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Rank Climber Karma
1 Jim Croft 21,001points
2 13,970points
3 Alwyn Johnson 1,287points
4 1,120points
5 Simon Pateman 1,013points
6 adam demmert 637points
7 Phil Price 389points
8 267points
9 Steve 263points
10 P D Ablitt 137points
11 gavin portier 126points
12 Andrew Ludar-Smith 79points
13 Ian Holmes 75points
14 Ben Jenga 70points
15 Alex Lai 63points
16 Stephen Parker 58points
17 Deb Rusbridge 46points
18 Jason Riley 45points
19 Ben Taggart-Ryan 44points
19 Andrew Stelmach 44points
21 Neil Shephard 38points
22 Matt Scase 34points
22 Rob Baker 34points
22 @rob365 34points
25 33points

Showing all 25 climbers

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