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Showing all 43 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
6a+ AU:18 * Primal Scream
Sport 25m
6b+ * Solution 41
Sport 25m
7c ** Spicy Speck Dreams
Sport 25m
7b+ AU:26 *** Orange Juice
Sport 25m
6a+ Route between "Orange Juice" & "Live & Let Thai"
5 * Live & let Thai P1
Sport 20m
7a AU:24 ** Live and Let Thai
Sport 25m
6c *** Equatorial p1
Sport 35m
7b AU:25 ** Equatorial p2
Sport 15m
5 * Organ Grinder p1 / Inaka p1 / Continental Drifters p1
Sport 15m
6c ** Organ Grinder p2
Sport 25m
7a Inaka p2
Sport 16m
7b ** Inaka p3
Sport 15m
7a Inaka p4
Sport 50m
6b+ Inaka p5
Sport 28m
6b+ * Continental Drifters p2
Sport 27m
6c+ * Continental Drifters p3
Sport 18m
7a ** Continental Drifters p4
Sport 25m
7c+ AU:27 *** Continental Drifters p5
Sport 17m
6b AU:20 ** Monkey Love
Sport 25m
7a+ *** Out Of Sticks
Sport 25m
6a+ * Caveman p1
Sport 15m
7a+ AU:23 *** Caveman p2
Sport 30m
4 Twenty Kilos of Steel
Sport 15m
6a+ ** Circus Oz p1 / Lord Of The Thais p1
Sport 30m
6b+ ** Circus Oz p2
Sport 25m
7a AU:24 *** Circus Oz p3
Sport 45m
6b * Circus Oz p4
Sport 28m
6c+ ** Lord Of The Thais p2
Sport 28m
7a+ *** Lord Of The Thais p3
Sport 28m
7b AU:25 *** Lord Of The Thais p4
Sport 25m
6a * Lord Of The Thais p5 / The King & I p4
Sport 12m
6b ** Mala Mujer
Sport 30m
6b+ * Sanucked

Start at the top of 'Suggard Prince' DBB. Stright up 3 BR and cross over King&I. Continue up R to under small roof, step left and continue up to belay cave. (3 more bolts and 8 threads) Decent as for King&I. Very sustained climbing.

FA: Edward Darling

Sport 48m
6b ** Getting to Know You
Sport 25m, 9
6b AU:19 ** The Sluggard Prince
Sport 30m
7a ** The King & I p1
Sport 25m
6a *** The King & I p2
Sport 36m
6b+ ** The King & I p2 Direct Start
Sport 8m
7b+ AU:26 *** The King & I p3
Sport 38m
6b+ * Etcetera,Etcetera,Etcetera
Sport 25m
6a+ AU:18 ** Fit to be Thaid
Sport 25m
7a+ AU:24 ** Taming the East
Sport 20m

Showing all 43 routes.