Statistics: Halton Heights 26 routes in Crag

Halton Heights Statistics

General area statistics
Halton Heights
Climb Heights
Difficulty Band
YDS Grade Profile
AU Grade Profile
FR Grade Profile
Rating System Profile
Protection Rating Profile
Tick Type Profile
Climb Quality
Climb Relative Difficulty
YDS Ascent Grade Profile
AU Ascent Grade Profile
FR Ascent Grade Profile
Ascent Seasonality
Greenham Cruisers {E4 6b}
Coma Toes {E2 6a}
Chip Chop {E2 5c}
The Wild, Wild Goose Chase {HVS 5c}
Both Ends Burning {HVS 5c}
Fission Chips {HVS 5c}
The Pretenders {E1 5b}
Empires and Dance {E1 5b}
Nick's Arete {HVS 5b}
In Your Mind {HVS 5b}
Easter Island {VD}
Tobermory {HS 4b}
Wombling Upwards {MVS 4b}
The Arete {MVS 4b}
Small Wall {MVS 4b}
Black Wall Arete {HS}
Nuclear Winter {MVS 4c}
Right Crack {MVS 4c}
Crack Line One {VS 4c}
Left Crack {HS 5a}
Halton Heights
The Lower Quarry
The Lower Quarry
Halton Heights
Halton Heights