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Rank Climber Karma
1 Simon Pateman 1,459points
2 Jim Croft 802points
3 Phil Price 521points
4 160points
5 Joey Friedmann 146points
6 Michelle Anderson 82points
7 Donald Gibson 80points
8 Andrew Ingles 73points
9 John Matthews 69points
10 @pythonist 41points
11 Shaun Davidson 35points
12 Steve 34points
13 33points
14 Ian Holmes 29points
15 duncan Morrison 26points
16 Mark Taylor 20points
17 john cook 19points
18 Alex Lai 15points
19 Steve Bell 13points
19 Neil Shephard 13points
21 Philip Armstrong 11points
21 andy jennings 11points
23 Simon Ellis 10points
23 stuart air 10points
25 Mark Taylor 9points

Showing all 25 climbers

Note: not all contributions may be shown here as some accounts are private and some information sources are not associated with accounts.