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In Jul 2014 theCrag community made 19,590 updates and and added 377 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Jim Croft 239,810points
2 Matt Tranter 42,187points
3 33,540points
4 25,614points
5 21,970points
6 John Stringer 18,134points
7 Haggis Harris 9,252points
8 Simon Pateman 7,300points
9 Dave 7,133points
10 Adam Pullen 5,886points
11 Rob Spiller 4,799points
12 Dayal 4,139points
13 Donald Gibson 3,579points
14 Andrew Stelmach 3,522points
15 Dan 2,897points
16 Phil Price 2,410points
17 Steve 2,344points
18 Paul Newberry 2,326points
19 Rooster 2,099points
20 Alwyn Johnson 1,916points
21 Euan Moir 1,773points
22 Mark Taylor 1,621points
23 Patrick A. Burr 1,502points
24 Mike Lloyd 1,472points
25 adam demmert 1,342points

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