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Table of contents

1. Antalya 783 routes in Area

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 30.440707, 36.742536

1.1. Akyarlar 15 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 30.575201, 36.782199

1.1.1. First Area 11 routes in Area

Mostly Sport Big Block 11 routes in Area
Mostly Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Sipilik 5a UIAA:4+ Sport 10m
2 Mister Lova Lova {UIAA} 6- Sport 12m
3 Serum Kokteyli {UIAA} 6 Sport 11m
4 Nuhun Gemisi {UIAA} 8 Sport 13m
5 Son Mohikan {UIAA} 8- Sport 16m
6 ** Kademeli 6b UIAA:7- Sport 16m
7 Kiskanirim {UIAA} 7 Sport 15m
8 Reuber Hochzeit {UIAA} 8 Sport 16m
9 Bingo 6a Unknown 10m
10 Loser 6c UIAA:8- Sport 10m
11 Sekerleme {UIAA} 6+ Sport 10m

1.1.2. Second Area 4 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Gel Git {UIAA} 6- Sport 10m
2 Hurry Up {UIAA} 6- Sport 20m
3 Susam Sokagi {UIAA} 5 Sport 18m
4 Catch the Rainbow {UIAA} 7 Sport 10m

1.2. Geyikbayiri 543 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 30.478921, 36.876755

Unique Features And Strengths:

Easy access. Hundreds of routes. Limestone. 300 days of sun and shaded areas all day.


Geyikbayiri offers a full range of routes ranging from the easy (5a) to the difficult (8c) in one of the most pristine and scenic areas of Turkey.

Access Issues:

Access is easy, by car or minibus, via a single paved road and there is no walking for more than 10 minutes.


All approaches are free access as it is all part of a national park with no rigid rules and no supervision.

Where To Stay:

Stay at Climber's Garden for camping and at The Land for individual bungalows. Both offer restaurant service as well as DIY.


There are no restrictions aside from respecting the environment as the local government has been very tolerant and we don't want that to change. All bolting is stainless steel and not more than 10 years old. Between 20 to 30 new routes are opened every year and visitors are welcome to contribute to that with local advice.


This area was discovered in 1995 by one of Turkey's top climbers. It has since grown very fast and is wiely considered to be on eof the best areas in the world for all levels and ages.

1.2.1. Gizli Bahce 14 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Anonim {UIAA} 6- Sport 12m
2 Istanbul {UIAA} 5+ Sport 12m
3 Kar Tanesi {UIAA} 6 Sport 15m
4 Sushi {UIAA} 6- Sport 14m
5 Runaway {UIAA} 6+ Sport 14m
6 Schaufel st. Funre {UIAA} 6+ Sport 18m
7 Mektep {UIAA} 4+ Sport 13m
8 Durak {UIAA} 6- Sport 16m
9 Rain Man {UIAA} 6 Sport 18m
10 Team Work {UIAA} 7 Sport 18m
11 Ph 43 {UIAA} 6+ Sport 18m
12 Iyi {UIAA} 6- Sport 14m
13 Kotu {UIAA} 5+ Sport 13m
14 Cirkin {UIAA} 6 Sport 14m

1.2.2. Cesme 23 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Desire {UIAA} 8 Sport 16m
2 Der Frosh MIT Der Maske Sport Project
3 Mambo Kurt Sport
4 Amazon {UIAA} 7 Sport 22m
5 Jungle {UIAA} 6- Sport 21m
6 Susam {US} VII Sport 21m
7 Ali Baba ve Kirk Haramiler {UIAA} 7+ Sport 24m
8 Scare Face {US} UIAA:9+ Sport 24m
9 Punk {UIAA} 7 Sport 23m
10 Mafia {UIAA} 6- Sport 16m
11 Beyond Confusion {US} UIAA:9 Sport 12m
12 Blonde Confusion {UIAA} 9+ Sport 23m
13 Bonanza {US} UIAA:9- Sport 13m
14 Anarshit (Variant) {UIAA} 9 Sport 22m
15 Anarshit {UIAA} 9 Sport 22m
16 Routenflucht {US} VII Sport 17m
17 Farketmez {UIAA} 6- Sport 17m
18 Sakson Stili {UIAA} 4+ Sport 16m
19 Klakson {UIAA} 7- Sport 23m
20 Dude {UIAA} 6- Sport 15m
21 Lost In Time {US} VI Sport
22 Kaktus {UIAA} 7- Sport 22m
23 Love and Hate {UIAA} 7- Sport 15m

1.2.3. Sarkit 48 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Geyikbayiri Jazz Band 7a+ Sport 24m
2 Fragile Dreams 7a+ Sport 22m
3 Yorma Beni {UIAA} 7+ Sport 22m
4 Uckagitci Ask 6b+ Sport
5 Finger Prostitution 7c Sport
6 Cosmic Girl 5 Sport
7 Flat Rate 8a Sport
8 ** Imagination

First pitch 6b+

7a Sport 35m
9 Sut Cocugu 6a Sport 18m
10 Viagra Cocugu 7b Sport
11 Gladutchki {UIAA} 7+ Sport 20m
12 *** Back On Funky Plant 7b+ Sport 38m
13 Lou {UIAA} 7+ Sport 18m
14 *** Melting Souls

double tufa system! Must do! Fixed Draws

7b+ Sport 30m
15 Sarkit Souls 8a Sport 38m
16 Colonist L1

pitch/length 1

{US} FR:6c+ Sport
17 Colonist

First pitch 6c+

8a+ Sport
18 Yagmur Duasi {UIAA} 8 Sport 20m
19 Luc Skywalker (left) 8b Sport 35m
20 Drop City (Right) 8c Sport 38m
21 *** Pusht Bush

Technical full stop!

7b+ Sport 28m, 11
22 Yankee Go Home 7c Sport 35m
23 Local Tourist 8a Sport 35m
24 Jaja City 7a+ Sport 40m
25 *** Bizon {UIAA} 6+ Sport 20m
26 Zalia 7a+ Sport 21m
27 High Hopes 7c+ Sport 37m
28 Caf Caf 6c Sport 15m
29 ** Poker Face 7a+ Sport 22m
30 Big Blind 7a Sport 24m
31 Okrimono 7c+ Sport 37m
32 Olympic Games 8b Sport 48m
33 Geyikbayiri Games 7b+ Sport 40m
34 Requiem 8a+ Sport 25m
35 ** Drill Instuctor {UIAA} 7+ Sport 22m
36 Inner Smile {UIAA} 9 Sport 28m
37 Skyline 7c Sport 28m
38 ** Saxafon {UIAA} 7+ Sport 16m
39 Sirdan Dolmasi 6b+ Sport 15m
40 ** Retsa {UIAA} 8- Sport 16m
41 Working Class 6a+ Sport 10m
42 ** White Spirt 7c+ Sport 32m
43 Psycho Sheppard {UIAA} 8 Sport 30m
44 Psycho Killer 7c Sport 25m
45 Alaaddinin Lambasi {UIAA} 5+ Sport 19m
46 Mikrop {UIAA} 8- Sport 25m
47 * Cristal Crag 6a+ Sport 32m
48 Siesta {UIAA} 7+ Sport 35m

1.2.4. Magara (Cave) 19 routes in Area

Mostly Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Ashman {UIAA} 7+ Sport 10m
2 * Ramin 6b Sport 14m
3 Ramin/Bird Of Pray

First pitch 6b

7a+ Sport 30m
4 ** Ucan Teneke {UIAA} 7- Sport 11m
5 Red Attack 6b+ Sport 12m
6 ** Agustos Bocegi {UIAA} 8+ Sport 18m
7 *** Karinca

Pockety Juggy tufa climbing, Must do!

7a Sport 20m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
8 *** Selamin aleyküm 7c Sport 30m
9 ** Plastik Fantastik

Nice climbing, crux is very bouldery.

8a Sport 25m
10 Muhtar {UIAA} 6- Sport 15m
11 ** Gey-ik UIAA:5- Sport 12m
12 * Ten year anniversary

Juggy steep heaven

7a Sport 20m
13 ** Nirvana

Steep jug hauling, super fun!

UIAA:6+ Sport 18m
14 * Mum Isginda Yemek

6+ to first anchor 8+/9- to top

FA: Michel Piola

{UIAA} 6+ Unknown 18m
15 Amele {UIAA} 8 Sport 18m
16 ** Sabotaj {UIAA} 8+ Sport 18m
17 *** In Ordan {UIAA} 8- Sport 18m
18 Crying Boy UIAA:6- Sport 9m
19 Crying Girl {UIAA} 6+ Sport 10m

1.2.5. Anatolia 27 routes in Sector

All Sport Left 12 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Anatolian Highway 6c+ Sport 26m
2 Muskelkater 6c Sport 22m
3 Celìk Kalp 6a+ Sport 19m
4 Chupi 5a Sport 18m
5 Gizmo 7c Sport 27m
6 Turkish Airways 8a+ Sport 22m
7 Truth Hurts 8a+ Sport 22m
8 Ange De L'Oubli 7c Sport 18m
9 Beam Me Up Scotty 7c Sport 22m
10 Kapt'n Kirk 6c+ Sport 22m
11 Red Hot Chili Peppers 7a Sport 22m
12 Moby's Dick 7a Sport 20m Right 15 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Hayat Cok Uzun 7a+ Sport 32m
2 Kara Yilan 7b Sport 31m
3 Try To Enjoy 7b+ Sport 31m
4 ** Seek And Destroy 7a Sport 28m
5 Mezarlariniza Tükürücem 6c+ Sport 32m
6 Elbe 7c Sport 33m
7 Power Slave 7b Sport 25m
8 Otuzbir 7c Sport 32m
9 No Name 6a Sport 25m
10 Sado Mazo

No name extension.

6c+ Sport 40m
11 Arabesk 7a Sport 25m
12 Flintstone

Second pitch 6c+

7a+ Sport 50m
13 Milestone 8a Sport 48m
14 Air And Style.

First pitch 6c+

7c+ Sport 50m
15 Session Of Happyness

First pitch 6a, second pitch 7b

7b Sport 50m 2

1.2.6. Geyik 18 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Anatolian Highway {UIAA} 8- Sport 25m
2 Muskelkater {UIAA} 7- Sport 25m
3 Celik Kalp {UIAA} 7- Sport 19m
4 Chupi {UIAA} 4+ Sport 17m
5 Gizmo {UIAA} 9 Sport 10m
6 Seek and Destroy {UIAA} 9- Sport 30m
7 Powerslave 7b UIAA:9- Sport 25m
8 No Name/Sado Mazo {UIAA} 7 Sport 40m 2
9 Milestone {UIAA} 9+ Sport 48m
10 Etik, Pratik {UIAA} 5 Sport 27m
11 Kiyir Kiyir {UIAA} 7 Sport 12m
12 Tak Tak Coban {UIAA} 6- Sport 15m
13 Kelebek {UIAA} 7- Sport 12m
14 Aman Aman {UIAA} 6+ Sport 10m
15 Bye Bye George {UIAA} 7+ Sport 21m
16 Overdose {UIAA} 6+ Sport 17m
17 Totos {UIAA} 7- Sport 23m
18 Masallah {UIAA} 8+ Sport 27m

1.2.7. Dragon 3 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 life is good Sport 30m, 14
2 banana monster 6b Sport 32m 2, 13
3 ** Dragonfly 7a Sport 25m

1.2.8. Kekik 0 routes in Sector

1.2.9. Guzel Manzara 1 route in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Citywatch L1

FA: Tobias H., 2007

6a Sport 30m

1.2.10. Kebap 7 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.487849, 36.877928

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Just in time 6a+ Sport 27m
2 ** Linnae 4 Sport 12m, 5
3 * Çekomastik Silikon 5a Sport 20m, 8
4 ** Yengec

FA: Murat G./ Yunus O, 2009

6a Sport 20m, 9
5 Escape

FA: Murat G./ Yunus ö, 2009

5b Sport 20m, 9
6 Birthday Girl

FA: Recep I., 2009

5c Sport 20m, 9
7 Fakir

FA: Yunus ö, 2009

5c+ Sport 22m, 10

1.2.11. Gizmo 19 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.488598, 36.877917 Gizmo 1 15 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Kurze Romanze

FA: P.Renititz, W. Schulz

{UIAA} 4 Sport 10m, 5
2 Ith Feeling

FA: W.Schulz, P.Renititz

{UIAA} 6 Sport 23m, 6
3 Ith Feeling light

FA: W.Schulz, P.Renititz

{UIAA} 5 Sport 19m, 7
4 Nachtschicht

FA: P.Renititz, W.Schulz

{UIAA} 6 Sport 20m, 6
5 Never kiss a Dog

FA: W.Schulz, P.Renititz

{UIAA} 8 Sport 17m, 7
6 12 Monkeys

FA: P.Renititz, W.Schulz

{UIAA} 7 Sport 20m, 6
7 Der Steip Der Geib

FA: P.Renititz, W.Schulz

{UIAA} 7 Sport 26m, 10
8 Blood Sweet Tears {UIAA} 8+ Sport
9 Ava or Aaron

FA: Nosim E.

{UIAA} 9 Sport 25m, 11
10 Cathedral of Dream

FA: Konrad S.

{UIAA} 10- Sport 30m, 10
11 Pillar of the Earth

FA: Konrad S.

{UIAA} 10- Sport 30m, 10
12 Die mach ich {UIAA} 5+ Sport
13 MPW (1l.)

FA: P.Renititz, W.Schulz, Michael H.

{UIAA} 5 Sport 25m, 6
14 MPW (2l.)

FA: P.Renititz, W.Schulz, Michael H.

{UIAA} 6 Sport 25m, 6
15 MPW (3l.)

FA: P.Renititz, W.Schulz, Michael H.

{UIAA} 7 Sport 15m, 9 Gizmo 2 4 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Pipi Langstrumpf

FA: W.Schulz, P.Renititz

{UIAA} 5+ Sport 10m
2 Scorpion

FA: W.Schulz, P.Renititz

{UIAA} 8 Sport 18m
3 Magic Dice

FA: W.Schulz, P.Renititz

{UIAA} 6+ Sport 22m
4 Bobby

FA: W.Schulz, P.Renititz

{UIAA} 6- Sport Gizmo 3 0 routes in Sector

1.2.12. Zeus 2 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Ikiz {UIAA} 5 Sport 21m
2 Kardes {UIAA} 5- Sport 21m

1.2.13. Canyon 16 routes in Sector

Sport and Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Arsenik {UIAA} 9 Unknown 18m
2 Nothingman {UIAA} 8- Sport 15m
3 69 {UIAA} 7- Sport 8m
4 Boltların Efendisi {UIAA} 9- Sport 13m
5 Bagla varyasyon 1 {UIAA} 7- Sport 9m
6 Bagla varyasyon 2 {UIAA} 9- Sport 15m
7 Desperation {UIAA} 7+ Sport 16m
8 Inspiration {UIAA} 7 Sport 16m
9 Bok Bocegi {UIAA} 7+ Sport 18m
10 Know How {UIAA} 8+ Sport 33m
11 Birt {UIAA} 7- Unknown
12 Miss piggy {UIAA} 6- Unknown 12m
13 *** Kermit {UIAA} 6 Sport 13m
14 Fat Burner {UIAA} 8- Unknown 27m
15 Ninova Unknown 23m
16 Nonish {UIAA} 9+ Unknown 18m

1.2.14. Zeytinlik 5 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Uzun Bacak {UIAA} 8- Sport 21m
2 ViIIa {UIAA} 7- Sport 22m
3 Ay {UIAA} 7 Sport 22m
4 Taciz {UIAA} 6- Sport
5 Hadi Tcus {UIAA} 7- Sport 24m

1.2.15. Pasa 6 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Babouche Pasa {US} FR:6c Sport 35m
2 Skin Hell {US} FR:6c Sport 35m
3 Sabatik Trip {US} FR:6a+ Sport 18m
4 Les Heros De Namur {US} FR:6c Sport 18m
5 Mama Gozleme {US} FR:5b Sport 20m
6 Baklava Blues {US} FR:5c Sport 20m

1.2.16. Poseidon 17 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 King crimson 6a Sport 22m
2 * Bagdad Cafe 6c Sport 18m
3 Dyonisos 7c Sport 22m
4 Poseidon 7b Sport 18m
5 Poseidon Tavan 8a+ Sport 22m
6 Neptune 7b Sport 20m
7 Demzvend 6c Sport 15m
8 Toros 7b Sport 20m
9 Ya Sabir 6a+ Sport 32m
10 Ipek Yolu 6c Sport 24m
11 Little big wall 7a+ Sport 30m
12 Big turkey 7b Sport 30m
13 Demir Kazik 7b Sport 25m
14 Takoz 6b+ Sport 22m
15 Noel Bara 6c+ Sport 27m
16 Oktos 7a+ Sport 30m
17 Oje 7a+ Sport 25m

1.2.17. Ottoman 5 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Marmara 6a Sport 17m
2 Jass Party

Pitch 1 5c, pitch 2 6b+

6b+ Sport 30m 2
3 Tas Ocagi {UIAA} 6+ Sport 39m
4 renotoros 6b Sport 35m, 14
5 ala daglar 6c Sport 35m, 13

1.2.18. Mevlana 19 routes in Area

Mostly Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Crescendo {UIAA} 8+ Unknown 15m
2 Muren {UIAA} 8+ Unknown 17m
3 Come As You Are {UIAA} 10- Unknown 30m
4 Bartabas {UIAA} 8 Sport 25m
5 Mevlana {UIAA} 8- Sport
6 Turkiye'ye {UIAA} 8+ Sport 20m
7 Dumlupinar {UIAA} 6+ Sport 20m
8 Antalya Icin 747 Nolu Ucus {UIAA} 7+ Sport
9 Ten Ten Konglomera'da {UIAA} 7+ Sport
10 Blue Hotel 7b Sport 35m
11 Semazen 6c+ Sport 32m
12 Trio De ligoville 8a Sport 25m
13 Boys Are Back In Town 7b+ Sport 25m
14 Rock Republic 7b Sport 25m
15 L'Homme A L'Envers 7b Sport 35m
16 Fun In The Sun 8a Sport 40m
17 Da Vinci Mode 7a+ Sport 39m
18 Karkov 7b Sport 25m
19 Tattoo 6b Sport 28m

1.2.19. Barbarossa 9 routes in Area

Mostly Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Hurrem Sultan {UIAA} 7 Unknown 24m
2 Festival {UIAA} 6- Unknown 18m
3 Shairlerin Sultani {UIAA} 6+ Unknown 20m
4 Byzance {UIAA} 6+ Unknown 25m
5 Barbarossa {UIAA} 6- Unknown 20m
6 Souvenir Malgache {UIAA} 6 Unknown 13m
7 Sex Pistols

FA: Sinan D.

5c+ Unknown 35m, 7
8 O Dolores {UIAA} 9- Unknown 33m
9 Mustapha et les mustaphettes 6b Sport 25m

1.2.20. Alaaddin 5 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 tufan age 6b Sport 28m, 11
2 Alaadin

FA: Valerie P./Benoit R.

6a Sport 27m, 10
3 Ayasofya

FA: Valerie P./Benoit R.

5c+ Sport 26m, 10
4 iron man 6b Sport 26m, 12
5 wild child 6b Sport 31m, 13

1.2.21. Akdeniz 0 routes in Area

1.2.22. Echoes 7 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 No Remorse 7b+ Sport 15m
2 Beyaz Sahin 7a Sport 18m
3 Pompei 7b+ Sport 22m
4 Comfortably 6b+ Sport 15m
5 No More Mr Nice Guy Sport Project 25m
6 Too Nice To Fail 7c Sport 30m
7 Echoes Of The Himalaya 6a+ Sport

1.2.23. Külüin 1 0 routes in Sector


Walk along main road upwards from the Climbers garden. Turn left onto dirt road at the Pinar Albarik restaurant sign. Walk along dirt road until cement block on left side of the road with sign saying Külüin. The area is directly up to the right from this sign.

1.2.24. Külüin 2 3 routes in Sector

All Sport

Walk through cave from Külüin 1.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Pablo Escobar

Feels harder than the 5c+ around the corner.

FA: Murat G./ Ales P.

5c Sport 14m, 7
2 Burkini

FA: Murat G./James C.

5b Sport 14m, 8
3 Daft Punk

FA: Murat G.

5c+ Sport 15m, 8

1.2.25. Külüin 3 0 routes in Sector


Walk down slope from Külüin 2, area is on the right.

1.2.26. Küllüin 4 3 routes in Sector

All Sport

Walk left from the other Küllüin sectors.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** o

Set by oztürk kayikci

7a Sport 25m, 10
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 *** Kovboy Kahvesi

FA: M. Sevindik

6b+ Sport 15m, 7
3 ** orion

Set by oztürk kayikci

7a Sport 25m, 10

1.2.27. Külüin Teras 2 routes in Sector

All Sport

Follow dirt road around from Külüin 4 for about 50m.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Boneless

FA: Murat G./Bora K., 2011

5b Sport 14m, 7
2 ** 3D Channel

FA: Murat G., 2011

5b Sport 22m, 10

1.2.28. Ruzgarli Bahce 4 routes in Crag

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Ce n'est Pas Possible 6b+ Sport
2 Ce n'est Pas Bleau 6c+ Sport
3 Karinca Adasi 7a Sport
4 Flying Duchman 6b Sport

1.2.29. Laboratory 2 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Moruk {UIAA} 10- Sport 15m
2 Rock Superstar {UIAA} 7+ Sport 16m

1.2.30. Deli kasap 1 route in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 tropicana {US} FR:6c Sport 20m, 8

1.2.31. Heart 4 routes in Area

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** gremlin's edge 6a Sport 32m, 16
2 ** turntablerocker 6a Sport 30m, 14
3 Bibi Bloxberg

FA: Tobias H., 2005

5c+ Sport 19m, 10
4 Zauberflöte

FA: Tobias H., 2005

6a Sport 15m, 8

1.2.32. Left Cave 20 routes in Area

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.483146, 36.874687

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Kinetic Koncert 4 Sport 25m
2 California Dreaming

5b first pitch

6a+ Sport 30m
3 Hadì Git 6b Sport 30m
4 Alex Kohler Menotial 5c+ Sport 20m
5 Luna Park 6b Sport 22m
6 Havensgate 5a Sport 18m
7 Kara Kemer 5c+ Sport 18m
8 Perseus 7c+ Sport 25m
9 * Toxic Gravity 7b Sport 26m
10 Mountain Gay 6a+ Sport 25m
11 Global Warming 6b Sport 35m
12 Unter Storm 6c Sport 20m
13 Sultanahmet 6b+ Sport 30m
14 Samanyolu 6c Sport 30m
15 *** Rocket Man 6c+ Sport 30m
16 Rocket Woman 7c Sport 30m
17 Black Moon 7b+ Sport 30m
18 Firestarter, Süpernova 8a+ Sport 28m
19 *** Junimond 7c+ Sport 28m
20 Family Affair 8a+ Sport 15m

1.2.33. Yilan 14 routes in Area

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.483787, 36.874640

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Dropzone 7a+ Sport 24m
2 *** Camelita

Spaced bolts, slight roof to a series of cool crimping love.

7a Sport 24m, 7
3 Ach War Ich Doch 7a+ Sport 27m
4 First Klaas 7c Sport 17m
5 Kan Izi 7a+ Sport 20m
6 Yilan 6a+ Sport 33m
7 Döngel MüzÍkhol {US} FR:6b Sport 33m
8 Hadí Predel {US} FR:6b+ Sport 23m
9 El Niño


{US} FR:6b Sport 22m
10 Mr. What What {US} FR:6b Sport 22m
11 Kolay Gelsin {US} FR:6b Sport 20m
12 Showdown {US} FR:7b Sport 24m
13 * Hortum {US} FR:7a Sport 24m
14 Lucky Punch {US} FR:6b+ Sport 22m

1.2.34. Turkish Standard 25 routes in Area

Sport and Unknown

Long/Lat: 30.484737, 36.874392

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Gangster Braut 6b+ Sport 22m
2 Revolverheld 6a+ Sport 20m
3 * Julia and Romeo first pitch

Up column right of revolverheld.

6a+ Sport 16m
4 Julia & Romeo

First pitch 6a+

7b Sport 18m
5 ** Siri Birthday Project 6c+ Sport 26m
6 Monkey Mafia 7a+ Sport 26m
7 Gossip {UIAA} 8+ Unknown 25m
8 Inquisition {UIAA} 8- Unknown 24m
9 ** Turkish Standard {UIAA} 7+ Unknown 24m
10 Pianohands {UIAA} 6 Sport 24m
11 Firtina {UIAA} 5 Unknown 23m
12 Meltim {UIAA} 5- Unknown 23m
13 In the Night {UIAA} 6+ Unknown 27m
14 * Sun Express {UIAA} 8 Unknown 27m
15 ** Candy Cane 7b+ Sport 27m
16 Star Wars 8a+ Sport 27m
17 ** Mission To Mars First Pitch 6c+ Sport
18 Mission to Mars {UIAA} 9- Unknown 27m
19 * Pathfinder First Pitch 6a+ Sport 20m, 8
20 Pathfinder {UIAA} 9- Unknown 27m
21 Easy Day {UIAA} 8- Unknown 27m
22 Adka Özlem {UK} 6b Sport 28m
23 Hunting Love {UK} 7b Sport 28m
24 Zapfenstreich {UIAA} 8 Unknown 24m
25 Pipis & Popos {UIAA} 9- Unknown 24m

1.2.35. Right Cave 11 routes in Area

Unknown and Sport

Long/Lat: 30.485370, 36.874098

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Ausflipper 5+ Unknown 22m
2 *** Mogli 7 Unknown 22m
3 Nemo 8+ Unknown 22m
4 Maymun Salmcagi 9 Unknown 22m
5 Blocage Orange 9 Unknown 23m
6 Happy Birthday Tobi

Follow the obvious crack in the right hand side of the right cave.

FA: Martin A.

6b Sport 20m
7 ** Tic Tric Trac 6+ Unknown 17m
8 ** Sincap 6 Unknown 19m
9 Pianist

To the right of Lola, in the crag to the right of Right Cave.

6a Sport 12m, 7
10 Silvie's Secret

To the right of Pianist, in the crag to the right of Right Cave.

5b Sport 12m, 7
11 * Lola 5+ Unknown 19m

1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon 37 routes in Area

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.487046, 36.872643


Routes listed from far left to right of the descent. There are many new routes in this area not in the guide.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Stalaktosaurus First Pitch

Climb the mega stalactite!

{US} FR:6b+ Sport
2 Stalaktosaurus 8a Sport 35m
3 *** River Dance

Mega classic.

7b+ Sport 27m
4 Neptunalia 8a+ Sport 33m
5 ** Parallel Universe 7c+ Sport 33m
6 Chaine Erection 8a Sport 23m
7 Baby Bat 6a Sport 12m
8 Jungle Speed 7a Sport
9 3 Happy Tree Friends 7c Sport
10 Devil Dance 7c Sport 24m
11 Sloper Poker 7b+ Sport 18m
12 Karma Sutra Sport Project
13 Rock Erotics Sport Project
14 Havana Club 1st Pitch 5c Sport 14m
15 Havana Club 8a Sport 25m
16 Unknown 6c Sport
17 Dog Wars 8a Sport 25m
18 Bloody Knuckles 8b Sport 25m
19 Against All Odds 8a Sport 25m
20 Spanish Thanks Giving 7a+ Sport 25m
21 Porro D'Aqua 7c+ Sport 24m
22 Arc'teryx {US} FR:7c+ Sport
23 Big Things 6a+ Sport 22m
24 Due Stazioni 7a Sport 20m
25 Sky Window 5c+ Sport 23m
26 5 Gewinnt 5 Sport 12m
27 Solero 5c Sport 12m
28 Butterfly Boulevard 5c Sport 18m
29 Pembe Hayaller 6a Sport 16m
30 Elif 7a Sport 20m
31 Finger Food 7a Sport 17m
32 Heroes Go Left 6c+ Sport 16m
33 Henkelei 5c Sport 15m
34 Sheep Direct 7a Sport 24m
35 Sheep In The Keep 6b Sport 26m
36 Ozge 7a Sport 20m
37 Tesaduf 6b+ Sport 15m

1.2.37. Alabalik 14 routes in Area

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.488003, 36.872503

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Chili con pillar 6c+ Sport 29m
2 Brazilia carnaval 7a Sport 32m
3 No gearrr 6a+ Sport 12m
4 Kabil'in Ucurtmalari 7a+ Sport 12m
5 Alabalik 6b Sport 25m
6 Yarasa Ol 7b Sport 14m
7 24 M Chrono 6b Sport
8 Nar Bahcesi 7b Sport
9 L'Homme A L'envers 6b Sport 12m
10 Kelebegin Ruyasi 6c Sport 23m
11 Serbest Stil 7a+ Sport 17m
12 Halva 6b+ Sport 17m
13 Akintiya Karsi Yuzmek 6c Sport 25m
14 Maa Croob 6c+ Sport 18m

1.2.38. Trebenna East 18 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.480483, 36.871557


Newly bolted area in 2014.


Follow the dirt road from Josito and Kezbans Camping towards the stream and walk for 300m to reach the stream. Cross the stream and walk up for abut 30m by following the signs of Trebenna Ancient City way. Turn to the right from the path. Walk on for about 70m by facing the rock to reach Trebenna East.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Crack Pipe 6a+ Sport 25m, 9
2 East End 6c Sport 30m
3 Who Are You 6b+ Sport 30m
4 Go is the 30 5c+ Sport
5 Rocket Pie 6b Sport
6 Slack Life Sport Project
7 Predators Sport Project 35m
8 Ihlamur

First pitch 5c

7b+ Sport 35m
9 Kap Horn 7c Sport 35m, 16
10 ** Willy Wancker

Interesting all the way.

7a Sport 35m, 15
11 * T.H.C.

Push through that Tufa

6c+ Sport 28m
12 Problem Yok

Second pitch is Proj

6c Sport
13 Red Tank

Second Pitch is Proj

6b Sport
14 White Elephant 7c+ Sport 35m
15 Black Elephant 7c Sport 35m
16 Pharao's Curse

Bad Bolts?

7b Sport
17 Dance with the Goats 6c+ Sport 35m
18 No Heroes 7b Sport 22m

1.2.39. Trebenna West 112 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 30.478552, 36.872406


Crazy limestone pillars, columns and walls a plenty

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Lycian Highway 7b Unknown
2 Maja 6a+ Sport
3 Fight the butcher p1 6b Sport 17m
4 Latte tsunami 6c Sport 17m
5 Terazi lastik jimnastic 7a Sport 30m
6 Oh la la 5c+ Sport
7 Bone bridge 6a Sport 22m
8 Choreographie violente 6a+ Sport 20m
9 Ranger travel

Pitch one 5a, pitch two 6c

6c Sport 2
10 Pharaos Curse {UIAA} 8+ Sport 20m
11 No Heroes {UIAA} 8+ Sport 22m Left 19 routes in Sector
All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Funky Chicken 7c+ Sport 25m
2 Sword Of Trebenna 7b+ Sport 20m
3 Dynamic Dynamite 8a Sport 23m
4 Duracell 7b+ Sport 35m
5 Akkumulator 7c Sport 40m
6 Boncuk Power 8a+ Sport 27m
7 East-West Rock Together Sport Project 23m
8 Serpedon 8b+ Sport 33m
9 Devers Royale 8c+ Sport 33m
10 Lila Launabar 5b Sport 20m
11 Pink Panther 6a Sport 20m
12 Ikarus 8a+ Sport 23m
13 King Connection 8b Sport 32m
14 Troja 8a Sport 28m
15 El Culto A La Vida 7b+ Sport 33m
16 Rock Palace 8b Sport
17 Escape To Paradise 7c Sport 20m
18 ??? Sport
19 Eneco's Last Dance 7a Sport Middle 38 routes in Sector
All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Waiting For Holidays 6b Sport 40m
2 *** Pumping On Big Mother's Breasts

Techniqual tube climbing to fingery and dynamic climbing!

7c+ Sport 27m, 12
3 Sheep In Sheeps Clothing 7c+ Sport 29m
4 *** Greek Gift 7b Sport 27m
5 Rattlesnake Saloon 7b Sport 22m
6 Leon 7c+ Sport 24m
7 Tele Tabbia Tanja 7c Sport 37m
8 Happy Hilty

Short and sustained

6b+ Sport 18m
9 Rodeo On Black

Happy hilty extension

7b+ Sport 24m
10 Happy End

Extension extension

8b Sport 37m
11 Phallus Diabolt First Pitch {US} FR:5c Sport 18m
12 Phallus Diabolt 7c+ Sport 38m
13 Aquaduct FIrst Pitch {US} FR:6b Sport 25m
14 Aquaduct

First pitch 6b, second 7b+

8c Sport 38m
15 * Into thewild

New route just right of aqueduct.

6c+ Sport 20m
16 ** Sucker Punched First Pitch

Fun introduction to the climb next door. Cool crux.

7a Sport 22m
17 Sucker Punched

First pitch 7a

7c+ Sport 35m
18 *** Life is what you choose First Pitch

Crimpy character, great interesting climbing with techniqual and big moves...

7a+ Sport 24m
19 Life is what you choose

First pitch 7a+

7b+ Sport 40m
20 ** No Money No Dance

Look for the single tufa at the top, Amazing to climb!

7c Sport 32m
21 Matbaim 7b Sport 42m
22 ** Lycian Highway First Pitch 5c Sport 25m
23 *** Lycian Highway

First pitch 5c, One cool adventure, interesting climbing through the tufa system, sustained in places.

7b Sport 35m
24 Orient Express 7b+ Sport 35m
25 Bizim Canimiz Yanmaz Gardas 7a Sport
26 Arkadan 6b+ Sport
27 ** Freedom Is A Battle First Pitch

Slab, crimps to tufas, yum...

{US} FR:7a Sport 25m
28 Freedom Is A Battle

First pitch 7a

8a+ Sport 37m
29 ** Flower Tower First Pitch {US} FR:5c+ Sport 20m
30 Flower Tower

First pitch 5c+

7a+ Sport 32m
31 Lycian Alpinist First Pitch 5c Sport 15m
32 * Lycian Alpinist

First pitch is 5c, don't get lost on the extension, go right after the first pitch and this climb goes right to the top, adventure climbing!

6b+ Sport 35m, 14
33 ** Triologie

First pitch 5b, second 6b+

7a Sport 30m
34 * Ranger Travel

First pitch 5a, shares an anchor.

6c+ Sport 22m
35 Bone Bridge 6a Sport 22m
36 ** Choreographie Violente

Cool bridgey climbing, same anchor as the one to the left!

6a+ Sport 20m
37 Eclipse

First pitch 6a+, second 6c+

7c+ Sport 35m
38 Korona 7c+ Sport Right 28 routes in Sector
All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Save Planet Kill Yourself

First Pitch 6a+

7a+ Sport 28m
2 Pink Power {US} FR:7b Sport 20m
3 Maja first Pitch 6a+ Sport
4 Maja

First pitch 6a+

7c Sport
5 * Fight The Butcher First Pitch

Get ready to get your crimp and mantle on... Smack in the face

6b+ Sport 18m
6 Flight The Butcher

First pitch 6b

7a Sport 30m
7 Latte Tsunami 6c Sport 17m
8 Losing My Religion 8b Sport
9 Richtfest 8a Sport 30m
10 *** Yin Yang 7c Sport 30m
11 Nasenbar 7c Sport 30m
12 S-Klasse 7b+ Sport 36m
13 Oh La La 5c+ Sport 20m
14 Anaconda 7c Sport 35m
15 *** Trebenna First Pitch 6c+ Sport
16 Trebenna

First pitch 6c+

8b+ Sport 35m
17 Aquaplan 6b+ Sport 26m
18 ** Hydrofusion

Aquaplan extension. Perma Draws.

8a+ Sport 35m
19 *** Terazi Lastik Jimnastik

Very nice, just want the top to keep going and it does...

7a Sport 25m
20 La Vie En Rose

TLJ extension.

7b+ Sport
21 ** Be Yourself 7b+ Sport 32m
22 Black Sabbath

Route to the right of Diplomarbeit

7c Sport
23 *** Diplomarbeit 7b Sport 26m
24 Professur

Diplomarbeit extension.

8b+ Sport
25 Grashupfer 6b+ Sport 28m
26 No Woman No Cry 6c+ Sport 30m
27 Avec Vue Sur La Mer 6b Sport 30m
28 Raki On The Rocks 8a Sport 30m Extension 16 routes in Sector
All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Nightscapes 5a Sport
2 Second Live First Pitch 5b Sport
3 Second Live

First Pitch 5c

6c+ Sport
4 ** Yuzuncu Trebenna

Super nice technical climbing

6b Sport 30m
5 ** Judas

One nice adventure, onsight not so easy.

7b Sport 35m
6 Out of Control 7c Sport
7 * Star Line 6a Sport
8 ** Raki On the Rocks 7c+ Sport
9 ** Flame of Fame

Nice movements, with boulder problem right at the end.

8a Sport
10 * Don't Eat My House 6c+ Sport
11 Sakiznine 7a Sport
12 Tuzdede 6c Sport
13 Hansel 6b Sport
14 Gretel 7b+ Sport
15 Westend First Pitch 5c+ Sport
16 Westend

First pitch 5c+

6b+ Sport

1.2.40. Yeni Cay 3 routes in Sector

All Unknown

Long/Lat: 30.482947, 36.873442

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Blasehase {UIAA} 5+ Unknown 15m
2 * Blaupause {UIAA} 6- Unknown 16m
3 * Baupause {UIAA} 7- Unknown 18m

1.3. Olympos 222 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 30.470440, 36.394943

Unique Features And Strengths:

Located at the seaside, Olympos has it all. A good bunch of climbing areas, nearby pensions, a beautiful beach and coastal Roman ruins.


Olympos is located 50-60 km south of Antalya. Take a (mini)bus from the airport or just go by taxi.

1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri 9 routes in Area

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 30.458380, 36.387396

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Kisa Donem 5a Sport 22m
2 Ispara {US} FR:5b Sport 22m
3 Pipet {US} FR:5a Top rope 19m
4 Karbonhidrat {US} FR:5c Sport 23m
5 Citlembik {US} FR:5c+ Sport 23m
6 Buldozer {US} FR:6a Sport 23m
7 Dolunay {US} FR:6a+ Sport 23m
8 Turkish Delight {US} FR:6b Sport 23m
9 Tom & Jerry {US} FR:6b Sport 23m

1.3.2. Vadi 20 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.458329, 36.391534

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Uzan Yol 7a Sport 35m
2 Irgata 5c+ Sport 15m
3 Grube Aus Augsburg 6c Sport 40m
4 Makaki

First pitch 6b+

7b+ Sport 20m
5 Klr 650 6b+ Sport 15m
6 Kle 500 7b Sport 32m
7 Gerilla Zeki

First pitch 6c+

7c+ Sport 30m
8 Two Cats Playing In The Sun. 7a Sport 30m
9 Peace & Love

Starts up rock & roll, finishes on two cats playing in the sun.

7b Sport 28m
10 Rock & Roll 7a Sport 23m
11 Yuksek Isler 6c Sport 23m
12 Ari Maya 6a+ Sport 21m
13 Organik Kofte 6a+ Sport 21m
14 Pelinkovac 6a+ Sport 17m
15 Black Hole Sun 6b Sport 17m
16 Deathox 6b+ Sport 17m
17 Joe 5c Sport 6m
18 Jack 5b Sport 7m
19 William 5b Sport 7m
20 Avarel 5a Sport 8m

1.3.3. Horguc 60 routes in Area

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.469174, 36.389795 Horguc Magara 25 routes in Area

Long/Lat: 30.468948, 36.390155

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Toros Canavari 6b+ Sport 30m
2 Mayis Sikintisi 6a Sport 35m
3 Varuna

Climbs from the creek bed.

6c Sport 35m
4 Kadir Kaya 6b+ Sport 45m
5 Olympos Fm 6c Sport 25m
6 Ucuncu Goz 7a+ Sport 25m
7 ** Bad Karma 7b Sport 18m
8 Sahte Budist 7a+ Sport 18m
9 Zen Kaciklari 7b+ Sport 18m
10 * Okuz Bar 7c+ Sport 27m
11 Oyuncak Dunya {UIAA} 7- FR:6a to 6a+ Sport 12m, 7
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
12 ** Manik Depresif 6a+ Sport 12m
13 * Die Another Day (first pitch) {US} FR:6b+ Sport 15m
14 Die Another Day

First pitch 6b+

7c+ Sport 25m
15 Monkey Factor 8a Sport 21m
16 Koy Rock 7b+ to 7c Sport
17 Professional Fuckers 7c Sport 18m
18 * Kus Gribi 6c+ Sport 18m
19 Kaybedenler Kulubu 7c Sport 27m
20 Amarula 7b Sport 20m
21 * Biricik 6a Sport 20m
22 Ne Zdravie 7a Sport 12m
23 Koparan 7a Sport 12m
24 Kanserettin 7b+ Sport 25m
25 Enjektor 7a Sport 23m Horguc Getto 19 routes in Area

Long/Lat: 30.469141, 36.389802

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Human Nature 6b+ Sport 25m
2 Wish You Were Here 6c+ Sport 30m
3 Seniorenfalle 6a+ Sport 25m
4 Auf Dem Holzweg

First pitch 6a+

7c+ Sport 38m
5 Getto Blaster 7c Sport 18m
6 Hugo Boss

First pitch 7a+

8b Sport 45m
7 Bistromatic 7a Sport 25m
8 Der Plapperkafer Von Traal 8a Sport 50m
9 Dyna Blaster 7a Sport
10 Kemoterapi 7a Sport 27m
11 Olympos Getto 6a+ Sport 27m
12 Rektal Tuse 6c+ Sport 20m
13 Orta Parmak 7a Sport 20m
14 Cin Kerhanesi 5c Sport 17m
15 Drill Team 5a Sport 14m
16 Bahcevan 5a Sport 13m
17 Sani 6a Sport 14m
18 Suti 6a+ Sport 13m
19 Zikzok 6a Sport 12m Horguc 16 routes in Area

Long/Lat: 30.469431, 36.389413

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Patahara {US} FR:5b Sport 14m
2 Su Corbasi {US} 5.4 Sport 14m
3 Kofte UIAA:5 Sport 17m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
4 No Pay No Gay {UIAA} 6+ Sport 17m
5 Play Station {US} FR:5c Sport 14m
6 Black Tranga {US} FR:6b+ Sport 15m
7 Sallak {US} FR:7a+ Sport 25m
8 Olympos Sehitleri {US} FR:7a+ Sport 26m
9 Satir {US} FR:7c Sport 20m
10 Hades {US} FR:7a Sport 22m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
11 Engerek {US} FR:6a+ Sport 20m
12 Alkol Duvari {US} FR:6a+ Sport 20m
13 Oscar {US} FR:6a+ Sport 18m
14 Turk Kahvesi {US} FR:6b+ Sport 16m
15 Inatci Kekik {US} FR:5c+ Sport 17m
16 Nikita {US} FR:6a Sport 15m

1.3.4. Dershane 36 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.470969, 36.388984


Located in a small canyon, it's always a bit cooler there so good climbing when the weather is really hot. You can climb both walls so the area is splitted in two sectors, left and right.

Access Issues:

Located outside the Olympos ruins area, no need to buy an entrance ticket.


From the main road, follow the signs to the Orange Bar. Follow the riverbed behind some buildings. This brings you to the area. Dershane Right 21 routes in Sector

Long/Lat: 30.470909, 36.388981

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 I Hate Tourism 6a+ Sport 18m
2 Gorgon 7a Sport 18m
3 Gandalf 6b Sport 18m
4 Jolie 6b+ Sport 18m
5 Medusa 6c+ Sport 20m
6 Kriz 6c+ Sport 20m
7 Sisifos 6c Sport 20m
8 Lotus 6a+ Sport 25m
9 Everest No Problem 5b Sport 30m
10 Sampiyon 5c Sport 28m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
11 Kopcay Laylay 5b Sport 20m
12 Don't panic 5b Sport
13 Trojan 5b Sport
14 Cyclops

Extension of Don't Panic

6b+ Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
15 Homerus 5a Sport 18m
16 Iliada

Extension of Homerus

6c Sport
17 Odise 6a+ Sport 23m
18 Muson

First pitch 5a

6b+ Sport 2
19 Super Housewife 5b Sport
20 Free Tibet 5c+ Sport 20m
21 Tashi Delek 5c+ Sport 18m Dershane Left 15 routes in Sector

Long/Lat: 30.471050, 36.388990

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Vos Vos 5b Sport
2 Likya Yolu 5c Sport 18m
3 St. Paul 6b+ Sport 18m
4 Kisa Camel 6b+ Sport 10m
5 Anestezi 5c+ Sport
6 Nikotin 6a+ Sport 18m
7 Charly Insider 5b Sport
8 White Russian 6a Sport 15m
9 Evliya Celebi 6b+ Sport 15m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
10 Kanalur 5c Sport 20m
11 Lagun 5c+ Sport 20m
12 Senlik 6a+ Sport 20m
13 Whisky 6b+ Sport 20m
14 Let There Be Rock 7a Sport 18m
15 Doper 6b+ Sport 18m

1.3.5. Cennet 45 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.478497, 36.393958


Cennet is Heaven in turkish and they aren't far off. This is the best wall in turkey!!! Dead vertical to slightly over hung limestone walls with a mix of tufa blobs, pockets and crimps of all sizes. A must vist if your going to Geyikbayiri and you fancy a couple of days by the beach.


Short 15 min walk from most of the pension. Cennet Right 30 routes in Sector
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Mermaid 5b Sport 14m
2 *** Angel 5b Sport 15m
3 Zebani 4 Sport 15m
4 *** Cennet Cehennem 7a Sport 16m
5 Ilk Ve Son 7c+ Sport 20m
6 Ela 7b Sport 24m
7 Into Deep 7a+ Sport 24m
8 * No Pain No Gain 6c+ Sport 25m
9 Bellerofonte 7a Sport 17m
10 Herkul 7b+ Sport 20m
11 Dyno-Score 7b+ Sport 27m
12 *** The trooper 7a Sport 17m
13 ** Working Class Hero 7c+ Sport 40m
14 * Gunah 7a Sport 25m
15 * Pegasus 6b+ Sport 27m
16 Cicek cocuk 6c Sport 17m
17 Days Kapital 7b+ Sport 23m
18 ** Purple Rain 7b Sport 23m
19 *** Bittersweet 7b+ Sport 24m
20 Artemis 7a+ Sport 28m
21 Gangster 8b+ Sport 30m
22 Psychodhelic 7c+ Sport 21m
23 Goodbye Blue Skythe 8a+ Sport 28m
24 The World Is Spinning Without Me 7c+ Sport 21m
25 ** Bismallah 6a+ Sport 13m
26 Wicked Game 5c+ Sport 12m
27 657 5c+ Sport 13m
28 Tayfun 7b Sport 18m
29 Kür Kür 6b Sport 27m
30 Deja Vu 5c Sport 14m Cennet Left 15 routes in Sector

Grey walls of tiny holds, some real test pieces here up to 8c

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Orak Cekic 7b+ Sport 30m
2 Michael Jackson 7a+ Sport 18m
3 Paradise Lost 7b+ Sport 28m
4 * Bloody 6b+ Sport 9m
5 * Pussy Wagon 8a+ Sport 23m
6 Tutsunami 6c+ Sport 24m
7 Diken Mi Batti Ziken Mi Var 7b Sport 21m
8 Jesus Industry 7b+ Sport 20m
9 ** Fuckination 7a Sport 19m
10 Rezilation

This route looks like the bees knees. Something to aspire too.

8a+ Sport 18m
11 Atom Karinca 8b Sport 15m
12 Hayalperest 8c Sport 14m
13 Fade To Black 7a Sport 13m
14 Sarapci 6c Sport 10m
15 Olympos Geceleri 6b+ Sport 10m

1.3.6. Cirali 13 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.471713, 36.407102


From the bridge in Cirali, follow the road away from the seaside until there are no more houses/shops on your right side. Go right towards the river and cross the riverbed. This brings you to the area.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Mamba 6a Sport 25m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 Chimera 5c+ Sport 20m
3 Havva 5c+ Sport 27m
4 Adem 5a Sport 27m
5 Korsan 6a+ Sport 25m
6 Mihlama 6b Sport 20m
7 Fondu 6a+ Sport 20m
8 Altin Yumurtalayan Tavuk (P 1)

First pitch 5c+

UIAA:9+ Sport 30m
9 Kalasnikof

First pitch 5b

7b+ Sport 25m
10 Prenses

First pitch 5b

7a+ Sport 26m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
11 Yedi Cuceler 5a Sport 15m
12 Eylul

Second pitch 5a

5c+ Sport 20m
13 Grill Team 5c+ Sport 29m

1.3.7. Sahin Tepesi 0 routes in Cliff

1.3.8. Kabe 39 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 30.469933, 36.408483 Kabe Sol / Left 11 routes in Cliff

Long/Lat: 30.469451, 36.408867

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Elegant Gypsy

FA: Günes E.

6c Sport 20m, 10
2 En Bas Les Boudins

Set by Cedric L., 2013

Sport Project
3 Dur

FA: Nina C., 2013

8b+ Sport
4 La Diffaction

Set by Daniel Du Lac, 2013

Sport Project
5 Isot Is Hot

FA: Daniel Du Lac, 2013

7c Sport
6 Bull Bar Team

FA: Phillipe M., 2013

7b+ Sport
7 La Ruee Vers Loved

FA: Michel P., 2013

6c+ Sport
8 Oved Side Story

FA: Michel P., 2013

7a Sport 2
9 Grenade Et Fraternite

FA: Philippe M., 2013

7b+ Sport
10 Supradyn

FA: öztürk K., 2007

7a+ Sport 2 11
11 Istanbul Sendromu

FA: öztürk K., 2007

7b Sport 2 12 Kabe Orta / Middle 28 routes in Cliff

Long/Lat: 30.469868, 36.408535

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Louis Armstrong

FA: öztürk K., 2007

6c+ Sport 19m, 9
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 Sedergine

FA: öztürk K., 2007

6c+ Sport 20m 2, 10
3 Rytim of Life

FA: Mümin K., 2014

8a Sport 38m 2, 17
4 RBT 1

Set by Rebolting Team, 2007

6a Sport 15m, 7
5 Haarlem

FA: Züleyha G./ Murat G.

6a+ Sport 12m, 6
6 Bafra

FA: Ferit Y., 2014

6a Sport 13m, 7
7 Birinci

FA: Ferit Y., 2014

5b Sport 15m, 8
8 Kösebasi

FA: Mümin K., 2014

4+ Sport 18m, 9
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
9 Ocakbasi

FA: Mümin K., 2014

4 Sport 18m, 9
10 Ticket to the Moon

FA: Mümin K., 2014

4 Sport 18m, 8
11 Moon Walker

FA: Mümin K., 2014

7c+ Sport 35m, 17
12 Sky Walker

FA: Mümin K., 2014

8a Sport 35m 2, 17
13 RBT 2

Set by Rebolting Team, 2006

5a Sport 15m, 8
14 Kamera Arkasi

FA: Mümin K., 2014

7c+ Sport 38m, 17
15 TRT

FA: öztürk K., 2006

7a+ Sport 25m, 15
16 GBT

FA: Mümin K., 2014

7c+ Sport 38m, 19
17 Half Moon Party

FA: Metin Y., 2014

5c+ Sport 8m, 6
18 Odun Terapisi

FA: Simon U.

Set by öztürk K., 2005

8a+ Sport 8m, 5
19 Hell Boy

Set by Mümin K., 2014

Sport Project 37m, 16
20 Dream to Heaven

Set by Mümin K., 2014

Sport Project 37m, 17
21 Metal Detector 7b Sport 18m, 11
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
22 * Hafiz

This route follows a crack and both route & belay point is located in the shadow. Perfect for a hot day

5c+ Sport 16m, 6
23 Head Maker 7b Sport 22m, 16
24 Anksiyete 7a+ Sport 12m, 6
25 First Kiss 6c Sport 12m, 5
26 Black Hawk Down 6b+ Sport 13m, 7
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
27 Fore Play 5c+ Sport 14m, 9
28 Band Of Brothers 6a Sport 14m 8 Kabe Sag / Right 0 routes in Cliff

1.3.9. Ceneviz 0 routes in Cliff

1.4. Karataslar 3 routes in Area

All Trad

Long/Lat: 30.528444, 36.572222


1.4.1. Bayrak 1 route in Crag


Long/Lat: 30.530054, 36.574753

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Ostwand

FA: H.Paul, M. Vogel,H.Richter, K-H. Mildner-Spindler,Christiane Vogel, G.Paul,Angela Paul, 1998

{UIAA} 4+ Mixed 30m 2, 7

1.4.2. Kücük Karakule 0 routes in Crag

1.4.3. Büyük Karakule 2 routes in Crag


Long/Lat: 30.528670, 36.572308

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Nordriss

FA: H.Paul, M. Vogel,H.Richter, K-H. Mildner-Spindler,Angela Paul, 1998

{UIAA} 5 Mixed 130m 5, 9
2 Seeseite

FA: M.Vogel, H.Paul, 1998

{UIAA} 6 Mixed 170m 7, 16

1.4.4. Büyük Karatas 0 routes in Crag

1.4.5. Kücük Karatas 0 routes in Crag

1.5. Öküzini 0 routes in Crag

1.6. Citdibi 0 routes in Crag

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5.4 Su Corbasi Sport 14m Horguc
4 Kurze Romanze Sport 10m, 5 Gizmo 1
4+ Mektep Sport 13m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Sakson Stili Sport 16m 1.2.2. Cesme
Chupi Sport 17m 1.2.6. Geyik
Ostwand Mixed 30m 2, 7 1.4.1. Bayrak
4 ** Linnae Sport 12m, 5 1.2.10. Kebap
Kinetic Koncert Sport 25m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Zebani Sport 15m Cennet Right
Ocakbasi Sport 18m, 9 Kabe Orta / Middle
Ticket to the Moon Sport 18m, 8 Kabe Orta / Middle
5- ** Gey-ik Sport 12m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Kardes Sport 21m 1.2.12. Zeus
Meltim Unknown 23m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
5 Susam Sokagi Sport 18m 1.1.2. Second Area
Etik, Pratik Sport 27m 1.2.6. Geyik
Ith Feeling light Sport 19m, 7 Gizmo 1
MPW (1l.) Sport 25m, 6 Gizmo 1
Ikiz Sport 21m 1.2.12. Zeus
Firtina Unknown 23m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Kofte Sport 17m Horguc
Nordriss Mixed 130m 5, 9 1.4.3. Büyük Karakule
4+ Kösebasi Sport 18m, 9 Kabe Orta / Middle
5a Sipilik Sport 10m Big Block
Chupi Sport 18m Left
* Çekomastik Silikon Sport 20m, 8 1.2.10. Kebap
Havensgate Sport 18m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Nightscapes Sport Extension
Kisa Donem Sport 22m 1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri
Pipet Top rope 19m 1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri
Avarel Sport 8m 1.3.2. Vadi
Bahcevan Sport 13m Horguc Getto
Drill Team Sport 14m Horguc Getto
Homerus Sport 18m Dershane Right
Adem Sport 27m 1.3.6. Cirali
Yedi Cuceler Sport 15m 1.3.6. Cirali
RBT 2 Sport 15m, 8 Kabe Orta / Middle
5+ Istanbul Sport 12m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Kotu Sport 13m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Alaaddinin Lambasi Sport 19m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Die mach ich Sport Gizmo 1
Pipi Langstrumpf Sport 10m Gizmo 2
** Blasehase Unknown 15m 1.2.40. Yeni Cay
5 Cosmic Girl Sport 1.2.3. Sarkit
5 Gewinnt Sport 12m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
5b Escape Sport 20m, 9 1.2.10. Kebap
Mama Gozleme Sport 20m 1.2.15. Pasa
Burkini Sport 14m, 8 1.2.24. Külüin 2
** 3D Channel Sport 22m, 10 1.2.27. Külüin Teras
* Boneless Sport 14m, 7 1.2.27. Külüin Teras
Silvie's Secret Sport 12m, 7 1.2.35. Right Cave
Lila Launabar Sport 20m Left
Second Live First Pitch Sport Extension
Ispara Sport 22m 1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri
Jack Sport 7m 1.3.2. Vadi
William Sport 7m 1.3.2. Vadi
Patahara Sport 14m Horguc
Don't panic Sport Dershane Right
Everest No Problem Sport 30m Dershane Right
Kopcay Laylay Sport 20m Dershane Right
Super Housewife Sport Dershane Right
Trojan Sport Dershane Right
Charly Insider Sport Dershane Left
Vos Vos Sport Dershane Left
*** Angel Sport 15m Cennet Right
* Mermaid Sport 14m Cennet Right
Birinci Sport 15m, 8 Kabe Orta / Middle
6- Mister Lova Lova Sport 12m Big Block
Gel Git Sport 10m 1.1.2. Second Area
Hurry Up Sport 20m 1.1.2. Second Area
Anonim Sport 12m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Durak Sport 16m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Iyi Sport 14m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Sushi Sport 14m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Dude Sport 15m 1.2.2. Cesme
Farketmez Sport 17m 1.2.2. Cesme
Jungle Sport 21m 1.2.2. Cesme
Mafia Sport 16m 1.2.2. Cesme
Crying Boy Sport 9m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Muhtar Sport 15m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Tak Tak Coban Sport 15m 1.2.6. Geyik
Bobby Sport Gizmo 2
Miss piggy Unknown 12m 1.2.13. Canyon
Taciz Sport 1.2.14. Zeytinlik
Barbarossa Unknown 20m 1.2.19. Barbarossa
Festival Unknown 18m 1.2.19. Barbarossa
* Blaupause Unknown 16m 1.2.40. Yeni Cay
5c Birthday Girl Sport 20m, 9 1.2.10. Kebap
Baklava Blues Sport 20m 1.2.15. Pasa
Pablo Escobar Sport 14m, 7 1.2.24. Külüin 2
Butterfly Boulevard Sport 18m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Havana Club 1st Pitch Sport 14m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Henkelei Sport 15m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Solero Sport 12m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Lycian Alpinist First Pitch Sport 15m Middle
** Lycian Highway First Pitch Sport 25m Middle
Phallus Diabolt First Pitch Sport 18m Middle
Karbonhidrat Sport 23m 1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri
Joe Sport 6m 1.3.2. Vadi
Cin Kerhanesi Sport 17m Horguc Getto
Play Station Sport 14m Horguc
Sampiyon Sport 28m Dershane Right
Kanalur Sport 20m Dershane Left
Likya Yolu Sport 18m Dershane Left
Deja Vu Sport 14m Cennet Right
6 Serum Kokteyli Sport 11m Big Block
Cirkin Sport 14m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Kar Tanesi Sport 15m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Rain Man Sport 18m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Ith Feeling Sport 23m, 6 Gizmo 1
MPW (2l.) Sport 25m, 6 Gizmo 1
Nachtschicht Sport 20m, 6 Gizmo 1
*** Kermit Sport 13m 1.2.13. Canyon
Souvenir Malgache Unknown 13m 1.2.19. Barbarossa
Pianohands Sport 24m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Seeseite Mixed 170m 7, 16 1.4.3. Büyük Karakule
5+ * Ausflipper Unknown 22m 1.2.35. Right Cave
* Lola Unknown 19m 1.2.35. Right Cave
5c+ Fakir Sport 22m, 10 1.2.10. Kebap
Sex Pistols Unknown 35m, 7 1.2.19. Barbarossa
Ayasofya Sport 26m, 10 1.2.20. Alaaddin
Daft Punk Sport 15m, 8 1.2.24. Külüin 2
Bibi Bloxberg Sport 19m, 10 1.2.31. Heart
Alex Kohler Menotial Sport 20m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Kara Kemer Sport 18m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Sky Window Sport 23m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Go is the 30 Sport 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Oh la la Sport 1.2.39. Trebenna West
** Flower Tower First Pitch Sport 20m Middle
Oh La La Sport 20m Right
Westend First Pitch Sport Extension
Citlembik Sport 23m 1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri
Irgata Sport 15m 1.3.2. Vadi
Inatci Kekik Sport 17m Horguc
Free Tibet Sport 20m Dershane Right
Tashi Delek Sport 18m Dershane Right
Anestezi Sport Dershane Left
Lagun Sport 20m Dershane Left
657 Sport 13m Cennet Right
Wicked Game Sport 12m Cennet Right
Chimera Sport 20m 1.3.6. Cirali
Eylul Sport 20m 1.3.6. Cirali
Grill Team Sport 29m 1.3.6. Cirali
Havva Sport 27m 1.3.6. Cirali
Fore Play Sport 14m, 9 Kabe Orta / Middle
* Hafiz Sport 16m, 6 Kabe Orta / Middle
Half Moon Party Sport 8m, 6 Kabe Orta / Middle
6+ Sekerleme Sport 10m Big Block
Ph 43 Sport 18m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Runaway Sport 14m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Schaufel st. Funre Sport 18m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
*** Bizon Sport 20m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Crying Girl Sport 10m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
* Mum Isginda Yemek Unknown 18m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
** Nirvana Sport 18m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Aman Aman Sport 10m 1.2.6. Geyik
Overdose Sport 17m 1.2.6. Geyik
Magic Dice Sport 22m Gizmo 2
Tas Ocagi Sport 39m 1.2.17. Ottoman
Dumlupinar Sport 20m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Byzance Unknown 25m 1.2.19. Barbarossa
Shairlerin Sultani Unknown 20m 1.2.19. Barbarossa
In the Night Unknown 27m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
No Pay No Gay Sport 17m Horguc
6a Bingo Unknown 10m Big Block
Sut Cocugu Sport 18m 1.2.3. Sarkit
No Name Sport 25m Right
Citywatch L1 Sport 30m 1.2.9. Guzel Manzara
** Yengec Sport 20m, 9 1.2.10. Kebap
King crimson Sport 22m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Marmara Sport 17m 1.2.17. Ottoman
Alaadin Sport 27m, 10 1.2.20. Alaaddin
Zauberflöte Sport 15m, 8 1.2.31. Heart
** gremlin's edge Sport 32m, 16 1.2.31. Heart
** turntablerocker Sport 30m, 14 1.2.31. Heart
Pianist Sport 12m, 7 1.2.35. Right Cave
Baby Bat Sport 12m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Pembe Hayaller Sport 16m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Bone bridge Sport 22m 1.2.39. Trebenna West
Pink Panther Sport 20m Left
Bone Bridge Sport 22m Middle
* Star Line Sport Extension
Buldozer Sport 23m 1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri
* Biricik Sport 20m Horguc Magara
Mayis Sikintisi Sport 35m Horguc Magara
Sani Sport 14m Horguc Getto
Zikzok Sport 12m Horguc Getto
Nikita Sport 15m Horguc
White Russian Sport 15m Dershane Left
Mamba Sport 25m 1.3.6. Cirali
Bafra Sport 13m, 7 Kabe Orta / Middle
Band Of Brothers Sport 14m 8 Kabe Orta / Middle
RBT 1 Sport 15m, 7 Kabe Orta / Middle
6a+ * Cristal Crag Sport 32m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Working Class Sport 10m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Celìk Kalp Sport 19m Left
** Just in time Sport 27m 1.2.10. Kebap
Sabatik Trip Sport 18m 1.2.15. Pasa
Ya Sabir Sport 32m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Echoes Of The Himalaya Sport 1.2.22. Echoes
California Dreaming Sport 30m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Mountain Gay Sport 25m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Yilan Sport 33m 1.2.33. Yilan
* Julia and Romeo first pitch Sport 16m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
* Pathfinder First Pitch Sport 20m, 8 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Revolverheld Sport 20m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Big Things Sport 22m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
No gearrr Sport 12m 1.2.37. Alabalik
Crack Pipe Sport 25m, 9 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Choreographie violente Sport 20m 1.2.39. Trebenna West
Maja Sport 1.2.39. Trebenna West
** Choreographie Violente Sport 20m Middle
Maja first Pitch Sport Right
Dolunay Sport 23m 1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri
Ari Maya Sport 21m 1.3.2. Vadi
Organik Kofte Sport 21m 1.3.2. Vadi
Pelinkovac Sport 17m 1.3.2. Vadi
** Manik Depresif Sport 12m Horguc Magara
Olympos Getto Sport 27m Horguc Getto
Seniorenfalle Sport 25m Horguc Getto
Suti Sport 13m Horguc Getto
Alkol Duvari Sport 20m Horguc
Engerek Sport 20m Horguc
Oscar Sport 18m Horguc
I Hate Tourism Sport 18m Dershane Right
Lotus Sport 25m Dershane Right
Odise Sport 23m Dershane Right
Nikotin Sport 18m Dershane Left
Senlik Sport 20m Dershane Left
** Bismallah Sport 13m Cennet Right
Fondu Sport 20m 1.3.6. Cirali
Korsan Sport 25m 1.3.6. Cirali
Haarlem Sport 12m, 6 Kabe Orta / Middle
7- Oyuncak Dunya Sport 12m, 7 Horguc Magara
Kaktus Sport 22m 1.2.2. Cesme
Klakson Sport 23m 1.2.2. Cesme
Love and Hate Sport 15m 1.2.2. Cesme
** Ucan Teneke Sport 11m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Celik Kalp Sport 19m 1.2.6. Geyik
Kelebek Sport 12m 1.2.6. Geyik
Muskelkater Sport 25m 1.2.6. Geyik
Totos Sport 23m 1.2.6. Geyik
69 Sport 8m 1.2.13. Canyon
Bagla varyasyon 1 Sport 9m 1.2.13. Canyon
Birt Unknown 1.2.13. Canyon
Hadi Tcus Sport 24m 1.2.14. Zeytinlik
ViIIa Sport 22m 1.2.14. Zeytinlik
* Baupause Unknown 18m 1.2.40. Yeni Cay
6b ** Kademeli Sport 16m Big Block
* Ramin Sport 14m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
banana monster Sport 32m 2, 13 1.2.7. Dragon
renotoros Sport 35m, 14 1.2.17. Ottoman
Tattoo Sport 28m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Mustapha et les mustaphettes Sport 25m 1.2.19. Barbarossa
iron man Sport 26m, 12 1.2.20. Alaaddin
tufan age Sport 28m, 11 1.2.20. Alaaddin
wild child Sport 31m, 13 1.2.20. Alaaddin
Flying Duchman Sport 1.2.28. Ruzgarli Bahce
Global Warming Sport 35m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Hadì Git Sport 30m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Luna Park Sport 22m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Döngel MüzÍkhol Sport 33m 1.2.33. Yilan
El Niño Sport 22m 1.2.33. Yilan
Kolay Gelsin Sport 20m 1.2.33. Yilan
Mr. What What Sport 22m 1.2.33. Yilan
Happy Birthday Tobi Sport 20m 1.2.35. Right Cave
Sheep In The Keep Sport 26m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
24 M Chrono Sport 1.2.37. Alabalik
Alabalik Sport 25m 1.2.37. Alabalik
L'Homme A L'envers Sport 12m 1.2.37. Alabalik
Red Tank Sport 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Rocket Pie Sport 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Fight the butcher p1 Sport 17m 1.2.39. Trebenna West
Aquaduct FIrst Pitch Sport 25m Middle
Waiting For Holidays Sport 40m Middle
Avec Vue Sur La Mer Sport 30m Right
Hansel Sport Extension
** Yuzuncu Trebenna Sport 30m Extension
Tom & Jerry Sport 23m 1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri
Turkish Delight Sport 23m 1.3.1. Kadir'in Evleri
Black Hole Sun Sport 17m 1.3.2. Vadi
Gandalf Sport 18m Dershane Right
Kür Kür Sport 27m Cennet Right
Mihlama Sport 20m 1.3.6. Cirali
6 ** Sincap Unknown 19m 1.2.35. Right Cave
7 Kiskanirim Sport 15m Big Block
Catch the Rainbow Sport 10m 1.1.2. Second Area
Team Work Sport 18m 1.2.1. Gizli Bahce
Amazon Sport 22m 1.2.2. Cesme
Punk Sport 23m 1.2.2. Cesme
Kiyir Kiyir Sport 12m 1.2.6. Geyik
No Name/Sado Mazo Sport 40m 2 1.2.6. Geyik
12 Monkeys Sport 20m, 6 Gizmo 1
Der Steip Der Geib Sport 26m, 10 Gizmo 1
MPW (3l.) Sport 15m, 9 Gizmo 1
Inspiration Sport 16m 1.2.13. Canyon
Ay Sport 22m 1.2.14. Zeytinlik
Hurrem Sultan Unknown 24m 1.2.19. Barbarossa
6b+ Sirdan Dolmasi Sport 15m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Uckagitci Ask Sport 1.2.3. Sarkit
Red Attack Sport 12m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Takoz Sport 22m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Jass Party Sport 30m 2 1.2.17. Ottoman
Comfortably Sport 15m 1.2.22. Echoes
*** Kovboy Kahvesi Sport 15m, 7 1.2.26. Küllüin 4
Ce n'est Pas Possible Sport 1.2.28. Ruzgarli Bahce
Sultanahmet Sport 30m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Hadí Predel Sport 23m 1.2.33. Yilan
Lucky Punch Sport 22m 1.2.33. Yilan
Gangster Braut Sport 22m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
* Stalaktosaurus First Pitch Sport 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Tesaduf Sport 15m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Halva Sport 17m 1.2.37. Alabalik
Who Are You Sport 30m 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Arkadan Sport Middle
Happy Hilty Sport 18m Middle
* Lycian Alpinist Sport 35m, 14 Middle
Aquaplan Sport 26m Right
* Fight The Butcher First Pitch Sport 18m Right
Grashupfer Sport 28m Right
Westend Sport Extension
Deathox Sport 17m 1.3.2. Vadi
Klr 650 Sport 15m 1.3.2. Vadi
* Die Another Day (first pitch) Sport 15m Horguc Magara
Kadir Kaya Sport 45m Horguc Magara
Toros Canavari Sport 30m Horguc Magara
Human Nature Sport 25m Horguc Getto
Black Tranga Sport 15m Horguc
Turk Kahvesi Sport 16m Horguc
Cyclops Sport Dershane Right
Jolie Sport 18m Dershane Right
Muson Sport 2 Dershane Right
Doper Sport 18m Dershane Left
Evliya Celebi Sport 15m Dershane Left
Kisa Camel Sport 10m Dershane Left
St. Paul Sport 18m Dershane Left
Whisky Sport 20m Dershane Left
* Pegasus Sport 27m Cennet Right
* Bloody Sport 9m Cennet Left
Olympos Geceleri Sport 10m Cennet Left
Black Hawk Down Sport 13m, 7 Kabe Orta / Middle
7+ Ali Baba ve Kirk Haramiler Sport 24m 1.2.2. Cesme
** Drill Instuctor Sport 22m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Gladutchki Sport 20m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Lou Sport 18m 1.2.3. Sarkit
** Saxafon Sport 16m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Siesta Sport 35m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Yorma Beni Sport 22m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Ashman Sport 10m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Bye Bye George Sport 21m 1.2.6. Geyik
Bok Bocegi Sport 18m 1.2.13. Canyon
Desperation Sport 16m 1.2.13. Canyon
Antalya Icin 747 Nolu Ucus Sport 1.2.18. Mevlana
Ten Ten Konglomera'da Sport 1.2.18. Mevlana
Rock Superstar Sport 16m 1.2.29. Laboratory
** Turkish Standard Unknown 24m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
6c Caf Caf Sport 15m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Muskelkater Sport 22m Left
Babouche Pasa Sport 35m 1.2.15. Pasa
Les Heros De Namur Sport 18m 1.2.15. Pasa
Skin Hell Sport 35m 1.2.15. Pasa
* Bagdad Cafe Sport 18m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Demzvend Sport 15m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Ipek Yolu Sport 24m 1.2.16. Poseidon
ala daglar Sport 35m, 13 1.2.17. Ottoman
tropicana Sport 20m, 8 1.2.30. Deli kasap
Samanyolu Sport 30m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Unter Storm Sport 20m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Unknown Sport 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Akintiya Karsi Yuzmek Sport 25m 1.2.37. Alabalik
Kelebegin Ruyasi Sport 23m 1.2.37. Alabalik
East End Sport 30m 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Problem Yok Sport 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Latte tsunami Sport 17m 1.2.39. Trebenna West
Ranger travel Sport 2 1.2.39. Trebenna West
Latte Tsunami Sport 17m Right
Tuzdede Sport Extension
Grube Aus Augsburg Sport 40m 1.3.2. Vadi
Yuksek Isler Sport 23m 1.3.2. Vadi
Olympos Fm Sport 25m Horguc Magara
Varuna Sport 35m Horguc Magara
Iliada Sport Dershane Right
Sisifos Sport 20m Dershane Right
Cicek cocuk Sport 17m Cennet Right
Sarapci Sport 10m Cennet Left
Elegant Gypsy Sport 20m, 10 Kabe Sol / Left
First Kiss Sport 12m, 5 Kabe Orta / Middle
Loser Sport 10m Big Block
8- Son Mohikan Sport 16m Big Block
Mikrop Sport 25m 1.2.3. Sarkit
** Retsa Sport 16m 1.2.3. Sarkit
*** In Ordan Sport 18m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Anatolian Highway Sport 25m 1.2.6. Geyik
Fat Burner Unknown 27m 1.2.13. Canyon
Nothingman Sport 15m 1.2.13. Canyon
Uzun Bacak Sport 21m 1.2.14. Zeytinlik
Mevlana Sport 1.2.18. Mevlana
Easy Day Unknown 27m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Inquisition Unknown 24m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
6+ ** Tic Tric Trac Unknown 17m 1.2.35. Right Cave
6c+ Colonist L1 Sport 1.2.3. Sarkit
Anatolian Highway Sport 26m Left
Kapt'n Kirk Sport 22m Left
Mezarlariniza Tükürücem Sport 32m Right
Sado Mazo Sport 40m Right
Noel Bara Sport 27m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Semazen Sport 32m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Ce n'est Pas Bleau Sport 1.2.28. Ruzgarli Bahce
*** Rocket Man Sport 30m 1.2.32. Left Cave
** Mission To Mars First Pitch Sport 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
** Siri Birthday Project Sport 26m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Heroes Go Left Sport 16m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Chili con pillar Sport 29m 1.2.37. Alabalik
Maa Croob Sport 18m 1.2.37. Alabalik
Dance with the Goats Sport 35m 1.2.38. Trebenna East
* T.H.C. Sport 28m 1.2.38. Trebenna East
* Into thewild Sport 20m Middle
* Ranger Travel Sport 22m Middle
No Woman No Cry Sport 30m Right
*** Trebenna First Pitch Sport Right
* Don't Eat My House Sport Extension
Second Live Sport Extension
* Kus Gribi Sport 18m Horguc Magara
Rektal Tuse Sport 20m Horguc Getto
Wish You Were Here Sport 30m Horguc Getto
Kriz Sport 20m Dershane Right
Medusa Sport 20m Dershane Right
* No Pain No Gain Sport 25m Cennet Right
Tutsunami Sport 24m Cennet Left
La Ruee Vers Loved Sport Kabe Sol / Left
Louis Armstrong Sport 19m, 9 Kabe Orta / Middle
Sedergine Sport 20m 2, 10 Kabe Orta / Middle
8 Nuhun Gemisi Sport 13m Big Block
Reuber Hochzeit Sport 16m Big Block
Desire Sport 16m 1.2.2. Cesme
Psycho Sheppard Sport 30m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Yagmur Duasi Sport 20m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Amele Sport 18m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Never kiss a Dog Sport 17m, 7 Gizmo 1
Scorpion Sport 18m Gizmo 2
Bartabas Sport 25m 1.2.18. Mevlana
* Sun Express Unknown 27m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Zapfenstreich Unknown 24m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
7a Big Blind Sport 24m 1.2.3. Sarkit
** Imagination Sport 35m 1.2.3. Sarkit
*** Karinca Sport 20m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
* Ten year anniversary Sport 20m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Moby's Dick Sport 20m Left
Red Hot Chili Peppers Sport 22m Left
Arabesk Sport 25m Right
** Seek And Destroy Sport 28m Right
** Dragonfly Sport 25m 1.2.7. Dragon
Beyaz Sahin Sport 18m 1.2.22. Echoes
** o Sport 25m, 10 1.2.26. Küllüin 4
** orion Sport 25m, 10 1.2.26. Küllüin 4
Karinca Adasi Sport 1.2.28. Ruzgarli Bahce
*** Camelita Sport 24m, 7 1.2.33. Yilan
* Hortum Sport 24m 1.2.33. Yilan
Due Stazioni Sport 20m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Elif Sport 20m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Finger Food Sport 17m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Jungle Speed Sport 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Ozge Sport 20m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Sheep Direct Sport 24m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Brazilia carnaval Sport 32m 1.2.37. Alabalik
** Willy Wancker Sport 35m, 15 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Terazi lastik jimnastic Sport 30m 1.2.39. Trebenna West
Eneco's Last Dance Sport Left
Bizim Canimiz Yanmaz Gardas Sport Middle
** Freedom Is A Battle First Pitch Sport 25m Middle
** Sucker Punched First Pitch Sport 22m Middle
** Triologie Sport 30m Middle
Flight The Butcher Sport 30m Right
*** Terazi Lastik Jimnastik Sport 25m Right
Sakiznine Sport Extension
Rock & Roll Sport 23m 1.3.2. Vadi
Two Cats Playing In The Sun. Sport 30m 1.3.2. Vadi
Uzan Yol Sport 35m 1.3.2. Vadi
Enjektor Sport 23m Horguc Magara
Koparan Sport 12m Horguc Magara
Ne Zdravie Sport 12m Horguc Magara
Bistromatic Sport 25m Horguc Getto
Dyna Blaster Sport Horguc Getto
Kemoterapi Sport 27m Horguc Getto
Orta Parmak Sport 20m Horguc Getto
Hades Sport 22m Horguc
Gorgon Sport 18m Dershane Right
Let There Be Rock Sport 18m Dershane Left
Bellerofonte Sport 17m Cennet Right
*** Cennet Cehennem Sport 16m Cennet Right
* Gunah Sport 25m Cennet Right
*** The trooper Sport 17m Cennet Right
Fade To Black Sport 13m Cennet Left
** Fuckination Sport 19m Cennet Left
Oved Side Story Sport 2 Kabe Sol / Left
8+ ** Agustos Bocegi Sport 18m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
** Sabotaj Sport 18m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Masallah Sport 27m 1.2.6. Geyik
Blood Sweet Tears Sport Gizmo 1
Know How Sport 33m 1.2.13. Canyon
Crescendo Unknown 15m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Muren Unknown 17m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Turkiye'ye Sport 20m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Gossip Unknown 25m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
No Heroes Sport 22m 1.2.39. Trebenna West
Pharaos Curse Sport 20m 1.2.39. Trebenna West
7a+ Fragile Dreams Sport 22m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Geyikbayiri Jazz Band Sport 24m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Jaja City Sport 40m 1.2.3. Sarkit
** Poker Face Sport 22m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Zalia Sport 21m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Ramin/Bird Of Pray Sport 30m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Flintstone Sport 50m Right
Hayat Cok Uzun Sport 32m Right
Little big wall Sport 30m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Oje Sport 25m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Oktos Sport 30m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Da Vinci Mode Sport 39m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Ach War Ich Doch Sport 27m 1.2.33. Yilan
Dropzone Sport 24m 1.2.33. Yilan
Kan Izi Sport 20m 1.2.33. Yilan
Monkey Mafia Sport 26m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Spanish Thanks Giving Sport 25m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Kabil'in Ucurtmalari Sport 12m 1.2.37. Alabalik
Serbest Stil Sport 17m 1.2.37. Alabalik
Flower Tower Sport 32m Middle
*** Life is what you choose First Pitch Sport 24m Middle
Save Planet Kill Yourself Sport 28m Right
Sahte Budist Sport 18m Horguc Magara
Ucuncu Goz Sport 25m Horguc Magara
Olympos Sehitleri Sport 26m Horguc
Sallak Sport 25m Horguc
Artemis Sport 28m Cennet Right
Into Deep Sport 24m Cennet Right
Michael Jackson Sport 18m Cennet Left
Prenses Sport 26m 1.3.6. Cirali
Supradyn Sport 2 11 Kabe Sol / Left
Anksiyete Sport 12m, 6 Kabe Orta / Middle
TRT Sport 25m, 15 Kabe Orta / Middle
7 *** Mogli Unknown 22m 1.2.35. Right Cave
7b Viagra Cocugu Sport 1.2.3. Sarkit
Kara Yilan Sport 31m Right
Power Slave Sport 25m Right
Session Of Happyness Sport 50m 2 Right
Big turkey Sport 30m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Demir Kazik Sport 25m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Neptune Sport 20m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Poseidon Sport 18m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Toros Sport 20m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Blue Hotel Sport 35m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Karkov Sport 25m 1.2.18. Mevlana
L'Homme A L'Envers Sport 35m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Rock Republic Sport 25m 1.2.18. Mevlana
* Toxic Gravity Sport 26m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Showdown Sport 24m 1.2.33. Yilan
Julia & Romeo Sport 18m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Nar Bahcesi Sport 1.2.37. Alabalik
Yarasa Ol Sport 14m 1.2.37. Alabalik
No Heroes Sport 22m 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Pharao's Curse Sport 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Lycian Highway Unknown 1.2.39. Trebenna West
*** Greek Gift Sport 27m Middle
*** Lycian Highway Sport 35m Middle
Matbaim Sport 42m Middle
Rattlesnake Saloon Sport 22m Middle
*** Diplomarbeit Sport 26m Right
Pink Power Sport 20m Right
** Judas Sport 35m Extension
Kle 500 Sport 32m 1.3.2. Vadi
Peace & Love Sport 28m 1.3.2. Vadi
Amarula Sport 20m Horguc Magara
** Bad Karma Sport 18m Horguc Magara
Ela Sport 24m Cennet Right
** Purple Rain Sport 23m Cennet Right
Tayfun Sport 18m Cennet Right
Diken Mi Batti Ziken Mi Var Sport 21m Cennet Left
Istanbul Sendromu Sport 2 12 Kabe Sol / Left
Head Maker Sport 22m, 16 Kabe Orta / Middle
Metal Detector Sport 18m, 11 Kabe Orta / Middle
Powerslave Sport 25m 1.2.6. Geyik
9- Bonanza Sport 13m 1.2.2. Cesme
Seek and Destroy Sport 30m 1.2.6. Geyik
Bagla varyasyon 2 Sport 15m 1.2.13. Canyon
Boltların Efendisi Sport 13m 1.2.13. Canyon
O Dolores Unknown 33m 1.2.19. Barbarossa
Mission to Mars Unknown 27m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Pathfinder Unknown 27m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Pipis & Popos Unknown 24m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
7b+ *** Back On Funky Plant Sport 38m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Geyikbayiri Games Sport 40m 1.2.3. Sarkit
*** Melting Souls Sport 30m 1.2.3. Sarkit
*** Pusht Bush Sport 28m, 11 1.2.3. Sarkit
Try To Enjoy Sport 31m Right
Boys Are Back In Town Sport 25m 1.2.18. Mevlana
No Remorse Sport 15m 1.2.22. Echoes
Pompei Sport 22m 1.2.22. Echoes
Black Moon Sport 30m 1.2.32. Left Cave
** Candy Cane Sport 27m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
*** River Dance Sport 27m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Sloper Poker Sport 18m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Ihlamur Sport 35m 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Duracell Sport 35m Left
El Culto A La Vida Sport 33m Left
Sword Of Trebenna Sport 20m Left
Life is what you choose Sport 40m Middle
Orient Express Sport 35m Middle
Rodeo On Black Sport 24m Middle
** Be Yourself Sport 32m Right
La Vie En Rose Sport Right
S-Klasse Sport 36m Right
Gretel Sport Extension
Makaki Sport 20m 1.3.2. Vadi
Kanserettin Sport 25m Horguc Magara
Zen Kaciklari Sport 18m Horguc Magara
*** Bittersweet Sport 24m Cennet Right
Days Kapital Sport 23m Cennet Right
Dyno-Score Sport 27m Cennet Right
Herkul Sport 20m Cennet Right
Jesus Industry Sport 20m Cennet Left
Orak Cekic Sport 30m Cennet Left
Paradise Lost Sport 28m Cennet Left
Kalasnikof Sport 25m 1.3.6. Cirali
Bull Bar Team Sport Kabe Sol / Left
Grenade Et Fraternite Sport Kabe Sol / Left
6b Adka Özlem Sport 28m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
9 Anarshit Sport 22m 1.2.2. Cesme
Anarshit (Variant) Sport 22m 1.2.2. Cesme
Beyond Confusion Sport 12m 1.2.2. Cesme
Inner Smile Sport 28m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Gizmo Sport 10m 1.2.6. Geyik
Ava or Aaron Sport 25m, 11 Gizmo 1
Arsenik Unknown 18m 1.2.13. Canyon
7b+ to 7c Koy Rock Sport Horguc Magara
7c Finger Prostitution Sport 1.2.3. Sarkit
Psycho Killer Sport 25m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Skyline Sport 28m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Yankee Go Home Sport 35m 1.2.3. Sarkit
*** Selamin aleyküm Sport 30m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Ange De L'Oubli Sport 18m Left
Beam Me Up Scotty Sport 22m Left
Gizmo Sport 27m Left
Elbe Sport 33m Right
Otuzbir Sport 32m Right
Dyonisos Sport 22m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Too Nice To Fail Sport 30m 1.2.22. Echoes
Rocket Woman Sport 30m 1.2.32. Left Cave
First Klaas Sport 17m 1.2.33. Yilan
3 Happy Tree Friends Sport 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Devil Dance Sport 24m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Black Elephant Sport 35m 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Kap Horn Sport 35m, 16 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Akkumulator Sport 40m Left
Escape To Paradise Sport 20m Left
** No Money No Dance Sport 32m Middle
Tele Tabbia Tanja Sport 37m Middle
Anaconda Sport 35m Right
Black Sabbath Sport Right
Maja Sport Right
Nasenbar Sport 30m Right
*** Yin Yang Sport 30m Right
Out of Control Sport Extension
Kaybedenler Kulubu Sport 27m Horguc Magara
Professional Fuckers Sport 18m Horguc Magara
Getto Blaster Sport 18m Horguc Getto
Satir Sport 20m Horguc
Isot Is Hot Sport Kabe Sol / Left
9+ Blonde Confusion Sport 23m 1.2.2. Cesme
Scare Face Sport 24m 1.2.2. Cesme
Milestone Sport 48m 1.2.6. Geyik
Nonish Unknown 18m 1.2.13. Canyon
Altin Yumurtalayan Tavuk (P 1) Sport 30m 1.3.6. Cirali
7c+ High Hopes Sport 37m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Okrimono Sport 37m 1.2.3. Sarkit
** White Spirt Sport 32m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Air And Style. Sport 50m Right
*** Junimond Sport 28m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Perseus Sport 25m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Arc'teryx Sport 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
** Parallel Universe Sport 33m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Porro D'Aqua Sport 24m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
White Elephant Sport 35m 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Funky Chicken Sport 25m Left
Eclipse Sport 35m Middle
Korona Sport Middle
Leon Sport 24m Middle
Phallus Diabolt Sport 38m Middle
*** Pumping On Big Mother's Breasts Sport 27m, 12 Middle
Sheep In Sheeps Clothing Sport 29m Middle
Sucker Punched Sport 35m Middle
** Raki On the Rocks Sport Extension
Gerilla Zeki Sport 30m 1.3.2. Vadi
Die Another Day Sport 25m Horguc Magara
* Okuz Bar Sport 27m Horguc Magara
Auf Dem Holzweg Sport 38m Horguc Getto
Ilk Ve Son Sport 20m Cennet Right
Psychodhelic Sport 21m Cennet Right
The World Is Spinning Without Me Sport 21m Cennet Right
** Working Class Hero Sport 40m Cennet Right
GBT Sport 38m, 19 Kabe Orta / Middle
Kamera Arkasi Sport 38m, 17 Kabe Orta / Middle
Moon Walker Sport 35m, 17 Kabe Orta / Middle
8a Flat Rate Sport 1.2.3. Sarkit
Local Tourist Sport 35m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Sarkit Souls Sport 38m 1.2.3. Sarkit
** Plastik Fantastik Sport 25m 1.2.4. Magara (Cave)
Milestone Sport 48m Right
Fun In The Sun Sport 40m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Trio De ligoville Sport 25m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Against All Odds Sport 25m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Chaine Erection Sport 23m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Dog Wars Sport 25m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Havana Club Sport 25m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Stalaktosaurus Sport 35m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Dynamic Dynamite Sport 23m Left
Troja Sport 28m Left
Raki On The Rocks Sport 30m Right
Richtfest Sport 30m Right
** Flame of Fame Sport Extension
Monkey Factor Sport 21m Horguc Magara
Der Plapperkafer Von Traal Sport 50m Horguc Getto
Rytim of Life Sport 38m 2, 17 Kabe Orta / Middle
Sky Walker Sport 35m 2, 17 Kabe Orta / Middle
10- Cathedral of Dream Sport 30m, 10 Gizmo 1
Pillar of the Earth Sport 30m, 10 Gizmo 1
Come As You Are Unknown 30m 1.2.18. Mevlana
Moruk Sport 15m 1.2.29. Laboratory
8a+ Colonist Sport 1.2.3. Sarkit
Requiem Sport 25m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Truth Hurts Sport 22m Left
Turkish Airways Sport 22m Left
Poseidon Tavan Sport 22m 1.2.16. Poseidon
Family Affair Sport 15m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Firestarter, Süpernova Sport 28m 1.2.32. Left Cave
Star Wars Sport 27m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
Neptunalia Sport 33m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Boncuk Power Sport 27m Left
Ikarus Sport 23m Left
Freedom Is A Battle Sport 37m Middle
** Hydrofusion Sport 35m Right
Goodbye Blue Skythe Sport 28m Cennet Right
* Pussy Wagon Sport 23m Cennet Left
Rezilation Sport 18m Cennet Left
Odun Terapisi Sport 8m, 5 Kabe Orta / Middle
8b Luc Skywalker (left) Sport 35m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Olympic Games Sport 48m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Bloody Knuckles Sport 25m 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
King Connection Sport 32m Left
Rock Palace Sport Left
Happy End Sport 37m Middle
Losing My Religion Sport Right
Hugo Boss Sport 45m Horguc Getto
Atom Karinca Sport 15m Cennet Left
8b+ Serpedon Sport 33m Left
Professur Sport Right
Trebenna Sport 35m Right
Gangster Sport 30m Cennet Right
Dur Sport Kabe Sol / Left
8c Drop City (Right) Sport 38m 1.2.3. Sarkit
Aquaduct Sport 38m Middle
Hayalperest Sport 14m Cennet Left
8+ Nemo Unknown 22m 1.2.35. Right Cave
8c+ Devers Royale Sport 33m Left
7b Hunting Love Sport 28m 1.2.34. Turkish Standard
? Der Frosh MIT Der Maske Sport Project 1.2.2. Cesme
Mambo Kurt Sport 1.2.2. Cesme
life is good Sport 30m, 14 1.2.7. Dragon
Ninova Unknown 23m 1.2.13. Canyon
No More Mr Nice Guy Sport Project 25m 1.2.22. Echoes
Karma Sutra Sport Project 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Rock Erotics Sport Project 1.2.36. Alabalik Balkon
Predators Sport Project 35m 1.2.38. Trebenna East
Slack Life Sport Project 1.2.38. Trebenna East
??? Sport Left
East-West Rock Together Sport Project 23m Left
En Bas Les Boudins Sport Project Kabe Sol / Left
La Diffaction Sport Project Kabe Sol / Left
Dream to Heaven Sport Project 37m, 17 Kabe Orta / Middle
Hell Boy Sport Project 37m, 16 Kabe Orta / Middle
9 Blocage Orange Unknown 23m 1.2.35. Right Cave
Maymun Salmcagi Unknown 22m 1.2.35. Right Cave
VI Lost In Time Sport 1.2.2. Cesme
VII Routenflucht Sport 17m 1.2.2. Cesme
Susam Sport 21m 1.2.2. Cesme