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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Gersauer Klettergärten Chileflue
7b+ Inneri Rueh Sport 45m
7a Chanzlötrip Sport 45m
6a+ Ameisädach Sport 45m
6a+ Wybermühli Sport 45m
6b La Fredo Sport 45m
6c Stachelsau Sport 45m
6a+ Phänomena Sport 45m
7c Inside Marylin Sport 45m
6b Teamwork Sport 45m
Gersauer Klettergärten Rüteli
6c Route 1 Sport 15m
6c Zwängli Sport 15m
6c Only Stony Sport 15m
6a+ Affentanz Sport 15m
6b Hau Ruck Sport 15m
Route 6 Sport 15m
Route 7 Sport 15m
Route 8 Sport 15m
Route 9 Sport 15m
Gersauer Klettergärten Tridwand
5a Azubi Sport
6a Partygirl Sport
5b Querdance Sport
6b+ Ola Sport
6a Holzfäller Sport
6a+ Pimpernickel Sport
4c Calimero Sport
4b Sombrero Sport
4c Kowalzkipfeiler Sport 35m
5c+ Messerdach Sport 35m
6c+ Knallfrosch Sport
7b+ Tetris Sport
7a+ Bonus Malus Sport
7b Das Schaf im Wolfspelz Sport
6b+ Hiromi Sport
6a Triomaran Sport
6a+ Schlotterparty Sport
5b Schiffbug Sport 35m
6b Welerweg Sport 35m
4b Sauft Sport 35m
3b Risi Bisi Sport 35m
6c+ Variante zu Rampass Sport 35m
6a+ Rampass Sport 35m
6a+ Dr Einfall Sport
5c+ Made by Ducati Sport 35m
7a+ Die Platte Sport
6a Weis au ned Sport
6c Batman Sport 35m
6b Manolo Manolo Sport 35m
3b Urin Sport 35m
7a Liegestuhl Sport 35m
6b Enduro Sport 35m
7a Money talk Sport 35m
6c Adlerhorst Sport 35m
6c+ Glück gha Sport 35m
7a+ Knacknuss Sport
6b Gummisau Sport
5a GmbH Sport 35m
??? Sport
Hop altä Börzul Sport 35m
Variante Hursch Sport 35m
5b 7 Bananä und ei Hültschä Sport 35m
Wartsaal Sport 35m
6b Parallelriss Sport
5a Route 45 Sport 35m
5a Börzul Sport 35m
5c Route 47 Sport 35m
Gersauer Klettergärten Basilland
5a Sägä 4 ond Säge 2 Sport
6a+ Zwasli Sport
6a Imfal Sport
7a Bimbo Sport
6b Cephalus Sport
7a+ Laurin Projekt Sport
6b Phönix Sport
6b Patella Sport
6a Sotto Scaliare Sport
5c Pumpernickel Sport
6b Caipi Sport
6b+ Spargeltazan Sport
6a+ Durch das Trauf Sport
6b ? Sport
4c+ Mägärminä Sport
Gersauer Klettergärten Schattewändli
5c+ R1 Sport
6a R2 Sport
R3 SportProject
4a Direkt

Sketchy looking protection.

Sport 15m, 4
4b Wändli

Great climb, crux after first bolt allows you to be creative. We found 3 ways to approach it. Start is marked by two anchor points.

Sport 15m, 6
4c Schatte

Another fun climb with great holds. Shares same start as Wändli, right after first bolt, up and left between trees at top.

Sport 15m, 6
5b Sam Sport 26m, 7
6a+ Fuschi-Blue Sport
5c 10 ab 10 Weg

Looks like a really interesting climb. Start shared with Sam and heads right over the roof of the cave.

Sport 30m, 8
R9 SportProject
Gersauer Klettergärten Sunneplättli
6a Österreicher Rutschbahn Sport 12m
5c Briefkasten Sport 12m
6a+ J. Mutzenbacher Sport 12m
3c Afänger Sport 25m
6a+ Erika Sport 25m
6c+ Route 6 Sport 25m
5c+ Abigdächli Sport 25m
5b Schwartenweg Sport 25m
6c+ Variante zu Schwartenweg Sport 25m
6b Wassermann Sport 25m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 339 routes.