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In Mar 2014 theCrag community made 18,699 updates and and added 465 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Albert Massachs 115,316points
2 ricard hugas 75,823points
3 32,276points
4 22,223points
5 Melwin Quacke 13,724points
6 Nicola Beccu 13,444points
7 chema 7,729points
8 Linus 7,167points
9 7,058points
10 Torbjorn 5,158points
11 Richard 3,934points
12 Matt Pascoe 3,203points
13 adam demmert 3,037points
14 robbiephillips 1,977points
15 Frantisek Vilim 1,808points
16 Stephen C. Yabut 1,612points
17 Kate Ferguson 1,585points
18 Matt Earsman 1,399points
19 Peter 1,308points
20 Norbert 1,181points
21 Cameron Abraham 1,143points
22 David O'Donnell 1,043points
23 Tanguy 1,037points
24 SUQUET 982points
25 David McKelvie 977points

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