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Table of contents

1. Nigde 85 routes in Area

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 35.091896, 37.872509

1.1. Kazikli canyon 66 routes in Unknown

All Sport

Long/Lat: 35.060461, 37.784849


Close to Marti village and curkubag village. Over 100 routes on conglomerate limestone at 1600m. Both sides of the canyon have routes, providing sun and shade options.

1.1.1. Can yule 0 routes in Sector

1.1.2. Kraller vadisi 35 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Ground zero

Up the face of the pillar at left end of wall

{US} FR:7c Sport 30m
2 Ciko

Up arête of pillar

{US} FR:7a+ Sport 55m 2
3 Karamuk

Centre of left facing face

{US} FR:6c Sport 25m
4 Corner {US} FR:6a+ Sport 55m 2
5 Dumi onsight {US} FR:7b+ Sport 18m
6 King of ala daglar {US} FR:7b+ Sport 17m
7 Naturale woman {US} FR:7b Sport 17m
8 Vay vay {US} FR:7a+ Sport 15m
9 Andromeda

Up just right of flake past hole through overlap

FA: Recep Ince

{US} FR:6c Sport 15m
10 Perseus

Up under roof trending left to anchors just over roof

{US} FR:6b+ Sport 13m
11 French camouflage 8a+ Sport 30m
12 Prince of Persia 8c Sport 32m
13 Edge of thorns 7b+ Sport
14 Diken imparatorlugu 7c+ Sport
15 Master of papets 8a Sport
16 Trans ala daglar 7c+ Sport
17 Cehennen bekcisi 7b+ Sport
18 Sufumato 7b Sport
19 Monkey club 7b Sport
20 Come to bolt 7b+ Sport
21 Ucan hancerler 7a+ Sport
22 ** Kara inci

Step off block and up to right leading ramp then up steep wall

6c+ Sport 20m
23 Ayri bogan 6c+ Sport 20m
24 Esmer prences 7a Sport
25 Berber aspirin 6c Sport 14m
26 Go home 7a+ Sport
27 Lanet 7c Sport
28 Babil 7a+ Sport
29 Game over 7c Sport 32m
30 Kayip hayeller 7c+ Sport 16m
31 Marrakech 7b+ Sport 16m
32 Ates dansi 7a Sport 20m
33 Caylak 6c+ Sport
34 King of diamond

Up into smooth tube

7a Sport 22m
35 Tutankamon

Up into v shaped notch then continue through overhang

6b+ Sport 25m

1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce 10 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Pasiflora 6b+ Sport 23m
2 Saskin 6c Sport 24m
3 * Lodos 6b+ Sport 24m
4 Papalina 6b Sport 16m
5 Karamurat 6b+ Sport 22m
6 Komancero 6a+ Sport 22m
7 Hip hop 6b Sport 22m
8 Hayal perdesi 6c Sport 19m
9 Zardanadam 6c Sport 19m
10 Medyum 6c+ Sport 20m

1.1.4. Teras bati 0 routes in Sector

1.1.5. Tera's dogu 0 routes in Sector

1.1.6. Kartal yuvasi 0 routes in Sector

1.1.7. Beyoglu 2 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Nakita 5c Sport 14m
2 Abibi 5c Sport 27m, 10

1.1.8. Karnaval 14 routes in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Between the times 7b Sport 32m
2 Karnaval 6c Sport
3 * Donmedolap 6a+ Sport 16m
4 *** Yeni harman 6a Sport 16m
5 New route 6a Sport
6 Celik bilek 6a+ Sport
7 Kart horoz 6b Sport 16m
8 Atli karinca 6b+ Sport
9 Cilekes 6b Sport
10 Calikusu 6b Sport
11 Bitparzi 6b Sport
12 Siber Zorba 5c Sport 20m, 12
13 Thriller 6a+ Sport 51m 2, 22
14 Ergenekon 6c Sport 16m, 9

1.1.9. Sarkac 1 route in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Küpeli Sarkaç 7a Sport 14m, 7

1.1.10. Podyum 1 route in Sector

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Yengeç Burger 6b+ Sport 17m, 8

1.1.11. Orta Dünya 2 routes in Area

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Davaro 6a+ Sport 17m, 8
2 Hortlak 6a+ Sport 26m, 12

1.1.12. Tilki İni 1 route in Area

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Bonbon 6a Sport 12m, 5

1.2. Cimbar Valley 17 routes in Crag

Sport, Trad and Unknown

Long/Lat: 35.130258, 37.859687


A gorge facing east west at 1600m. Routes are limestone. Closest routes are 1 minute from car. Routes vary from single pitch sports routes to long multi pitch alpine adventures.

Access Issues:

National park fees may apply. Guidebook available from ala daglar camping, where the owners are responsible for a lot of the route development.

Where To Stay:

Ala daglar camping is 6 km away.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Kahraman {UIAA} 5+ Unknown 15m
2 Sapik {UIAA} 6+ Sport 15m
3 Yagmur Yagmasin {UIAA} 5 Unknown 17m
4 Midnight Express {UIAA} 7+ Sport 180m 2
5 Surprise Surprise {UIAA} 7- Sport 240m 2
6 Le Grand Vizir {UIAA} 8 A0 Sport 150m 4
7 Muezzinin  Sarkisi {UIAA} 6 Sport 150m 5
8 Grey Wall {UIAA} 7+ Sport 180m 5

1.2.1. Bacaksiz 8 routes in Unknown

Sport and Trad

The slabs on the left At the mouth of the gorge.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Kostebek 5c Sport 15m
2 Keklik 5a Trad 15m
3 Kadi kasani 6a Sport 36m
4 At hirzizi 6b Sport 10m
5 Piyaz 5c Trad 50m
6 Cikmaz sokak 6c Sport 20m
7 Bacaksizin Olumu {UIAA} 7 Sport 25m
8 Kirmizi karga 6b Sport 20m

1.2.2. Pasa pasa 0 routes in Unknown

1.2.3. Surprise 1 route in Unknown

All Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Osmanlı Tokadı 6a Sport 30m, 5

1.2.4. Cikolato 0 routes in Unknown

1.2.5. Elmo 0 routes in Unknown

1.2.6. Selfiller 0 routes in Unknown

1.2.7. Muezzin 0 routes in Unknown

1.2.8. Ardic 0 routes in Unknown

1.2.9. ACDC 0 routes in Unknown

1.2.10. Catal 0 routes in Unknown

1.3. Aladaglan 2 routes in Crag

All Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Parmakkaya North side {UIAA} 8 Unknown 230m
2 Yelatan West side   {UIAA} 6 Unknown 400m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
5 Yagmur Yagmasin Unknown 17m 1.2. Cimbar Valley
5a Keklik Trad 15m 1.2.1. Bacaksiz
5+ Kahraman Unknown 15m 1.2. Cimbar Valley
5c Abibi Sport 27m, 10 1.1.7. Beyoglu
Nakita Sport 14m 1.1.7. Beyoglu
Siber Zorba Sport 20m, 12 1.1.8. Karnaval
Kostebek Sport 15m 1.2.1. Bacaksiz
Piyaz Trad 50m 1.2.1. Bacaksiz
6 Muezzinin  Sarkisi Sport 150m 5 1.2. Cimbar Valley
Yelatan West side   Unknown 400m 1.3. Aladaglan
6+ Sapik Sport 15m 1.2. Cimbar Valley
6a New route Sport 1.1.8. Karnaval
*** Yeni harman Sport 16m 1.1.8. Karnaval
Bonbon Sport 12m, 5 1.1.12. Tilki İni
Kadi kasani Sport 36m 1.2.1. Bacaksiz
Osmanlı Tokadı Sport 30m, 5 1.2.3. Surprise
6a+ Corner Sport 55m 2 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Komancero Sport 22m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
Celik bilek Sport 1.1.8. Karnaval
* Donmedolap Sport 16m 1.1.8. Karnaval
Thriller Sport 51m 2, 22 1.1.8. Karnaval
Davaro Sport 17m, 8 1.1.11. Orta Dünya
Hortlak Sport 26m, 12 1.1.11. Orta Dünya
7- Surprise Surprise Sport 240m 2 1.2. Cimbar Valley
6b Hip hop Sport 22m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
Papalina Sport 16m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
Bitparzi Sport 1.1.8. Karnaval
Calikusu Sport 1.1.8. Karnaval
Cilekes Sport 1.1.8. Karnaval
Kart horoz Sport 16m 1.1.8. Karnaval
At hirzizi Sport 10m 1.2.1. Bacaksiz
Kirmizi karga Sport 20m 1.2.1. Bacaksiz
7 Bacaksizin Olumu Sport 25m 1.2.1. Bacaksiz
6b+ Perseus Sport 13m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Tutankamon Sport 25m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Karamurat Sport 22m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
* Lodos Sport 24m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
Pasiflora Sport 23m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
Atli karinca Sport 1.1.8. Karnaval
Yengeç Burger Sport 17m, 8 1.1.10. Podyum
7+ Grey Wall Sport 180m 5 1.2. Cimbar Valley
Midnight Express Sport 180m 2 1.2. Cimbar Valley
6c Andromeda Sport 15m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Berber aspirin Sport 14m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Karamuk Sport 25m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Hayal perdesi Sport 19m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
Saskin Sport 24m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
Zardanadam Sport 19m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
Ergenekon Sport 16m, 9 1.1.8. Karnaval
Karnaval Sport 1.1.8. Karnaval
Cikmaz sokak Sport 20m 1.2.1. Bacaksiz
6c+ Ayri bogan Sport 20m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Caylak Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
** Kara inci Sport 20m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Medyum Sport 20m 1.1.3. Ruzgarli bahce
8 Parmakkaya North side Unknown 230m 1.3. Aladaglan
8 A0 Le Grand Vizir Sport 150m 4 1.2. Cimbar Valley
7a Ates dansi Sport 20m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Esmer prences Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
King of diamond Sport 22m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Küpeli Sarkaç Sport 14m, 7 1.1.9. Sarkac
7a+ Babil Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Ciko Sport 55m 2 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Go home Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Ucan hancerler Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Vay vay Sport 15m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
7b Monkey club Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Naturale woman Sport 17m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Sufumato Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Between the times Sport 32m 1.1.8. Karnaval
7b+ Cehennen bekcisi Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Come to bolt Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Dumi onsight Sport 18m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Edge of thorns Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
King of ala daglar Sport 17m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Marrakech Sport 16m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
7c Game over Sport 32m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Ground zero Sport 30m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Lanet Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
7c+ Diken imparatorlugu Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Kayip hayeller Sport 16m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
Trans ala daglar Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
8a Master of papets Sport 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
8a+ French camouflage Sport 30m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi
8c Prince of Persia Sport 32m 1.1.2. Kraller vadisi