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Showing all 95 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
5b+ * Schwertlilie Sport 10m
5a Silberdistel Sport 10m
5a * Anemone Sport 10m
5b * Alpenrose Sport 10m
6b ** Försterkante Sport 10m
6c ** Golden Gate Sport 10m
6b * Vaterglück Sport 10m
6c+ Bloodway Sport 20m
7b Bloodway Variante

direct finish of: Bloodway

Sport 20m
6b+ *** Pink Flamingo Sport 20m
6b+ ** Schnudernase Sport 20m
6b ** Rissverschluss Sport 20m
6b+ ** Urgewalt Sport 20m
7a ** Feuer und Flamme Sport 20m
7a ** Silver Lady Sport 20m
6a ** Future Shock Sport 20m
6b ** Talisman Sport 20m
6b For you Sport 20m
6a+ For me… Sport 10m
5c * Quicky Sport 15m
6b Graue Eminenz Sport 15m
4c+ Vagabund Sport 15m
5a ** Bergweg Sport 15m
5c+ * Firefox Sport 10m
4c+ Ortofox Sport 10m
5c * Grössenwahn Sport 5m
6b ** Morphium Sport 20m
3c+ For Kids only Sport 25m
5c In der Würze liegt die Kürze Sport 25m
4c Ringeltanz Sport 25m
5b Small Bigwall Sport 25m
4a Nordwändli Sport 25m
5b+ * Frisch und fit Sport 25m
5b Direkttausstieg

direct finish of 'Ringeltanz'

Sport 25m
5c * Sempre spumante Sport 25m
6c ** Herzschmerz Sport 20m
6a+ Schlangenbiss Sport 20m
6c ** Renaissance Sport 20m
6c+ Schmerzmaschine Sport 20m
6a+ ** Traumtanz Sport 20m
6b * Traumsequenz Sport 24m, 2
5c+ * Feuchter Traum Sport 15m
5b+ Sonnengruss Sport 15m
6c+ Bergsturz Sport 20m
6c Harakiri Sport 15m
7b+ Death Valley Sport 15m
7c+ Adrenalin Sport 15m
7a Totentanz


Sport 20m
7c Rue d'étoile Sport 15m
7a L'amour toujours Sport 15m
6c No way out Sport 10m, 2
7a Klein und gemein Sport 10m
6a Rogger Rabbit Sport 30m
6c Galgenvogel Sport 10m
7b+ Local Hero Sport 10m
7b+ Schrei der Fingerkuppen Sport 25m
7b+ High Engergy Sport 25m
6a+ ** Lustmolch Sport 25m
7b+ Saigon kick Sport 25m
7a Masquerade Sport 25m
7a ** Via de cintura Sport 25m
6b ** Azusi Sport 25m
6b Cocoloco Sport 10m
4b Axenstrasse Sport 12m
5c+ Kleopatra Sport 12m
5c+ Sphinx Sport 12m
6b C'est ça Sport 10m, 3
6c+ Legalisez... Sport 10m, 3
6a ** Löchliweg Sport 10m, 3
7a+ Dirty Dancing Sport 10m, 3
7b Paladium Sport 10m, 3
7c Vollstreckung Sport 10m, 3
5b+ Kopflos Sport 10m
5a Waldlehrgang Sport 10m
5a Gnagrheldlaw Sport 10m
7b Und ewig sang der Überhang Sport 10m
5c+ Himmel auf Erden Sport 10m, 5
6b ** Schlaraffenland Sport 10m, 4
6a+ ** Nirwana Sport 10m, 5
5b+ Chic, c'est chic Sport 10m, 3
4b Au revoir mes amis Sport 10m
5b Bonsoir mes amis Sport 6m
5b Bonjour mes amis Sport 6m
7a+ Over the rainbow Sport 6m
Pogoparty SportProject 6m, 2
Hotline SportProject 6m, 2
Circus maximus SportProject 6m, 3
Locker vom Hocker SportProject 6m, 3
6a+ Vita Parcours Sport 6m, 2
5c Rüdig schön Sport 6m, 2
5c+ Allez Bubel ! Sport 6m, 2
5b Cala Gonone Sport 6m, 2
6a+ Mur court Sport 6m, 1
5c+ Saftlos Sport 6m, 2
5c+ Kraftlos Sport 6m, 3

Showing all 95 routes.