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Table of contents

1. Noret 53 routes in Crag

Unknown, Trad and Sport

Long/Lat: 18.352823, 59.211695

1.1. Terrierväggen 17 routes in Area

All Unknown

Long/Lat: 18.349798, 59.213503

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Ödets makt 7a+Unknown
2 Arnington road 7bUnknown
3 Alt insteg till Arnington... 7b+Unknown
4 Claver 6bUnknown
5 Tier 6c+Unknown
6 Altermaan 7a+Unknown
7 Engel 7aUnknown
8 Bestraffe mich 7cUnknown
9 Buckdych 7c+Unknown
10 Du hast mich 7cUnknown
11 Kyss mich 7c+Unknown
12 Tsatsiki 6b+Unknown
13 Morsan 7aUnknown
14 Polisen 6c+Unknown
15 Timbuktu 6aUnknown
16 Terrier 6bUnknown
17 Toker 6aUnknown

1.2. Röda Lacket väggen 24 routes in Area

Unknown, Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 18.351103, 59.212454

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Medlut 5cSport 4
2 Den ensamma borrbulten Unknown
3 Diagonalen 4cTrad
4 * Grov portion 5+Trad
5 Ettan 4cTrad
6 Isbiten 5cSport
7 Ebbe 6aTrad
8 Ödets makt 7a+Unknown
9 Agent Luhr ser rött 7cUnknown
10 Svåra diedret 7cUnknown
11 General 5aUnknown
12 * Tissel Tassel 6bSport
13 Röda Lacket 6aUnknown
14 ** Snoken 6cSport
15 Kaxi 7bUnknown
16 Livet är underbart 7c+Unknown
17 ? 7cUnknown
18 ?? 7bUnknown
19 Stor dum pung 6aUnknown
20 ??? 6cUnknown
21 ????? 7cUnknown
22 Kylskåpet 6aSport
23 ???? 7bUnknown
24 Singalong 7b+Unknown

1.3. Båthamnen (Boat Marina) 3 routes in Area

All Trad

Long/Lat: 18.352719, 59.211397


The slab by the stairs up the cliff from the boat marina.


3minute walk from the parking, following the path towards the waterfront and boat marina

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Spräckliga bandet

Starts by the pine tree a bit up the on the slab. Be aware of the loose heavy flakes. Climb carefully by the flakes up to the right in the groove to the right of the slab, step out left on the slab and continue up the crack to the top. Nice climbing with some runouts.

FFA: Jan Liliemark, Lars Svadängs, Anniki Liliemark, 1980

6aTrad 30m
2 Talleken

Starts by the arch roof to the right of previous route. Follow the arch to the birch tree, thereafter straight up following the cracks up to a tiny but good belay by the oak/pine tree. (2) Continue up the dihedral and move right at the end. The finish follows a crack in a slab where you find the crux.

FFA: Buster Delin, Jonas Paulsson, 1991

5a to 5b+Trad 40m 2
3 Tallekens direktinsteg

Start 5m left of the original start in the dirty dihedral on the right wall. Fantastic limestone like pockets together with a crack at the top where the arch finishes make this variation a worthwhile variation. The pockets and the crack enables protection of the first part. Traverse back towards the tree and continue up the original route.

FA: Johan Sandberg, 2012

5bTrad 8m

1.4. Parkeringsväggen 4 routes in Area

All Trad

Long/Lat: 18.355281, 59.210372


This area covers all the cliffs from the parking to the boat marina.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Ormplattan

The route follows the obvious dihedral by the parkingarea. Start either in the dihedral (awkward offwith) or 2 meters to the right. Continue up the crack in the dihedral with beautiful moves and bomber pros. Thereafter, it becomes loose and dodgy for a couple of meters until you reach the trees and the bealy area above these. A perfect #2 nut can be placed prior the dodgy part.

Second pitch follows the prominent crack to the right, or go for the finger crack in the left corner (5b). Both variations leead to the top with a true summmit feeling and a marvelous view over "Kalvfjärden".

Descent: Continue by foot through the woods keeping left lookout for the long wooden stairs and climb down these which passes the area "Spräckliga bandet".

5aTrad 40m 2
2 Vipera

At the first belay of Ormplattan, travers left until you reach a prominent hand crack, climb it to the top.

FFA: Per Calleberg, Peter Brolin, 1990

6aTrad 10m
3 Jamdomsprovet

Start under the prominent overhanging crack 15-20m left of Ormplattan.

FFA: Henrik Bolander, Fredrik Rundkvist, 1990

7aTrad 25m 2
4 Knulliamo

Starts 15 - 20 meters from "Ormplattan", two tiny finger cracks with acceptable pros. From Omplattan, walk on the first ramp passing a pine tree/bush thereafter you are on a new ramp, where you find the climb a bit to the left..

FFA: Johan Sandberg, Catrine Sandberg, 2011

5bTrad 6m

1.5. Båthamnen 5 routes in Area

All Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Maktbalans 6aUnknown
2 Kognitiv dissonans 6a+Unknown
3 ? ?Unknown
4 Eldorado Extas 7b+Unknown
5 Chalk it up 6cUnknown

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
4c Diagonalen Trad 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Ettan Trad 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
5a General Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Ormplattan Trad 40m 2 1.4. Parkeringsväggen
5b Tallekens direktinsteg Trad 8m 1.3. Båthamnen (Boat Marina)
Knulliamo Trad 6m 1.4. Parkeringsväggen
5+ * Grov portion Trad 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
5a to 5b+ Talleken Trad 40m 2 1.3. Båthamnen (Boat Marina)
5c Isbiten Sport 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Medlut Sport 4 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
6a Timbuktu Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Toker Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Ebbe Trad 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Kylskåpet Sport 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Röda Lacket Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Stor dum pung Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Spräckliga bandet Trad 30m 1.3. Båthamnen (Boat Marina)
Vipera Trad 10m 1.4. Parkeringsväggen
Maktbalans Unknown 1.5. Båthamnen
6a+ Kognitiv dissonans Unknown 1.5. Båthamnen
6b Claver Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Terrier Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
* Tissel Tassel Sport 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
6b+ Tsatsiki Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
6c ??? Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
** Snoken Sport 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Chalk it up Unknown 1.5. Båthamnen
6c+ Polisen Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Tier Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
7a Engel Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Morsan Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Jamdomsprovet Trad 25m 2 1.4. Parkeringsväggen
7a+ Altermaan Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Ödets makt Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Ödets makt Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
7b Arnington road Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
?? Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
???? Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Kaxi Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
7b+ Alt insteg till Arnington... Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Singalong Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Eldorado Extas Unknown 1.5. Båthamnen
7c Bestraffe mich Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Du hast mich Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
? Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
????? Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Agent Luhr ser rött Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
Svåra diedret Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
7c+ Buckdych Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Kyss mich Unknown 1.1. Terrierväggen
Livet är underbart Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
? Den ensamma borrbulten Unknown 1.2. Röda Lacket väggen
? Unknown 1.5. Båthamnen