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Table of contents

1. Ton Sai Wall & Roof 48 routes in Area

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 98.834380, 8.016785


The most popular crag on Ton Sai with many athletic roof climbs on excellent quality rock. x

Access Issues: inherited from Ton Sai Bay Area

No road access. From Ao Nang hire a longboat to take you around to Tonsai.


On the beach facing the water it is the obvious roof on the left right next to Freedom Bar. It continues around the corner until the vegetation where Dums Kitchen starts.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Tarzan Boy 7c Sport 30m
2 Tarzan 5 Sport 30m
3 *** Eviction 7c+ Sport 30m
4 * Bird's Nest Droop 7c Sport 30m
5 *** Humanality

could be 5,6 or 7 piches. as you see the climb, the pitch from ground is about 6a+ and is never done and the 7th Pitch (or 6th if you dont count starting on the sand) which traverses left on threads has a high danger rating and is not recomended. otherwise 5 pitches. start up ladder and left (fixed wire rope) and up through damp stalaks continue left to anchor start pitch 1. BE CAREFUL getting to the first anchor. 2 x ROPES for RAP

6b+ Sport 99m 5
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
6 * Cowabungalow 6b AU:21 Sport 25m
7 Human Frality 6b Sport 92m
8 ** Sweating Mekong 7a AU:23 Sport 20m
9 ** Vikings in Heat 6c AU:22 Sport 20m
10 * Ya Rup Rup

Squeezed just right of Vikings in Heat. In wees Update.

FA: Wee

{AU} FR:7b Sport 25m
11 * Hin Rong Hai 6c AU:22 YDS:5.11b Sport 21m
12 Big Guy Loosing The Cat 7a Sport 11m, 3
13 Silkat 7a Sport 11m
14 * Trade Winds 7a AU:24 Sport 10m
15 Tom Yum 7a+ AU:22 Sport 11m
16 * On the Terrace 6b+ AU:21 Sport 25m
17 For You and For Me 6a+ AU:19 Sport 10m
18 * Rieser Baby 7a+ AU:24 Sport 7m
19 Seafood Monos Fritas 7c+ Unknown 15m
20 Spanish Wreck 7c+ Sport 15m, 6
21 Dragon Ball 8b+ Sport 15m, 7
22 * Old Chicken Makes a Good Soup 8a+ Sport 15m
23 ** Hang Ten 7c AU:27 Sport 10m
24 *** Tidal Wave 7b+ AU:26 Sport 10m
25 * Baby Gorilla

broken hold, now 7c

7c AU:27 Sport 7m
26 *** Tantrum 8a+ Sport 12m
27 ** Café Andaman

Climbs straight up the obvious tufa then traverses left then finishes in the small cave next to the anchor. Top section can seep after rain.

7b Sport 12m, 4
28 *** Tonsai Playboy 7a+ Sport
29 Met Friends, Bicoins Stones 7c+ Unknown 10m
30 * Love For Travelling

FA: Hee Youn Kang

7a+ Sport 10m
31 *** Just Dusit 7c Unknown 12m
32 ** Germans in Tights 7b AU:26 Sport 12m
33 ** Second Home Ton Sai

FA: Hee Youn Kang

7a+ Sport 13m
34 *** Beauty and the Beast

Awsome route !!! A little bit psycho when you must fall on the tuffa. seems to be 6C for people under 1.70m, for the other 6a+. But, you should do this route!!!

6c Sport 17m, 9
35 *** Stalagasaurus (pre-breakage) 6a+ AU:19 Sport 15m
36 * Stalagasaurus (post-breakage) 6c+ Sport 15m
37 *** Sex Power {AU} FR:8a Sport 15m, 7
38 *** Babes in Thailand 7a AU:23 Sport 15m
39 ** Lal Bab

Powerful moves on jugs in the first half then much easier and less steep to the top.

7a+ Sport 14m, 5
40 Elephant

FA: Hee Youn Kang

8a Sport 15m
41 ** Cream of Sum Yun Kai

Too much fun for one climb

8a+ Sport 14m
42 * Voodoo Doll 7c+ Sport 15m
43 *** Phet Maak / Very Spicy

Big Moves but juggy holds, the bottom sequence is a bit fingery and pumpy and the top move is a one-shot deal, but if you hit it and your fingers hold - you're in! Lots of places to rest.

7c+ Sport 15m
44 Cara Cangreso 8b Sport 15m
45 Jungle Lord

FA: Andrea Gallo & Steffan Singh

8b Sport 15m
46 * Speak No Evil

Traverse following the crack and the ledge on the roof. Right from Gaeng Som Pla

Set by Bjoern Alber,Nantawan Alber,Robert Baier, 2010

7b+ Sport 10m, 6
47 ** Gaeng Som Pla 7c+ AU:28 Sport 15m
48 I no speak England

Starts at one corner of Freedom Bar's cement platform, crux is right at the start

FA: Han 3/2006

6b Sport 25m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style
5 Tarzan Sport 30m
6a+ For You and For Me Sport 10m
*** Stalagasaurus (pre-breakage) Sport 15m
6b Human Frality Sport 92m
I no speak England Sport 25m
6b+ *** Humanality Sport 99m 5
6b * Cowabungalow Sport 25m
6b+ * On the Terrace Sport 25m
6c *** Beauty and the Beast Sport 17m, 9
* Hin Rong Hai Sport 21m
** Vikings in Heat Sport 20m
6c+ * Stalagasaurus (post-breakage) Sport 15m
7a *** Babes in Thailand Sport 15m
** Sweating Mekong Sport 20m
Big Guy Loosing The Cat Sport 11m, 3
Silkat Sport 11m
7a+ Tom Yum Sport 11m
7a * Trade Winds Sport 10m
7a+ * Rieser Baby Sport 7m
** Lal Bab Sport 14m, 5
* Love For Travelling Sport 10m
** Second Home Ton Sai Sport 13m
*** Tonsai Playboy Sport
7b ** Café Andaman Sport 12m, 4
* Ya Rup Rup Sport 25m
** Germans in Tights Sport 12m
7b+ * Speak No Evil Sport 10m, 6
*** Tidal Wave Sport 10m
7c * Baby Gorilla Sport 7m
* Bird's Nest Droop Sport 30m
** Hang Ten Sport 10m
*** Just Dusit Unknown 12m
** Tarzan Boy Sport 30m
7c+ *** Eviction Sport 30m
** Gaeng Som Pla Sport 15m
Met Friends, Bicoins Stones Unknown 10m
*** Phet Maak Sport 15m
Seafood Monos Fritas Unknown 15m
Spanish Wreck Sport 15m, 6
* Voodoo Doll Sport 15m
8a Elephant Sport 15m
*** Sex Power Sport 15m, 7
8a+ ** Cream of Sum Yun Kai Sport 14m
* Old Chicken Makes a Good Soup Sport 15m
*** Tantrum Sport 12m
8b Cara Cangreso Sport 15m
Jungle Lord Sport 15m
8b+ Dragon Ball Sport 15m, 7