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In Mar 2014 theCrag community made 18,699 updates and and added 465 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Josh Ryan 3,867points
2 Josh D. Morris 1,317points
3 Samuelson81 306points
4 Constantine Dritsas 261points
5 Ted Rinquest 148points
6 Victor Pillac 127points
7 Kenneth Lau 95points
8 Brendan Heywood 70points
8 Marcelo Castaneda 70points
10 Joanna Parker 39points
10 Cameron Alexander 39points
12 James Scott-Bohanna 34points
13 @sweetrvr 20points
14 Rebecca Hopkins 18points
15 Joey Friedmann 16points
16 Jacci Vandergoot 14points
16 scott pritchard 14points
16 Brian Stokan 14points
19 . 13points
20 Jess 11points
20 Paul Koay 11points
20 Matthew Stephensen 11points
23 Gregory Hanigan 9points
24 Katrina Lee 8points
24 Chris Moore 8points

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