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Ascents of Mermaid having beta

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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
Sun 5th Oct 2014 - Olympos
Cennet Cennet Right
5b Mermaid

Unique treebark-like features are actually brown crystals in the limestone which make for great holds, in kinda the same way the cauliflowers in Lord of the Thais do. Enjoyable climbing with nice views at the end.

- with Maria, Anri, and John
Sport 14m Olympos Classic Justin Case
Sun 5th Oct 2014
Wed 16th Oct 2013 - Olympos
Cennet Cennet Right
5b Mermaid

very good 5b... amazing view on the top

Sport 14m Olympos Classic styno
Wed 16th Oct 2013
Tue 2nd Apr 2013 - Olympos
Cennet Cennet Right
5b Mermaid

I am merman!!! A few odd crunchy crystals on this one plus a roof! Lara sent and clean again in hiking boots. So proud.

Sport 14m Olympos Good Ben Jenga
Tue 2nd Apr 2013

Showing all 3 ascents.