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There is a really nice hike to get up to the crag


The crag is located at the top of Seehornwald. About an hour and a half walk from the car park (Adventure Park) It is full of easy routes and advertised as "suitable for families". Although I wouldn't take a 5 year old up there.

The ground at the bottom of the crag is fairly steep and there is a lot of lose stone and rock.

Most of the climbs are multi pitch and all bolts look extremely new.

Adventure Park Färich Flüelastrasse 7260 Davos Dorf

Access issues

The access is through a public hiking trail. No special shoes required, however hiking boots will make the last 100meters easier


Start a or near the Adventure Park. The hiking trail starts about 50 meters west. Google Maps Cords: 46.811207,9.851695 The just follow the sign posted route. About an hour in to the hike you will see a Table and a sigh post to the Seehorn Klettergarten pointing to the left. From there it is another 30min.

Where to stay

Jugendherberge Davos Youthpalace.

We must admit I didn't stay there. We "roughed it" in the Sunstar Hotel


There is a plastic tube tied to a sign post that contains (when we were there) 2 crag topos. It would be nice, if you go there, to print out a few copies of the Topo attached to this crag description and leave them there for the next climbers.


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Grade Route
1 5a 25m
2 3c 20m
3 4c 25m
1 4a 25m
2 3b 20m
3 5c 25m
1 4a 25m
2 2a 20m
3 4a 20m
4 4a 25 20
5 4a
1 4c 25m
2 4a 20m
1 3c 25m
2 3c 20m
3 2a 25m
4 4b 20m
5 4a 20m
1 5a 20m
2 4c 20m
3 4b 20m
4 4b 20m
5 4a 20m
1 5b 25m
2 5b 20m
1 4b 25m
2 5b 20m
3 4a 20m
4 4a 25m
1 5a 25m
2 6a 30m
1 6a 25m
2 4a 25m
3 5b 20m
1 6a+ 25m
2 6a 25m
3 6a+ 25m
1 3a 25m
2 3b 25m
3 3b 25m
4 3a 25m
1 5c+ 25m
2 5c+ 25m
1 6a+ 20m
2 5b 40m
1 3b 20m
2 3a 25m
1 5a 20m
2 4c 25m


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