Statistics: Cova del Diablo 36 routes in Crag

Cova del Diablo Statistics

General area statistics
Cova del Diablo
Climb Heights
Difficulty Band
YDS Grade Profile
AU Grade Profile
FR Grade Profile
Rating System Profile
Protection Rating Profile
Tick Type Profile
Climb Quality
Climb Relative Difficulty
YDS Ascent Grade Profile
AU Ascent Grade Profile
FR Ascent Grade Profile
Ascent Seasonality
Beware of Limbo Dancers {8a+}
Loskot and Two Smoking Barrels {8a+}
Right Here, Right Now {8a+}
In the Night, Every Cat is Black {8a}
Hair Bear {7c+}
Ronatron {7c+}
Let's Have It! {7c+}
Whiplash {7c}
Dancing Fool {7c}
Ejector Seat {7c}
Slice of Heaven {5a}
Eternal Flame {5c}
Bonobo {5c}
Retronobo {5c}
White Noise {5c}
Felix {5c}
First Impressions {6a}
The Voyage {6a}
Tits-Up Traverse {6a}
Dogging Romp {6a+}