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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
{FR} 4+ Skamvrån
Trad 20m
{FR} 5c Hemorojdvrån

Same start as for Hemorojdfuhrer. Climb up to the big ledge. Therafter, continue up Skamvrån by traversing left on the big ledge to the expanding flake. Good protection when needed. Be aware of using cams atvthe top part due to loose big blocks. The route can be divided into two pitches using the big ledge as a stand.

FFA: Johan Sandberg & Patrik Roos, 26 Jul 2011

FA: Johan Sandberg & Patrik Roos, 26 Jul 2011

Trad 25m
{FR} 6b Hemorojdführer

FA: Jan Liliemark & Lars Svadängs

Trad 25m
{FR} 5+ Sans nomine
Trad 15m
{FR} 5+ Skamvägen
Trad 15m

Showing all 5 routes.