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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
6a Selee
Sport 10m
6a+ Sameboy
Sport 12m
6a+ Ymer, The Giant

7 bolts, 2 slings

Sport 24m, 7
6a Ramazon

This route is located directly left of Kratoy 6c.

FA: Bjoern & Alber, Jul 2011

Sport 24m, 10
6c AU:22 Kratoy
Sport 26m
6b+ One Thousand Knives
Sport 25m
6b+ Lucky
Sport 15m
7c+ La Riba
Sport 20m
7b+ Triana
Sport 30m
6a+ Dr Jekull & Mrs Hyde
Sport 27m, 10
6a+ AU:18 We Sad
Sport 25m
8a+ Gandalf
Sport 28m
7b+ AU:26 Knights In White Satin
Sport 25m
7a+ AU:24 Big Shit (aka Flying To The Stars)
Sport 24m
6b AU:19 Make A Way
Sport 27m
7b AU:26 Quartz

Short, crimpy moves to a generous finishing sequence if you hit the moves right.

Sport 15m
6b+ AU:21 Confusion
Sport 27m
6b+ AU:21 Orientales

Excellent long route that seems to get very little traffic.

(Ti) 12 x Titanium bolts.

FA: Francois Burnier & Dominue Potard, 1990

Sport 27m, 12
5 AU:15 King Cobra
Sport 13m
6b AU:18 Massage Secrets
Sport 52m
{SA} 16 Massge Secrets (pitch 1)
Sport 10m
5 Beginner

Start as for Massage Secrets then move R to jugs and up to big ledge.

FA: Local guides.

Sport 20m
6b AU:20 Short And Savage
Sport 10m
5 Giggerig For Climbing
Sport 12m
5 AU:15 Ling Noi
Sport 10m
5 Old Route
Sport 12m
6a Name Unknown

3 bolts, 2 threads Farthest climb to the right on one-two-three wall.

FA: Unknown, 2007

Sport 10m, 5

Showing all 27 routes.