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Showing all 31 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
6c+ Mike's AC/DC
1 6b+
2 6b
3 6c
4 6c+
Sport 100m, 4
7c Leoni

second pitch

Sport 40m
7b SA04
1 7b
2 6c

second pitch

Sport 2
7a+ Hotel Edelweiss Sport 25m
7a+ Rose ohne Dornen
1 6b
2 7a+
3 6c
Sport 75m, 3
6b Rose ohne Dornen Trad

only first pitch of 'Rose ohne Dornen'

Trad 30m
7b+ Hohliecht

second pitch

Sport 40m
6a+ Händ Schämm

final face to original anchors with two bolts or clean to anchors to the right

Trad 25m
7a Unendliche Geschichte
1 6a+
2 7a
3 7a
Trad 80m, 3
6c Eva Luna
1 6a
2 6b
3 6c
Sport 80m, 3
6b Eva Luna 2 pitch trad Trad
7a Elena Sport 25m
7b Haleluja
1 6b+
2 7b
Sport 60m, 2
7a+ Gitzi Power Sport 30m
6b Medji Original
1 6b
2 6a+
Sport 80m, 2
6b Medji Original 1 pitch Trad Trad 35m
6a+ Risse des Lebens

second pitch

Sport 25m
6c+ Sunshine Corner Sport 25m
6b Gratwandrig
1 6a+
2 6b
Sport 60m, 2
6b Gratwandrig 2 pitch Trad Trad 25m
6a+ Klemmkeilvariante Trad 25m
6c+ Schutzengel

second pitch

Sport 25m
6b Schwarzi Rosa

second pitch

Sport 25m
7a Mit Gift Sport 25m
7a Tetto Diretto Sport 25m
6c Hesch äs Loch im Dach Sport 25m
6a Ischtig zum Üfstig Sport 12m
6a Ischtig zum Üfstig Trad Trad 12m
4c+ La Réserve Sport 12m
4c+ La Réserve Trad Trad 12m
6b+ Manuel Sport 35m

Showing all 31 routes.