho Panza Sport 21m, 9 1.6. Don Quijote
6b+ *** Don Quijote Sport 25m, 12 1.6. Don Quijote
** Dulcinea Sport 22m, 10 1.6. Don Quijote
7a ** Luchar contra molinos de viento Sport 24m, 13 1.6. Don Quijote