Statistics: Great Close Scar 54 routes in Crag

Great Close Scar Statistics

General area statistics
Great Close Scar
Climb Heights
Difficulty Band
YDS Grade Profile
AU Grade Profile
FR Grade Profile
Rating System Profile
Protection Rating Profile
Tick Type Profile
Climb Quality
Climb Relative Difficulty
YDS Ascent Grade Profile
AU Ascent Grade Profile
FR Ascent Grade Profile
Ascent Seasonality
White Hope {E4 6a}
Night Flight {E4 6a}
Bitter Minnows {E3 6a}
Fear of Flying {E2 5c}
Chimera {E2 5c}
Gorm {E1 5c}
Tortoise {E1 5c}
Black Death {E1 5b}
Bay Wall {HVS 5b}
The Razor's Edge {HVS 5b}
Exit Chimney {M}
Craven Chimney {D}
Corner Crack 1 {D}
Home Climb {D}
Corner Crack 2 {VD}
Tree Gully {VD}
Dolomite Rib {HVD}
Calamity Groove {HVD}
Layback Crack {MS}
Camptothecium {MS}
Main Wall
Great Close Scar
Great Gully
Great Close Scar
Great Gully
Great Close Scar
Main Wall
Great Close Scar