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This wall is made up of around 16 routes containing either beginner or elite climbs and nothing in between. As with the rest of the crag the stone quality is excellent, bolting is generous, and climbs are fun.

Access issues inherited from Chämiloch

There is a farm directly next to the crag. Please do not enter the farmers land. He is not too happy with that.

Also there is a shooting range, and when they are shooting you are not permitted to access the far right wall. There will be a sign up so there is no danger of "accidentally" being shot.


From the car park walk along the path between the farm and the train tracks, head up the stairs and first climb is 5 meters to the right. The left sector continues for 20 meters to the vegetation growing out of the wall on the left

There is a photo showing the left and right sections of Sector A http://www.thecrag.com/photo/254295144?size=modified

Ethic inherited from Chämiloch

Again, please do not walk or drive on the farmers land


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Grade Route
5b Schlange Sport
Unknown Route 2 Sport 12m, 10
7c+ Mier isch glich Sport
7b+ Unknown Route 1 Sport 12m, 10
7c+ Brösmeli AG Sport 12m, 10
8b Ave Vanitas Sport 12m, 10
8c+ Verbindung Sport 12m, 10

Begin as Ave Vanitas

8a Tabu Tabun Sport 12m, 8
7b Sämi Sport 12m, 8
7b+ Casper-Weg Sport 10m, 8
8 Bahn Wahn Sport Project 10m, 8
7a Space Monkey Sport 10m, 10
Space Monkey Extended Sport 15m, 12

Same as Space Monkey just continue on through to the second anchor


This is one of 3 variants to Space monkey. Start as with Space Monkey 2 meters up head right then straight up. Stop at top of first ledge.


Follow Space Monkey Variant 1 but continue up to second anchors 5-7 meters up

4b ** Schliferi Sport 18m, 12

Boulder start, after the bulge head left then follow the bolts up and to the far left over the shelf.

4b * Minose Sport 12m, 8

Nice fun climb with some cool holds half way up