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8 routes as alpine in Solothurner Jura Back to index

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Showing all 8 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
5a Edelgrat Alpine 160m, 9
Balmflue Südwände
5a to 6a Südwände

multible variations

Alpine 200m, 6
Balmflue Turm
4a Ostgrat Alpine 130m, 3
Welschenrohr Grosskopf
6c Pilier de Rosières Alpine 90m, 6
Welschenrohr Schafloch
6c Mix Max Alpine 40m, 2
Klus Ostpfeiler
7c Grosser Pfeilerriss Alpine 90m, 5
Säli Säli Kante
6c A1 Sälitraverse

Multipitch traverse the entire sector.

Alpine 200m, 7
Säli Power Hour
5c+ Weisses Band

second pitch

Alpine 12m

Showing all 8 routes.