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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Northwest and Islands Leacanashie Woods Crag Left Wing
DST:D4 Warm-Up Alpine 6m
DST:D4 Warm-Down Alpine 6m
DST:D6 * Smuggler Alpine 8m, 3
DST:D6 * Plunderer

Requires a large cam for protection on the final section.

Alpine 9m, 3
DST:D7 *** Buccaneer Alpine 14m, 6
DST:D3 * Free Trader Alpine 12m
Northwest and Islands Leacanashie Woods Crag Main Wall
DST:D5 Freebooter Alpine 14m
** The Gibbet Alpine 18m, 7
** Butbuster Alpine 15m
*** Credit Crunch Alpine 16m, 7
*** Ribcracker Alpine 16m, 7
*** The Shield Alpine 16m
** Predestination Alpine 16m, 6
*** Consternation

Requires a selection of cams in addition to the in situ bolts.

Alpine 16m
** Macpherson's Mountain Sports Alpine 16m
No Questions Asked Alpine 17m
* Murdoch's Reach Alpine 17m
West coast and highlands Glen Coe Stob Coire nan Lochan
NCCS:IV ** Original Route Alpine
West coast and highlands Ben an Dothaidh
NCCS:III *** Taxus Alpine 250m
YDS:5.4 NCCS:IV *** Taxus Waterfall Finish Alpine 250m
West coast and highlands Ben Nevis
{FR} 5 NCCS:V *** point five gully Alpine 350m
{FR} 4 NCCS:IV ** green gully Alpine 200m
{FR} 4 NCCS:IV ** comb gully Alpine 120m
{FR} 5 NCCS:IV *** the curtain Alpine 120m
FR_ALT:4 NCCS:IV *** North East Buttress Alpine 400m
FR_ALT:5 NCCS:V *** Smith's Route Alpine 150m
FR_ALT:5 NCCS:VI *** Astral Highway Alpine 450m
FR_ALT:6 NCCS:VI *** Route 1 Alpine 100m
FR_ALT:5 NCCS:V ** Hadrian's Wall Alpine 300m
FR_ALT:6 NCCS:VI *** Gargoyle Wall Alpine 180m
FR_ALT:5 NCCS:V *** Lost the Place Alpine 120m
FR_ALT:5 NCCS:V ** Quickstep Alpine 100m
West coast and highlands Aonach Mor Aonach Mor East Face
NCCS:III * Nausea Alpine 90m
NCCS:II ** The Web Alpine
NCCS:I Easy Gully Alpine 100m
NCCS:IV *** Whit Shark Alpine
NCCS:III Temperance Union Blues Alpine 90m
FR_ALT:4 NCCS:III *** Left Twin Alpine 120m
NCCS:IV ** SiameseTwin Alpine
NCCS:II ** Right Twin Alpine 120m
West coast and highlands Beinn Udaligh
NCCS:III *** Sunshine Gully Alpine 90m
Grampians and East coast Lochnagar Creag an Dubh Loch
Vertigo Wall
The Vapouriser
Grampians and East coast Lochnagar
FR_ALT:5 NCCS:III * Black Spout Buttress Alpine 290m
FR_ALT:4 NCCS:IV Backdoor Route Alpine
S FR_ALT:6 NCCS:VI *** Eagle Ridge Alpine 280m
FR_ALT:7 NCCS:VII ** white elephant (original)

FA: dsw & ndmk

Alpine 300m
FR_ALT:6 NCCS:VI ** the clam

FA: dsw & rs

Alpine 120m
Grampians and East coast Coire an Lochan - Cairngroms
NCCS:III Sidewinder Alpine 70m
S FR_ALT:6 NCCS:V ** Savage Slit Alpine 90m
FR_ALT:7 NCCS:VI *** Fallout Corner Alpine 70m
Grampians and East coast Coire an t'Sneachda - Cairngorms
FR_ALT:6 NCCS:IV Honey Pot Alpine
FR_ALT:7 NCCS:VI No Blue Skies Alpine
FR_ALT:6 NCCS:IV The Message Alpine
YDS:5.6 NCCS:V Pot of Gold Alpine
NCCS:III Hidden Chimney Alpine
YDS:5.6 NCCS:IV * Origional Summer Route Alpine
YDS:5.5 NCCS:IV The Lamp Alpine
YDS:5.4 NCCS:IV Doctors Choice Alpine
YDS:5.5 NCCS:IV Patey's Route Alpine
YDS:5.4 NCCS:IV Aladins Mirror Direct Alpine
YDS:5.4 NCCS:IV ** Fingers Ridge Alpine
YDS:5.5 NCCS:IV The Seam Alpine
FR_ALT:4+ NCCS:IV *** The Seam Alpine 100m
FR_ALT:4 NCCS:IV Tat Gully Alpine 60m

Showing all 65 routes.