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Table of contents

1. Trebenna West 108 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 30.478552, 36.872406


Crazy limestone pillars, columns and walls a plenty

Access Issues: inherited from Geyikbayırı

Access is easy, by car or minibus, via a single paved road and there is no walking for more than 10 minutes.

Ethic: inherited from Geyikbayırı

There are no restrictions aside from respecting the environment as the local government has been very tolerant and we don't want that to change. All bolting is stainless steel and not more than 10 years old. Between 20 to 30 new routes are opened every year and visitors are welcome to contribute to that with local advice.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Maja 6a+ Sport
2 Fight the butcher p1 6b Sport 17m
3 Latte tsunami 6c Sport 17m
4 Terazi lastik jimnastic 7a Sport 30m
5 Oh la la 5c+ Sport
6 Pharaos Curse {UIAA} 8+ Sport 20m
7 No Heroes {UIAA} 8+ Sport 22m

1.1. Left 19 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Funky Chicken 7c+ Sport 25m
2 Sword Of Trebenna 7b+ Sport 20m
3 Dynamic Dynamite 8a Sport 23m
4 Duracell 7b+ Sport 35m
5 Akkumulator 7c Sport 40m
6 Boncuk Power 8a+ Sport 27m
7 East-West Rock Together Sport Project 23m
8 Serpedon 8b+ Sport 33m
9 Devers Royale 8c+ Sport 33m
10 Lila Launabar 5b Sport 20m
11 Pink Panther 6a Sport 20m
12 Ikarus 8a+ Sport 23m
13 King Connection 8b Sport 32m
14 Troja 8a Sport 28m
15 El Culto A La Vida 7b+ Sport 33m
16 Rock Palace 8b Sport
17 Escape To Paradise 7c Sport 20m
18 ??? Sport
19 Eneco's Last Dance 7a Sport

1.2. Middle 38 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Waiting For Holidays 6b Sport 40m
2 *** Pumping On Big Mother's Breasts

Techniqual tube climbing to fingery and dynamic climbing!

7c+ Sport 27m, 12
3 Sheep In Sheeps Clothing 7c+ Sport 29m
4 *** Greek Gift 7b Sport 27m
5 Rattlesnake Saloon 7b Sport 22m
6 Leon 7c+ Sport 24m
7 Tele Tabbia Tanja 7c Sport 37m
8 Happy Hilty

Short and sustained

6b+ Sport 18m
9 Rodeo On Black

Happy hilty extension

7b+ Sport 24m
10 Happy End

Extension extension

8b Sport 37m
11 Phallus Diaboli First Pitch 5c Sport 18m
12 Phallus Diaboli 7c+ Sport 38m 2, 15
13 Aquaduct FIrst Pitch {US} FR:6b Sport 25m
14 Aquaduct

First pitch 6b, second 7b+

8c Sport 38m 3
15 * Into the Wild

New route just right of aqueduct.

6c+ Sport 20m
16 ** Sucker Punched First Pitch

Fun introduction to the climb next door. Cool crux.

7a Sport 22m
17 Sucker Punched

First pitch 7a

7c+ Sport 35m
18 *** Life is what you choose First Pitch

Crimpy character, great interesting climbing with techniqual and big moves...

7a+ Sport 24m
19 Life is what you choose

First pitch 7a+

7b+ Sport 40m
20 ** No Money No Dance

Look for the single tufa at the top, Amazing to climb!

7c Sport 32m
21 Matbaim 7b Sport 42m
22 ** Lycian Highway First Pitch 6a Sport 25m
23 *** Lycian Highway

First pitch 6a, One cool adventure, interesting climbing through the tufa system, sustained in places.

7b Unknown 35m 2, 16
24 Orient Express 7b+ Sport 35m
25 *** Bizim Canımız Yanmaz Gardaş 7a Sport
26 * Arkadan 6b+ Sport
27 ** Freedom Is A Battle First Pitch

Slab, crimps to tufas, yum...

{US} FR:7a Sport 25m
28 Freedom Is a Battle

First pitch 7a

8a+ Sport 37m 2, 15
29 ** Flower Tower First Pitch 5c+ Sport 20m
30 Flower Tower

First pitch 5c+

7a+ Sport 32m 2
31 Lycian Alpinist First Pitch 5c Sport 15m
32 Lycian Alpinist

First pitch is 5c, don't get lost on the extension, go right after the first pitch and this climb goes right to the top, adventure climbing!

6b+ Sport 35m 2, 14
33 ** Triologie

First pitch 5b, second 6b+

7a Sport 30m
34 * Ranger Travel

First pitch 5a, second pitch 6c+

6c+ Sport 22m 2, 9
35 ** Bone Bridge 6a+ Sport 22m
36 ** Choreographie violente

Cool bridgey climbing, same anchor as the one to the left!

6a+ Sport 20m
37 Eclipse

First pitch 6a+, second 6c+

7c+ Sport 35m
38 Korona 7c+ Sport

1.3. Right 28 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Save Planet Kill Yourself

First Pitch 6a+

7a+ Sport 28m
2 Pink Power {US} FR:7b Sport 20m
3 Maja first Pitch 6a+ Sport
4 Maja

First pitch 6a+

7c Sport
5 * Fight The Butcher First Pitch

Get ready to get your crimp and mantle on... Smack in the face

6b+ Sport 18m
6 Flight The Butcher

First pitch 6b

7a Sport 30m
7 Latte Tsunami 6c Sport 17m
8 Losing My Religion 8b Sport
9 Richtfest 8a Sport 30m
10 *** Yin Yang 7c Sport 30m
11 Nasenbar 7c Sport 30m
12 S-Klasse 7b+ Sport 36m
13 Oh La La 5c+ Sport 20m
14 Anaconda 7c Sport 35m
15 *** Trebenna First Pitch 6c+ Sport 8m
16 Trebenna

First pitch 6c+

8b+ Sport 35m
17 Aquaplan 6b+ Sport 26m
18 ** Hydrofusion

Aquaplan extension. Perma Draws.

8a+ Sport 35m
19 *** Terazi Lastik Jimnastik

Very nice, just want the top to keep going and it does...

7a Sport 25m
20 La Vie En Rose

TLJ extension.

7b+ Sport
21 ** Be Yourself 7b+ Sport 32m
22 Black Sabbath

Route to the right of Diplomarbeit

7c Sport
23 *** Diplomarbeit 7b Sport 26m
24 Professur

Diplomarbeit extension.

8b+ Sport
25 Grashupfer 6b+ Sport 28m
26 No Woman No Cry 6c+ Sport 30m
27 Avec Vue Sur La Mer 6b Sport 30m
28 Raki On The Rocks 8a Sport 30m

1.4. Extension 16 routes in Sector

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Nightscapes 5a Sport
2 Second Live First Pitch 5b Sport
3 Second Live

First Pitch 5c

6c+ Sport
4 ** Yuzuncu Trebenna

Super nice technical climbing

6b Sport 30m
5 ** Judas

One nice adventure, onsight not so easy.

7b Sport 35m
6 Out of Control 7c Sport
7 * Star Line 6a Sport 25m
8 ** Raki On the Rocks 7c+ Sport
9 ** Flame of Fame

Nice movements, with boulder problem right at the end.

8a Sport
10 * Don't Eat My House 6c+ Sport
11 Sakiznine 7a Sport
12 Tuzdede 6c Sport
13 Hansel 6b Sport 22m
14 Gretel 7b+ Sport
15 Westend First Pitch 5c+ Sport
16 Westend

First pitch 5c+

6b+ Sport

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5a Nightscapes Sport 1.4. Extension
5b Lila Launabar Sport 20m 1.1. Left
Second Live First Pitch Sport 1.4. Extension
5c Lycian Alpinist First Pitch Sport 15m 1.2. Middle
Phallus Diaboli First Pitch Sport 18m 1.2. Middle
5c+ Oh la la Sport 1. Trebenna West
** Flower Tower First Pitch Sport 20m 1.2. Middle
Oh La La Sport 20m 1.3. Right
Westend First Pitch Sport 1.4. Extension
6a Pink Panther Sport 20m 1.1. Left
** Lycian Highway First Pitch Sport 25m 1.2. Middle
* Star Line Sport 25m 1.4. Extension
6a+ Maja Sport 1. Trebenna West
** Bone Bridge Sport 22m 1.2. Middle
** Choreographie violente Sport 20m 1.2. Middle
Maja first Pitch Sport 1.3. Right
6b Fight the butcher p1 Sport 17m 1. Trebenna West
Aquaduct FIrst Pitch Sport 25m 1.2. Middle
* Waiting For Holidays Sport 40m 1.2. Middle
Avec Vue Sur La Mer Sport 30m 1.3. Right
Hansel Sport 22m 1.4. Extension
** Yuzuncu Trebenna Sport 30m 1.4. Extension
6b+ * Arkadan Sport 1.2. Middle
Happy Hilty Sport 18m 1.2. Middle
Lycian Alpinist Sport 35m 2, 14 1.2. Middle
Aquaplan Sport 26m 1.3. Right
* Fight The Butcher First Pitch Sport 18m 1.3. Right
Grashupfer Sport 28m 1.3. Right
Westend Sport 1.4. Extension
6c Latte tsunami Sport 17m 1. Trebenna West
Latte Tsunami Sport 17m 1.3. Right
Tuzdede Sport 1.4. Extension
6c+ * Into the Wild Sport 20m 1.2. Middle
* Ranger Travel Sport 22m 2, 9 1.2. Middle
No Woman No Cry Sport 30m 1.3. Right
*** Trebenna First Pitch Sport 8m 1.3. Right
* Don't Eat My House Sport 1.4. Extension
Second Live Sport 1.4. Extension
7a Terazi lastik jimnastic Sport 30m 1. Trebenna West
Eneco's Last Dance Sport 1.1. Left
*** Bizim Canımız Yanmaz Gardaş Sport 1.2. Middle
** Freedom Is A Battle First Pitch Sport 25m 1.2. Middle
** Sucker Punched First Pitch Sport 22m 1.2. Middle
** Triologie Sport 30m 1.2. Middle
Flight The Butcher Sport 30m 1.3. Right
*** Terazi Lastik Jimnastik Sport 25m 1.3. Right
Sakiznine Sport 1.4. Extension
8+ No Heroes Sport 22m 1. Trebenna West
Pharaos Curse Sport 20m 1. Trebenna West
7a+ Flower Tower Sport 32m 2 1.2. Middle
*** Life is what you choose First Pitch Sport 24m 1.2. Middle
Save Planet Kill Yourself Sport 28m 1.3. Right
7b *** Greek Gift Sport 27m 1.2. Middle
*** Lycian Highway Unknown 35m 2, 16 1.2. Middle
Matbaim Sport 42m 1.2. Middle
Rattlesnake Saloon Sport 22m 1.2. Middle
*** Diplomarbeit Sport 26m 1.3. Right
Pink Power Sport 20m 1.3. Right
** Judas Sport 35m 1.4. Extension
7b+ Duracell Sport 35m 1.1. Left
El Culto A La Vida Sport 33m 1.1. Left
Sword Of Trebenna Sport 20m 1.1. Left
Life is what you choose Sport 40m 1.2. Middle
Orient Express Sport 35m 1.2. Middle
Rodeo On Black Sport 24m 1.2. Middle
** Be Yourself Sport 32m 1.3. Right
La Vie En Rose Sport 1.3. Right
S-Klasse Sport 36m 1.3. Right
Gretel Sport 1.4. Extension
7c Akkumulator Sport 40m 1.1. Left
Escape To Paradise Sport 20m 1.1. Left
** No Money No Dance Sport 32m 1.2. Middle
Tele Tabbia Tanja Sport 37m 1.2. Middle
Anaconda Sport 35m 1.3. Right
Black Sabbath Sport 1.3. Right
Maja Sport 1.3. Right
Nasenbar Sport 30m 1.3. Right
*** Yin Yang Sport 30m 1.3. Right
Out of Control Sport 1.4. Extension
7c+ Funky Chicken Sport 25m 1.1. Left
Eclipse Sport 35m 1.2. Middle
Korona Sport 1.2. Middle
Leon Sport 24m 1.2. Middle
Phallus Diaboli Sport 38m 2, 15 1.2. Middle
*** Pumping On Big Mother's Breasts Sport 27m, 12 1.2. Middle
Sheep In Sheeps Clothing Sport 29m 1.2. Middle
Sucker Punched Sport 35m 1.2. Middle
** Raki On the Rocks Sport 1.4. Extension
8a Dynamic Dynamite Sport 23m 1.1. Left
Troja Sport 28m 1.1. Left
Raki On The Rocks Sport 30m 1.3. Right
Richtfest Sport 30m 1.3. Right
** Flame of Fame Sport 1.4. Extension
8a+ Boncuk Power Sport 27m 1.1. Left
Ikarus Sport 23m 1.1. Left
Freedom Is a Battle Sport 37m 2, 15 1.2. Middle
** Hydrofusion Sport 35m 1.3. Right
8b King Connection Sport 32m 1.1. Left
Rock Palace Sport 1.1. Left
Happy End Sport 37m 1.2. Middle
Losing My Religion Sport 1.3. Right
8b+ Serpedon Sport 33m 1.1. Left
Professur Sport 1.3. Right
Trebenna Sport 35m 1.3. Right
8c Aquaduct Sport 38m 3 1.2. Middle
8c+ Devers Royale Sport 33m 1.1. Left
? ??? Sport 1.1. Left
East-West Rock Together Sport Project 23m 1.1. Left