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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
Sat 8th Sep 2018 - Ruogig
5c+ Altwybersummer

The rock is mostly solid, but there's quite a bit of walking and grassy patches in-between. The climbing-style is rather "old school" with the chimney-like cruxes in P5 and P8, where I actually found the lower graded P8 crux to be a bit more difficult than the two cruxes in P5.

Some pitches need good management of rope-stretch. There's also a crouching passage in P7, and in P6 it felt like one could easily deck from around 10m. This could possibly be mitigated with a sling or a nut, but I didn't bother.

We missed the second rappel anchor, and instead found a solid tunnel through with a fresh sling and maillon, about 10m to the left of the second anchor of the climbing route. This allowed us to get down in three abseils instead of four (using 2x50m ropes).

All in all, for some reason I expected more of this route, but at least the views were nice.

1 4c 270m
2 4b
3 3b
4 4b
5 5c+
6 4c
7 4b
8 5a+
Sport 270m Ruogig Don't Bother mike
Sat 8th Sep 2018

Showing all 1 ascent.