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Showing all 25 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
6c AU:22 Best Route in Minnesota

Awsome route on a pinacle in giant cave.

Sport 25m, 14
7a+ Half Pipe Dream
Sport 20m
7a+ Hello Dali
Sport 10m
6a+ AU:19 Goodbye Salvador
Sport 10m
7a Nasty
Sport 15m
6b AU:20 Ribbed For Her Pleasure
Sport 15m
5 AU:15 Short and Easy

Good lead for beginners. polished but very do-able

Sport 15m
7a+ Don't Grab the Krabi

Hard only on the crux, 3 moves.

Sport 14m, 7
7a+ Crazy Peninsula
Sport 15m
5 Long Doo
Sport 12m
4 The Playground
Sport 12m
6b No Name

Starts between the two caves a meter to the right of 'The Playground'. 5 slings. Has its own anchor.

Sport 15m
6b Mei Rue Arei

Direct start from the cave or start as per 'No Name' or Humming Song if it's too wet. 3 bolts and 2 slings. Finishes on its own anchor a meter above and right of 'No Name'.

Sport 15m, 3
6b Humming Song - Left Variation

Start 'Humming Song' and go left after the second draw. Follow the slings and bolts until the last bolt and join Humming Song's anchor.

There's a nice direct start clipping the first sling from the cave. If the sling is removed consider doing the start as per Humming Song.

Sport 15m, 6
6b Humming Song

Climb on the corner and goes straight to the anchor at the right of the tree.

Sport 15m, 3
6a+ Scorpion
Sport 15m
7a+ AU:24 Humdinger
Sport 32m
7a+ Freedom of a Friend
Sport 30m
7a AU:23 Napalm Babies
Sport 15m
{AU} FR:6a+ As Far as Siam
Sport 15m
6a+ AU:18 Mekhong Crazy
Sport 15m
7b Good With a Machete
Sport 15m
7c+ The Danger of Beauty
Sport 15m
8a+ Fever Dream
Sport 15m
7c+ The Beauty of Danger
Sport 15m

Showing all 25 routes.