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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Borrowdale Borrowdale North Falcon Crags Lower Falcon Crag
MVS 4b Hedera Grooves Trad 40m
HVS 5a Illusion Trad 44m
Borrowdale Borrowdale East Gowder Crag
VS 4c Fool's Paradise Trad 110m
Borrowdale Borrowdale East Shepherd's Crag Chamonix Area
E1 5b Plug
Trad 23m
D Jackdaw Ridge
Trad 76m
S Donkey's Ears
Trad 80m
E1 5b The Black Icicle
Trad 30m
VD Little Chamonix
Trad 71m
HS Crescendo
Trad 66m
Borrowdale Borrowdale East Shepherd's Crag Fisher's Folly Buttress
5a Fisher's Folly Direct Finish
Trad 10m
E2 5c M.G.C.
Trad 20m
Borrowdale Borrowdale East Shepherd's Crag North Buttress Area
MVS 4b Ardus
Trad 42m
VS 4c Ardus Direct Finish
Trad 8m
Borrowdale Borrowdale East Shepherd's Crag Brown Crag & Brown Slabs
VS 4b Brown Crag Wall
Trad 45m
Borrowdale Borrowdale East Black Crag
VS 4b The Coffin Trad 70m
E1 5b Jubilee Grooves Trad 110m
VS 4c The Shroud Trad 72m
E4 6a Grand Alliance Trad 70m
E2 5c Vertigo Trad 80m
E3 5c Prana Trad 72m
HVS 5a The Latest Trad 75m
E3 6a Astral Weeks Trad 74m
E4 6a Tristar Trad 63m
E3 6b Up for Grabs Trad 60m
E2 5c Romeo Error Trad 66m
MVS 4a The Wreath Trad 67m
E2 5c High Plains Drifter Trad 170m
HVS 5a Waiting for God Trad 35m
VS 4b The Gravestone Trad 36m
VS 4b Tombstone Trad 35m
VS 4b One Foot in the Grave Trad 35m
VS Age Concern Trad 35m
VS 4c Death Bed Trad 40m
E1 5b Ashes to Ashes Trad 45m
VS Original Start Trad
VS 5a The Mole Trad 66m
E1 5b Dust to Dust Trad 52m
E1 5b Angel in the Wood Trad 60m
E1 5b Triptych Trad 90m
HVS 5a The Dice Man Trad 96m
E2 5c Wasp Trad 90m
VS 4c Obituary Grooves Trad 100m
E2 5c Tumbling Dice Trad 97m
HVS 5a The Mortician Trad 90m
E1 5b Black Crag Eliminate Trad 110m
HVS 5b Roach Clip Trad 35m
E1 5a The Mortuary Trad 90m
VS 4c Troutdale Pinnacle Direct Trad 96m
HVS 5a Troutdale Pinnacle Superdirect Trad 95m
S Troutdale Pinnacle

FA: F Mallinson & R Mayson, 1914

Trad 110m, 6
HS Variation Finish Trad 28m
E1 5b Variation Finish Anaconda Trad 30m
E4 6b Wack Trad 82m
E2 5c Bush Doctor Trad 93m
E1 5b Raindrop
1 5b 15m
2 5a 27m
3 5b 33m
4 4c 15m

FA: P Livesey & J Sheard, 1973

Trad 90m, 4
E2 5c Cloudburst Variation Finish Trad 20m
VS 4c Gleaned Grooves Trad 78m
VS 4b Holly Tree Corner Trad 82m
HVS 5a Grip Factor Trad 75m
E2 5b Silent Sun Trad 60m
MVS 4b Troutdale Ridge Trad 68m
VS The Groan Trad 60m
VS 5a Girdle Traverse Trad 170m
E1 5a Frenzy Trad 63m
S Arthur Scargill Trad 30m
M Troutdale Introductory Trad 48m
VD Troutdale Gully Trad
VD Ashley Slab Trad 12m
D Ashley Rib Trad 12m
VS Short Slab Trad 11m
S Ring in the New Trad 20m
E1 5b Wring Out the Old Trad 20m
HVS Holly Tree Climb Trad 25m
VS Karakoram Experience Trad 26m
VS Kit Kat Trad 26m
E4 5c Ishmael Trad 20m
E3 5c Spawn Trad 20m
VS 4c Hazard Warning Trad 20m
VS 4c Horn Control Trad 20m
VS 4b Ignition Switch Trad 20m
Borrowdale Borrowdale South Raven Crag
D Corvus Trad 160m
VD Raven Crag Gully Trad 180m
Buttermere & Eastern Crags Thirlmere Casle Rock of Triermain The South Crag
VD Yew Tree Climb Trad 38m
Buttermere & Eastern Crags Thirlmere Raven Crag
MVS 4b Exodus Trad 58m
Buttermere & Eastern Crags Swindale (Gouther Crag) Truss Buttress
VD Truss Buttress Trad 38m
Dow, Duddon & Slate The Duddon Valley Wallowbarrow Crag East Buttress
E1 5a Grey Wall Trad 24m
E1 5b Grey Wall Direct Trad
VS 4c Earth Matters Trad 14m
MS Nameless Trad 63m
HS Logan Stone Route Trad 68m
HVS 5a Marilyn Trad 62m
HVS 5a Eastern Wall Trad 57m
MVS 4b Digitation Trad 48m
MVS 4c Agitation Trad 48m
VD Trinity Slabs Trad 60m, 4
S The Narrow Slabs Trad
VD Wall and Corner Trad 58m
HS East Buttress Chain Trad 98m
VS Eliminate Girdle Trad
Gable & Pillar Ennerdale Pillar Rock Low Man North Face of Low Man
VS 5a Grooved Wall Trad 94m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 222 routes.