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Table of contents

1. Stanage 1,536 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: -1.644805, 53.357137

1.1. Cosmic Buttress to Twin Buttress 48 routes in Crag

All Trad

1.1.1. Cosmic Buttress 14 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Cosmos VS 4b Trad 8m
2 Hale-Bopp E1 6a Trad 9m
3 ** Cosmic Crack VS 4c Trad 10m
4 * Quantum Crack HVS 5a Trad 9m
5 * Electron VS 5a Trad 10m
6 * X-Ray HS 4b Trad 10m
7 Beanpod S 4a Trad 10m
8 Pulse HVS 5a Trad 6m
9 Ginger Tom HVS 5c Trad 7m
10 Lucky VS 5b Trad 7m
11 * Kitten VS 5b Trad 8m
12 * Puss HVS 5c Trad 8m
13 Pup HVS 6a Trad 8m
14 Jam Good VD Trad 8m

1.1.2. Exodus Buttress 22 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Radox S Trad 7m
2 * Sudoxe HVS 5b Trad 8m
3 Sudoxe Direct Finish E1 5b Trad
4 Treatment VS 5a Trad 6m
5 * E.M.F. HVS 5a Trad 7m
6 Misssing Numbers HVS 5b Trad 8m
7 * Leviticus HVS 5b Trad 10m
8 ** Deuteronomy HVS 5b Trad 10m
9 The Cracks Between E1 5b Trad 10m
10 * Exodus HVS 5a Trad 10m
11 Cheeky Little Number E2 5b Trad 9m
12 The Other Effect E1 5c Trad 7m
13 Thalidomide E2 5c Trad 8m
14 Side Effect VS 4c Trad 9m
15 Spectacle S 5a Trad 8m
16 Bandits in the Woods HVS 5a Trad 8m
17 Lepton HS 4b Trad 8m
18 * Meson VD Trad 9m
19 Quark VS 5a Trad 10m
20 Ventured Point HS 4b Trad 9m
21 Th'ickle Buttress E1 5c Trad 6m
22 Twin Set D Trad

1.1.3. Twin Buttress 12 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Quadrille HS 4b Trad 6m
2 Quadrangle HD Trad
3 * Hardly Hyperkeratosis E2 5c Trad 7m
4 * Seranata E1 5b Trad 7m
5 Frank Sinatra HS 4b Trad 7m
6 * Bow Crack VD Trad 7m
7 * Certainly Parakeratosis E1 5b Trad 8m
8 Lysteria Hysteria E3 6a Trad 9m
9 * Bottomless Crack HVS 6a Trad 8m
10 Undercut Crack VS 5a Trad 8m
11 Straight Variation VS 4b Trad
12 Pull and Step VD 4b Trad 6m

1.2. Blurter Buttress and Birthday Buttress 41 routes in Crag

All Trad

1.2.1. Blurter Buttress 36 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Three Calm Men E1 5b Trad 10m
2 * Aries S Trad 10m
3 * Typhoon VS 4c Trad 12m
4 Typhoon Direct Start E3 6a Trad
5 ** Wolf Solent E4 5c Trad 16m
6 Andrea E4 6a Trad
7 ** Overhanging Chimney VD Trad 16m
8 *** The Blurter HVS 5b Trad 21m
9 Enigma E2 5c Trad 18m
10 Youth Meat E4 6b Trad 18m
11 Wakamono E4 6b Trad 20m
12 * Meddle E2 5c Trad 18m
13 Shout it Out VS 4c Trad 10m
14 Stairway Crack M Trad
15 Jean's Route VS 4c Trad 10m
16 Lucy's Slab E1 5b Trad 12m
17 Overcoat E1 5b Trad 12m
18 Undercoat S Trad 12m
19 Pure Gossip HS 4b Trad 8m
20 * Hearsay Crack E1 5a Trad 10m
21 ** The Knutter HVS 5b Trad 10m
22 *** No More Excuses E4 6b Trad 10m
23 * Crew Pegs Diffs E3 6a Trad 8m
24 Suitored E4 6a Trad 8m
25 Deep Chimney HD Trad 7m
26 * Pig's Ear E2 6a Trad 7m
27 Lamb's Tail E2 6a Trad
28 Timothy Twinkletoes E2 6a Trad 7m
29 ** Travesties HVS 5b Trad 7m
30 Flipside E2 5c Trad 6m
31 Heather Crack MS 4a Trad 8m
32 Lamia Antics HVS 5b Trad 6m
33 Erica Micra S Trad
34 The Long and the Short VS 5b Trad 7m
35 * Little Things HVS 6a Trad 4m
36 LifeBegins at 40 HVS 5a Trad 6m

1.2.2. Birthday Buttress 5 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Angel in the Stars E1 5c Trad 7m
2 21 Today HVS 5c Trad 7m
3 Birthday Buttress HS 4b Trad 10m
4 Going Grey HVS 5a Trad 7m
5 Newborn HVS 5b Trad

1.3. High Neb and High Neb Buttress 75 routes in Crag

All Trad

Long/Lat: -1.657437, 53.363857

1.3.1. High Neb 14 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * High Neb Girdle Traverse HS 4b Trad 110m
2 Teenage Lobotomy E1 5b Trad 9m
3 Caved In VS 4c Trad 12m
4 * Cave Buttress S Trad 15m
5 * Jeepers Creepers E1 5b Trad 15m
6 * High and Wild E3 5c Trad 15m
7 Typical Grit HS Trad 10m
8 Grit in the Eyes D Trad
9 Little Slab D Trad 14m
10 Sneezy HS 4c Trad 12m
11 * It's a Cracker S 4b Trad 12m
12 * Mantleshelf Climb D Trad 14m
13 Ami M Trad 14m
14 Cave Buttress Right-Hand MS 4b Trad 12m

1.3.2. High Neb Buttress 61 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * The Dalesman HVS 5a Trad 22m
2 *** Old Friends E4 6a Trad 19m
3 The Modest Carpenter E4 6b Trad 22m
4 *** The Crypt Trip E6 6b Trad 19m
5 * High Neb Edge HVS 5a Trad 20m
6 *** High Neb Buttress VS 4c Trad 20m
7 ** High Neb Buttress Variation VS 5a Trad 20m
8 High Neb Gully E Trad 18m
9 * Where did my Tan Go? HVS 5a Trad 14m
10 ** Tango Buttress HS 5a Trad 14m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
11 * Tango Crack VD Trad 14m
12 Lost Soul S Trad 14m
13 Limbo S Trad 14m
14 Following On VS 5a Trad 12m
15 * Boyd's Crack D Trad 12m
16 Cent E1 5b Trad 12m
17 Neb Corner D Trad 11m
18 * Sogines HVS 5b Trad 11m
19 * The Logic Book E3 6a Trad 11m
20 * King Kong E3 6a Trad 12m
21 ** Norse Corner Climb MVS 5a Trad 16m
22 * Kelly's Variation S 4a Trad 14m
23 Silence HVS 5b Trad 14m
24 *** Quietus E2 5c Trad 14m
25 ** Quietus Right-Hand E4 6a Trad 14m
26 * Quietus Middle Leg E3 6a Trad 15m
27 * Eckard's Chimney VD Trad 14m
28 Eckard's Arete HS 4a Trad 14m
29 ** Impossible Slab E3 6a Trad 14m
30 ** Inaccessible Crack VS 4c Trad 16m
31 Inaccessible Crack Direct Start VS 4c Trad
32 ** The Beautician E4 5c Trad 14m
33 * Overflow E1 5b Trad 20m
34 * Inaccessible Slab HS 5a Trad 7m
35 Inaccessible Slab (Left Hand Corner Exit) VD Trad
36 * Mouthpiece E2 5c Trad 15m
37 *** Kelly's Overhang E1 5c Trad 15m
38 ** Twisting Crack S Trad 14m
39 ** Eric's Eliminate S 4a Trad 14m
40 * Straight Crack S 4b Trad 12m
41 Gunter VS 5a Trad 10m
42 Way Fruitsome Experience HVS 5c Trad 6m
43 Old Man D Trad 6m
44 * Youth VD Trad 8m
45 Point Five Crack VS 5a Trad 9m
46 * Icy Crack VS 4c Trad 9m
47 Frosty D Trad 9m
48 Warm Afternoon VD Trad 9m
49 Ice Cream Flakes VD Trad 8m
50 Side Plate S Trad 8m
51 Side-wall VS 4c Trad 7m
52 Staircase Rib D Trad 9m
53 Hands VS 4c Trad 15m
54 Feet VS 5a Trad 15m
55 Solo Slab HVS 5b Trad 9m
56 * Duo Crack Climb HD Trad 9m
57 * Rinty VS 5a Trad 9m
58 ** Fate

The middle of the slab with useful shallow pockets. Not much in the way of gear, side runners on left possible. Hard for the short.

FA: Gary Gibson

E2 5c Trad 8m
59 * Uno Crack D Trad 9m
60 * Ono S Trad 8m
61 Pleasant Slab D Trad 6m

1.4. Titanic Buttress 19 routes in Crag

All Trad

1.4.1. Titanic Buttress 19 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Titanic Direct HVS 5a Trad 12m
2 * Gypsy Moth E1 5b Trad 12m
3 ** Titanic VS 4c Trad 14m
4 * Q.E.2 VS 5a Trad 12m
5 Lusitania S Trad 12m
6 Lusitania Direct Finish HS 4a Trad
7 Marie Celeste E1 5b Trad 15m
8 Gnat's Slab Arete HS 4c Trad 12m
9 Gnat's Slab Direct HS 4b Trad 12m
10 Gnat's Slab D Trad 12m
11 Barmy Brian's Flake Crack VS 5a Trad 8m
12 Midge D Trad 12m
13 Clegg HVD Trad 8m
14 Flecky Wall HVS 5c Trad
15 Flecky Wall Arete VS 5b Trad
16 Serapis M Trad 8m
17 Osiris VD Trad 10m
18 Apis S Trad 10m
19 White Hare HVS 5c Trad 8m

1.5. Enclosure Buttress to Blockhead Direct Areas 90 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

1.5.1. Enclosure & Central Buttresses 29 routes in Cliff

Mostly Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Block Buster VS 4c Trad 10m
2 Turnover S Trad 9m
3 Europa E4 5c Trad 8m
4 Letter-box VD Trad 6m
5 Head Over Heels E3 6a Trad 8m
6 Arsenic Poisoning HVS 5b Trad 8m
7 Keith's Crack HS 4b Trad 9m
8 * Slanting Chimney HVD Trad 11m
9 Zit VS 5a Trad 12m
10 ** Four Winds; Eight Directions E4 6a Trad 15m
11 Haze HVS 4c Trad 13m
12 ** Countess Buttress VS 4b Trad 14m
13 * The Graduate E1 5c Trad 13m
14 Centrepiece VS 4c Trad 15m
15 ** Central Buttress VS 4c Trad 18m
16 * Central Buttress Direct Start 6b Unknown
17 Central Chimney M Trad 16m
18 Mantelpiece VS 4c Trad 12m
19 ** Enclosure Crack D Trad 12m
20 Warm September VS 4c Trad 10m
21 Bolt Buttress VS 4c Trad 6m
22 Spring Plum E1 5c Trad
23 Cock o'the Rock 6c Unknown
24 Historical Arete 5c Unknown
25 Historical Crack 5a Unknown
26 Heather Slab VD Trad 20m
27 Cinerea HVD Trad 10m
28 Tetralix D Trad 8m
29 Vulgaris HVD 4a Trad 10m

1.5.2. Broken Buttress to Blockhead Direct Areas 61 routes in Cliff

All Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Prowler HVS 5a Trad 5m
2 Full Blown Finish E2 5b Trad 4m
3 Blown Drie E1 5c Trad 12m
4 Blown Out HVS 5b Trad 15m
5 Blown Away E2 5c Trad 15m
6 Jenny Wren VD Trad 8m
7 * Broken Groove S 4a Trad 14m
8 Broken In HS 4b Trad 15m
9 ** Broken Buttress VD Trad 18m
10 * Pertinacious E2 5b Trad 18m
11 Burgess Crack D Trad 18m
12 Burgess Crack Outside Exit HS 4b Trad 18m
13 Persuader VS 4c Trad 16m
14 Darthuader E1 6a Trad 16m
15 Dissuader HS 4b Trad 15m
16 Broken Arete VS 5a Trad 12m
17 Meaty Bugs HS 4b Trad 7m
18 Creepy Crawly HS 4b Trad 8m
19 * Crawly VD Trad 8m
20 Cringe VS 4c Trad 8m
21 * Creepy S 4a Trad 12m
22 Cracked Wall HS 4c Trad 11m
23 Cracked Wall Direct Start HVS 5a Trad
24 Dope Test E3 6a Trad 10m
25 Wall and Slab HS 5a Trad 12m
26 Squat VS 5a Trad 7m
27 Teeter S 4b Trad 7m
28 Grunt VS 5a Trad
29 * Fun in the Sun VS 4c Trad 8m
30 Short and Sweet S 4a Trad
31 Deal HVS 5c Trad 6m
32 Shuffle S 4a Trad 6m
33 * Reach for the Sky HVS 5b Trad 8m
34 Heather Heaven HS 4c Trad 8m
35 Flaked Out HD Trad 6m
36 Hold Your Breath S 4b Trad 6m
37 Self-Propelled VS 5a Trad 8m
38 * Magazine VS 4c Trad 7m
39 * Genesis HVS 5a Trad 8m
40 Petazautte VS 5a Trad 7m
41 ** Grain of Truth E4 6b Trad 8m
42 ** Anniversary Arete E1 5b Trad 11m
43 * Beast of Endcliffe E2 6a Trad 9m
44 * Parallel Cracks VS 4b Trad 9m
45 49th Parallel HS 4c Trad 9m
46 Right HS 4b Trad 8m
47 Corner Crack VD Trad 8m
48 * Left VD Trad 10m
49 Nice One VD Trad 10m
50 The Wide Crack D Trad 10m
51 Sinister VS 4b Trad 8m
52 Scraps VS 5a Trad 8m
53 * Sneaking Sally Through the Alley VS 4c Trad 10m
54 Scavenger VS 4c Trad 8m
55 Prairie Dog HVS 5b Trad 6m
56 * Headbanger E1 5c Trad 7m
57 * Blockhead Direct HVS 5b Trad 8m
58 * Sinew Stretch HVS 5b Trad 8m
59 Angus S Trad 9m
60 Mr Universe E3 6a Trad 9m
61 Miss World HS 4b Trad 9m

1.6. Count's Buttress to The Big C Area 66 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

1.6.1. Count's Buttress Area 16 routes in Cliff

Mostly Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Amoeba on the Edge of Time VS 5b Trad 6m
2 * Bon Ami VS 5a Trad 6m
3 The Stretcher VS 4c Trad 9m
4 Flaked Traverse S Trad 10m
5 * The Trickledown Fairy E5 6b Trad 10m
6 Flaked Crack HS 4b Trad 10m
7 ** Shock Horror Slab E2 6b Trad 9m
8 *** Shirley's Shining Temple {FB} UK:E5 UKT:6c Boulder 9m
9 Prickly Crack VD Trad 9m
10 Lino VS 5a Trad 12m
11 * Mop Up E1 5c Trad 9m
12 * Basil Brush HVS 5b Trad 9m
13 Scraped Crack D Trad 8m
14 * Dracula HVS 5b Trad 9m
15 Anxiety Attack 2 E2 6a Trad 9m
16 ** B Crack S 4a Trad 9m

1.6.2. Count's Buttress 17 routes in Cliff

Mostly Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Count's Crack VS 4c Trad 12m
2 ** Count's Crack Left-Hand Finish HVS 5a Trad
3 Countdown 5a Unknown
4 ** The Count E2 5c Trad 14m
5 *** Count's Buttress E2 5c Trad 16m
6 ** Count's Buttress Right-Hand Finish E2 5c Trad
7 * Count Me Out E2 6a Trad 15m
8 * Count's Buttress Direct E3 6a Trad 14m
9 ** Abacus E2 5c Trad 16m
10 * Counterblast E3 5c Trad 16m
11 ** Count's Wall HVS 5b Trad 17m
12 * Counterfeit E2 5b Trad 14m
13 * Count's Chimney D Trad 14m
14 Touched HVS 5c Trad 14m
15 ** The Cool Curl E6 6b Trad 15m
16 * Out for the Count E4 6a Trad 13m
17 Nightride Corner VD Trad 6m

1.6.3. Nightmare Slab 33 routes in Cliff

All Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Sleepwalker E2 6a Trad 8m
2 Nightrider E3 6b Trad 9m
3 ** Daydreamer E2 6b Trad 9m
4 Dream Boat E3 6b Trad 9m
5 * Nightmare Slab E1 5b Trad 9m
6 Insomniac E1 5c Trad
7 Eden Arete S 4a Trad 6m
8 Conundrum E4 6a Trad 7m
9 Beaky VS 5a Trad 7m
10 Mini Motor Mile VS 4b Trad 7m
11 Motor Mile HVS 5c Trad 7m
12 Trench Deadlock HVS 4c Trad 7m
13 Jude VS 4c Trad 8m
14 Duchess HVS 5b Trad 10m
15 Limitsville E3 5c Trad 8m
16 Centurion's Dexter HVD Trad 10m
17 * Centurion's Slab D Trad 10m
18 Small Reward HVS 5a Trad 6m
19 Small Change VD Trad 6m
20 Imposter S Trad 8m
21 The Big C VS 5a Trad 7m
22 The Big C Left-Hand VS 5a Trad
23 Interlude VS 5b Trad
24 * No Man S 4b Trad 8m
25 High Tide VS 5a Trad 7m
26 What I've Done E1 5b Trad
27 Naughtical Slab VS 4c Trad
28 * Time and Tide HVS 5b Trad 6m
29 * Waiting for M.I.B. E2 5b Trad 8m
30 * Meninblack II E2 5b Trad 7m
31 For Ever and Ever VS 5a Trad
32 Whacky Attack VS 4c Trad 6m
33 Black Attack E3 6a Trad 7m

1.7. Mother's Day and D.I.Y. Areas 48 routes in Crag

All Trad

1.7.1. Mother's Day Area 24 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Waffti VD Trad 11m
2 Olly Wall S 4a Trad 10m
3 Zero Zero Sputnik E2 5c Trad 11m
4 Moments of Inertia E2 5b Trad 10m
5 Afterthought S 4a Trad 11m
6 Forethought HS 4b Trad
7 Warlock HVS 5b Trad 12m
8 * Mother's Day VS 4c Trad 11m
9 ** Surprise HVS 5b Trad 16m
10 * Surprise Direct Start 6b Trad
11 * Feminist's Breakfast E4 6b Trad 16m
12 Boobagram E1 6a Trad 9m
13 Ma's Retreat E1 6a Trad
14 * Tram Eaters E2 6a Trad 9m
15 Flute Chimney HD Trad 8m
16 Dry Crack D Trad 6m
17 Non-toxic VS 4c Trad 9m
18 Short Crack M Trad 8m
19 * Skin Grafter E3 5c Trad 9m
20 ** Tom-cat Slab E1 5b Trad 9m
21 Basil Half-tail E1 5c Trad 9m
22 * Hard Head HVS 5b Trad 8m
23 * Stumpy E1 5a Trad 8m
24 * Dot's Slab D Trad 10m

1.7.2. D.I.Y. Area 24 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Cixot VS 5a Trad 6m
2 * Toxic D Trad 6m
3 Marmite VS 4c Trad
4 * Sithee E1 5b Trad 8m
5 ** Sithee Direct E1 6b Trad 8m
6 Grime HS 4b Trad 8m
7 ** Torture Garden E3 6b Trad 10m
8 ** D.I.Y. E3 6a Trad 10m
9 * Black and Decker E2 6b Trad 9m
10 Leave Heather Alone HS 5a Trad 10m
11 Bell Heather VS 5a Trad 10m
12 * Hairless Art E1 5c Trad 20m
13 * The Amazing Harry Greystoke II HVS 5b Trad
14 Edgar Rice Burroughs S Trad
15 Feeding the Pony S 4a Trad
16 Preston's Wall HVS 5b Trad
17 * Setsquare S 4a Trad 8m
18 * Protractor HVS 5b Trad 8m
19 Sharpener HVS 5a Trad 8m
20 Kitkat HVS 5a Trad 6m
21 Have a Break E3 6a Trad 7m
22 * The Anamalous Snail HVS 5c Trad 9m
23 * Have a Nice Day VS 5a Trad 9m
24 Canton D Trad 9m

1.8. Wall End Area to Amphitheatre 41 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

1.8.1. Wall End Slab 17 routes in Cliff

Mostly Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Pure, White and Deadly E2 5c Trad 14m
2 ** Wall End Slab Direct {AU} UK:E3 UKT:5c Trad 15m
3 ** Wall End Slab Direct Finish E3 5c Trad
4 ** Wall End Slab Super Duper Direct E4 5c Trad 14m
5 *** Wall End Slab VS 5a Trad 22m
6 * Bridge's Variation VS 5a Trad 14m
7 Virginia Calling HVS 5a Trad 14m
8 Toothcomb VS 4c Trad 12m
9 ** Smash Your Glasses E5 6b Trad 14m
10 Spartaciad E1 5b Trad
11 ** Fern Groove E2 5c Trad 17m
12 The Storm V9 Boulder
13 * Help the Aged 6c V7 Boulder 6m
14 *** Fern Crack HVS 5a Trad 16m
15 ** Silk E5 6c Trad 16m
16 Silk Start V7 Boulder
17 Dijon Dip E2 6b Trad 6m

1.8.2. Amphitheatre Face Area 24 routes in Cliff

All Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Argus E2 5b Trad 8m
2 Whimper S 4a Trad 7m
3 Tears and Guts E2 6a Trad 8m
4 Ladder Corner M Trad 8m
5 Ladder Cracks VD Trad 8m
6 Amphitheatre Face VS 5c Trad 8m
7 Shaky Gully S Trad 8m
8 Bastille E1 5b Trad 10m
9 * Flaky Wall HVS 5b Trad 10m
10 Tales of Yankee Power E1 5c Trad 10m
11 * Splinter HVS 5c Trad 7m
12 Shard HVS 5b Trad 7m
13 * Lookout Flake S Trad 7m
14 ** I Did'nt Get Where I Am Today E3 5c Trad 8m
15 Outlook Chimney VS 5a Trad 7m
16 * Outlook Crack VS 4c Trad 8m
17 Nordes with Attitude E4 6c Trad 9m
18 ** Weather Report E6 6b Trad 9m
19 A Thousand Natural Shocks HVS 5c Trad 6m
20 * Outlook Layback S 4b Trad 7m
21 Look Before You Leap E1 6c Trad 8m
22 Tying the Knot E3 6a Trad 9m
23 * Outlook Buttress HVS 5b Trad 8m
24 The Introvert E2 5c Trad 8m

1.9. Tower Face to Spur Slab 47 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

1.9.1. Tower Face 29 routes in Cliff

All Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Tower Traverse E1 5b Trad 50m 3
2 * Tower Face Indirect VS 4c Trad 25m
3 Scrole Not Dole E5 6b Trad 25m
4 *** Tower Face Original HVS 5a Trad 26m
5 *** Tower Face Direct E2 5b Trad 25m
6 * B P Super E3 5c Trad 28m
7 *** Indian Summer E6 6c Trad 25m
8 *** Flight of Ideas E7 7a Trad 22m
9 * Tower Chimney and Face VS 4c Trad 28m
10 *** Tower Chimney E1 5b Trad 20m
11 ** Tower Crack HVS 5a Trad 24m
12 * Tower Gully VS 4b Trad 14m
13 * Waterloo Branch VS 4c Trad 14m
14 * Esso Extra E1 5b Trad 17m
15 Darkness Falling E6 6c Trad 15m
16 ** Grace and Danger E6 6c Trad 15m
17 * Cinturato E1 5b Trad 14m
18 Stealth VS 4c Trad 12m
19 Additive Chimney S 4a Trad 10m
20 Louis the Loon E2 6a Trad 5m
21 Sky Bouldering E3 6c Trad
22 * A Day Without Pay E6 6c Trad 5m
23 * Centaur E1 5c Trad 8m
24 Hot and Bothered E3 6b Trad 9m
25 ** Fina HVS 5b Trad 16m
26 ** Four Star E4 6b Trad
27 Worth Travelling Four Hundred Miles For? E1 6c Trad 12m
28 Unleaded S Trad 9m
29 Three Steps to Heaven S Trad 12m

1.9.2. Pullover Buttress 12 routes in Cliff

Mostly Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Roll Neck VS 5a Trad 8m
2 Woolly Pully HVS 6a Trad 8m
3 * Pullover HVS 5b Trad 8m
4 Mark's Slab VS 5a Trad 10m
5 Marked Up HVS 5b Trad 8m
6 The Mark Devalued VS 4b Trad 7m
7 Central Reservation S Trad 8m
8 * Living at the Speed E1 5b Trad 9m
9 * Satin E3 6b V6 Boulder 8m
10 * Pressure Drop E3 7a V10 Boulder
11 Corduroy VS 4c Trad 8m
12 Ride Him Cowboy VS 5a Trad 14m

1.9.3. Spur Slab 6 routes in Cliff

Trad and Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Stirrup HS 4b Trad 11m
2 * Hot Spur VS 4c Trad 11m
3 * Spur Slab D Trad 11m
4 Spur Slab Left-Hand HD Trad
5 Right Spur 6b V5 Boulder
6 Left Spur 6b Boulder

1.10. Pegasus Wall and the Mangler Area 75 routes in Crag

All Trad

1.10.1. Pegasus Wall 53 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Pegasus Rib HVS 5a Trad 13m
2 Flake Gully Crack HS 4b Trad
3 Back to School HVS 5b Trad 12m
4 * Pegasus Wall VS 4c Trad 12m
5 ** Valhalla VS 5a Trad 10m
6 ** Klingon E6 7a Trad 10m
7 ** Star Trek E6 6b Trad 10m
8 * Taurus Crack HS 4b Trad 11m
9 Too Cold to be Bold E2 6b Trad 13m
10 Horn VS 5a Trad 9m
11 Savage E3 6a Trad 6m
12 * Walking the Whippet E3 5b Trad 8m
13 *** Unfamiliar E7 6c Trad 9m
14 ** Punishment E5 6b Trad 8m
15 * Crime E4 6a Trad 6m
16 Margery Daw HVS 5b Trad 14m
17 * Seesaw VS 4c Trad 14m
18 Fulcrum HVS 5a Trad 10m
19 Mr Twitch E6 6b Trad 7m
20 Big Bob's Bazzer E1 5b Trad 8m
21 * National Breakdown E3 6c Trad 8m
22 Corner Crack VS 4c Trad 8m
23 * Overhanging Crack HVS 5a Trad 10m
24 ** The Hathersage Trip E4 6a Trad 10m
25 ** My Herald of Free Enterprise E6 6c Trad 10m
26 Mercury Crack VD Trad 11m
27 * The Edale Trip (Beyond Hope) E3 6a Trad 14m
28 Squally Showers VS 4c Trad 14m
29 Fruitcake VS 4c Trad 12m
30 * Shelf Life E3 5c Trad 14m
31 Mythology HVS 5a Trad 15m
32 Kinell VS 5a Trad 14m
33 * Hercules Crack VD Trad 14m
34 Gripe Fruit Juice HVS 5a Trad 14m
35 Stacked Blocks VS 4b Trad 12m
36 * Big Screams E1 5c Trad 14m
37 Scorpion Slab S Trad 11m
38 * Small Dreams E2 6a Trad 11m
39 * Gothic Armpit E5 6b Trad 10m
40 * Paping About Like a Man With No Arms VS 4c Trad 8m
41 Nasty Green Dwarf VS 4c Trad 8m
42 Poor Pizza D Trad 10m
43 Cheapest Topping VS 4c Trad 10m
44 Pizza Slab S Trad 10m
45 * Gardner's Crack D Trad 10m
46 Percy's Prow S Trad 8m
47 Compost Corner D Trad 8m
48 * Gardner's Groove HS 4b Trad 10m
49 * Sustenance HVS 5a Trad 14m
50 * Slab and Crack VS 5a Trad 14m
51 Obstinance VS 4c Trad 14m
52 * Anji VS 4c Trad 10m
53 Grooved Arete S Trad 8m

1.10.2. The Mangler Area 22 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Foetus on the Eiger E1 6a Trad 10m
2 * Crescent VS 5a Trad 10m
3 * The Mangler E1 5c Trad 10m
4 ** Dreadnought E7 7a Trad 10m
5 ** Scapa Flow E6 6c Trad 10m
6 The Chute VS 4b Trad 10m
7 Terrace Gully S Trad 8m
8 Scrittalacious E4 6a Trad 6m
9 The Descrittalizer E5 6b Trad 6m
10 * Nihilistic Narl E5 6b Trad 6m
11 Four Star, E10, 7b E5 6c Trad 6m
12 * Miserable Miracle E2 5b Trad 7m
13 * Skidoo (2) E6 6b Trad 12m
14 ** Skidoo E6 6b Trad 12m
15 *** The Strangler E4 5c Trad 12m
16 * Neutrons For Old E2 5c Trad 13m
17 * Swooper E5 6b Trad 6m
18 Hare and Graces E4 6b Trad 6m
19 * Nuke the Midges E1 5c Trad 10m
20 * Invisible Maniac E3 6b Trad 8m
21 * Scuppered E4 6a Trad 10m
22 * Stretcher Case E2 5c Trad 11m

1.11. Billiard Buttress Area 36 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: -1.637962, 53.352787

1.11.1. Billiard Buttress 36 routes in Cliff

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: -1.637946, 53.352796

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Help the Young E5 6c V7 Boulder 7m
2 New Balls Please E1 5b Trad 20m
3 ** Cue HVS 5a Trad 23m
4 Cue Extension HVS 5a Trad
5 * A Problem of Coagulation E3 5c Trad 22m
6 ** Back in the Y.M.C.A. E6 6c Trad 17m
7 ** In-off E3 5c Trad 22m
8 *** Millsom's Minion E1 5b Trad 24m
9 ** Millsom's Minion Direct E3 5c Trad
10 ** Pot Black E2 5b Trad 22m
11 ** Billiard Buttress HVS 5a Trad 22m
12 Billiard Buttress Direct E2 5c Trad 20m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
13 * Curved Crack MVS 4c Trad 18m
14 * Sand Crack S 4a Trad 14m
15 ** Silica E2 5c Trad 12m
16 Quartz HVS 4c Trad 14m
17 * Sand Gully / Sandy Gully

Despite the name, not particularly sandy.

Climb the open corner right of the holly bush to a ledge, then up any of the cracks above.

D Trad 14m
18 American Gritfeati HVS 5b Trad 14m
19 ** Paradise Crack MS 4a Trad 14m
20 ** Comus E4 6a Trad 13m
21 Comet E3 5c Trad 13m
22 ** Milton's Meander VS 4c Trad 18m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
23 *** Paradise Wall VS 4c Trad 14m
24 * Paradise Arete VS 4c Trad 14m
25 * Parasite HVS 5a Trad 13m
26 Paradise Lost VD Trad 12m
27 Zero Point HVS 5a Trad 7m
28 Unpredictable HVS 5b Trad 8m
29 Flate VS 5a Trad 7m
30 Passover E2 5c Trad 8m
31 * Crossover E2 5c Trad 12m
32 ** Overhanging Wall HVS 5b Trad 12m
33 Flatlander E2 5c Trad
34 Flake Chimney S Trad 10m
35 Flake Gully D Trad 10m
36 Flake Gully Slab HS 4a Trad

1.12. Unconquerables to Namenlos Area 66 routes in Crag

All Trad

Long/Lat: -1.637455, 53.352289

1.12.1. The Unconquerables 25 routes in Cliff


Long/Lat: -1.637464, 53.352283

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Vogon E1 5b Trad 30m
2 * Monday Blue E2 5b Trad 17m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
3 *** The Right Unconquerable HVS 5a Trad 17m
4 *** The Left Unconquerable E1 5b Trad 17m
5 Vanquished E5 6b Trad 17m
6 * The Little Unconquerable HVS 5a Trad 12m
7 Three Lanky Sassenachs and One Wee Jock E1 5c Trad 10m
8 * Ritornel HVS 5a Trad 13m
9 Lucky Strike E1 5b Trad 13m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
10 * Cleft Wall Route 2

Climb the continuous vertical crack that splits the wall. Surmounting the two obvious choke-points are the crux bits.

VS 5a Trad 13m
11 Early Starter E1 5b Trad 13m
12 * Cleft Wall Route1 HS Trad 13m
13 Plugging the Gaps HVS 5a Trad 13m
14 * Chockstone Chimney

Start up the crack to the obvious squeeze chimney with the chockstone in it. Crux is surmounting the first chockstone; safe but difficult. Continue up the chimney past a couple more chockstones (bring long slings) and exit up and right.

HVD 4b Trad 18m
15 * Dark Reign E5 6a Trad 15m
16 *** Defying Destiny E6 6b Trad 19m
17 *** Calvary E4 6a Trad 19m
18 ** Calvary Direct E5 6a Trad
19 ** Nightsalt E4 6c Trad 15m
20 * Rib Chimney VD Trad 13m
21 * Traversity E1 6a Trad 12m
22 Michelle My Belle E3 6a Trad 10m
23 Vision Set E2 5b Trad 11m
24 Bumblies in Red Socks E4 5c Trad 7m
25 Hard Men in Lycra E3 6a Trad 7m

1.12.2. Telli Slab 4 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Telli E3 6a Trad 10m
2 Telli Right- Hand E2 5c Trad
3 ** August Arete HVS 5b Trad 14m
4 Groovy E2 5c Trad 12m

1.12.3. Namenlos Buttress 37 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Short Straw VS 4c Trad 7m
2 Straw Crack S Trad 7m
3 Holly Crack VD Trad 7m
4 Memory Loss HVS 5b Trad 13m
5 ** Namenlos E1 5a Trad 14m
6 * Improbability Drive E3 6b Trad 12m
7 ** Direct Loss E4 6a Trad 6m
8 ** Wall Buttress VS 5a Trad 12m
9 Walrus Butter E4 6b Trad 12m
10 ** Moribund E3 5c Trad 10m
11 * Badly Bitten E4 6a Trad 10m
12 Capstone Chimney VD Trad 10m
13 Capstone Chimney (outside exit) VS 5a Trad 10m
14 *** Boys Will Be Boys E6 6c Trad 8m
15 O.D.G.'S Chimney VD Trad 10m
16 Men Only E1 5c Trad 10m
17 * Fear and Loathing E3 5c Trad
18 Editor's Vaseline HVS 5b Trad
19 Editor's Vaseline Direct Start E2 6a Trad
20 Nephron VS 4c Trad 8m
21 * Symbiosis HVS 4c Trad 10m
22 * Don't Fluff It E4 5c Trad 10m
23 * Blue Fluff E4 5c Trad 10m
24 * Straight Ahead VS Trad 8m
25 * Slanting Crack HS 4b Trad 8m
26 Billy B HS 4b Trad 6m
27 Turnbull's Trajectory S 4a Trad 6m
28 Don't Tell Maurice HS 4b Trad 6m
29 Cannon D Trad 8m
30 Elephant in the Doghouse E1 5b Trad 8m
31 Modesty VS 4c Trad
32 * Mitch Pitch E1 5c Trad 7m
33 * Tridymite Slab VS 5a Trad 7m
34 Pool Wall VS 4a Trad 8m
35 * Between the Two HVS 5b Trad 8m
36 Right Pool Crack D Trad 8m
37 Left Pool Crack D Trad 8m

1.13. Dover's Wall to Curving Buttress 32 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

1.13.1. Pal Buttress 4 routes in Cliff

All Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Older Still S Trad 6m
2 Of Old HVS 5b Trad 6m
3 * Mounting Frustration E1 6b Trad 6m
4 Pretty Petty HVS 5c Trad 6m

1.13.2. The Twin Towers 23 routes in Cliff

All Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Accessory Wall VS 4c Trad 6m
2 Accessory Chimney D Trad 13m
3 * The Groper VS 4c Trad 13m
4 * The Unthinkable E2 5b Trad 13m
5 Right Wall S Trad 13m
6 * The Watch-tower HVS 5b Trad 13m
7 Tower Block E3 6b Trad 10m
8 One Two Eight HVS 5b Trad 8m
9 Tumble Down VS 4c Trad 8m
10 Scoop and Corner M Trad 7m
11 Delirious M Trad 7m
12 Delovely HS 4b Trad 7m
13 Delicacy HVD Trad 6m
14 Little Side Line S Trad 7m
15 Delicious VD Trad 8m
16 Delightful M Trad 7m
17 Marmalade's Lost Start E1 5c Trad 7m
18 Jammy HD Trad 8m
19 * Pillar Arete VD Trad 8m
20 Greg's Retreat HVS 5b Trad 8m
21 Pinch HS 4b Trad 10m
22 Chockstone Crack S 4b Trad 8m
23 Curving Buttress Corner M Trad 10m

1.13.3. Curving Buttress 5 routes in Cliff

Trad and Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Curving Buttress E2 5b Trad 16m
2 Curving Buttress Direct Finish E2 5b Trad
3 Curving Buttress Direct Start 6a Unknown
4 ** Curving Chimney VD Trad 16m
5 Curving Chimney Left Arete E2 5b Trad 17m

1.14. Northern End 198 routes in Area

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: -1.656050, 53.364887

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** The Stanage Girdle Traverse E5 6b Trad 5000m

Start Buttress

2 Start VS 5a Trad 7m
3 Move HD Trad 6m
4 Faster VS 5a Trad 6m
5 Slow Down S Trad 7m

Bathtime Buttress

6 Goodtime HS 4b Trad 6m
7 Splashing HVS 5a Trad 6m
8 Bathtime for Two VS 5a Trad 6m
9 You VS 4c Trad 8m

End Slab

10 Green Party VS 5b Trad 8m
11 The Rack D Trad 11m
12 Bad Do VS 4c Trad 9m
13 * Another Turn HS 4b Trad 11m
14 * Streamin' E1 5b Trad 14m
15 * The Pinion VD Trad 16m
16 ** The Ariel VD Trad 16m
17 ** The Green Streak VS 4c Trad 12m
18 * Incursion E1 5b Trad 14m
19 Slight Second

Climbs just to the left of 'Incursion'.

E1 5b Trad 12m
20 That Floating Fatman

Climbs the slab just to the right of 'Incursion'.

E1 5c Trad 11m
21 Incursion Direct V3 Boulder
22 Lowrider V10 Boulder
23 R.I.P. O.D.B. V9 Boulder
24 ** High Flyer E4 6a Trad 11m
25 ** Chip Shop Brawl E5 6c Trad 11m
26 Chip Shop Buddy

A link-up of 'Low Rider' into 'Chip Shop Brawl'.

V11 Boulder
27 Opposition V7 Boulder
28 * Caliban's Cave HS 4b Trad 11m
29 The Tempest VS 5a Trad 12m
30 ** Prospero's Climb VD Trad 12m
31 Green Ginger

The direct start to 'Prospero's Climb'.

HVS 5b Trad 11m
32 * Miranda's Variation VD Trad 12m
33 ** The Crab Crawl S 4a Trad 12m
34 ** Crab Crawl Arete VS 4c Trad 12m
35 ** The Vice E1 5b Trad 9m
36 Kerb HD Trad 8m
37 Paved Vacuum HVS 5a Trad 8m
38 Pie Face VS 4b Trad
39 And There's More

The arete to the right of 'And There's More'.

VS 5a Trad
40 Kindergarten VS 4b Trad 6m
41 Child's Play HVS 5a Trad 7m
42 Nursery Crack HVS 6a Trad 8m

Surgeon's Saunter Area

43 Doctored HVS 5c Trad 12m
44 ** Cripple's Crack HVD Trad 12m
45 Physician's Wall E1 6a Trad 12m
46 * Which Doctor? E5 6a Trad 18m
47 *** Doctor's Chimney HVD Trad 18m
48 ** Doctor's Saunter VS 4c Trad
49 *** Surgeon's Saunter HVS 5b Trad 20m
50 Kelly's Corner/Niche Climb

Two half-climbs combined.

S 4b Trad 5m
51 Niche Wall VS 5a Trad 9m
52 *** Heath Robinson E6 6b Trad 16m
53 * Doctor of Physic

As per 'Heath Robinson' but escapes at the last break into 'Surgeon's Saunter'.

E5 6a Trad 18m
54 Manhattan Arete HD Trad 6m
55 Wilbur's Rib V1 Boulder
56 Manhattan Chimney S 4a Trad 6m
57 * New York, New York

Climbs to the break. Continue on to give 'Sir Chilled'.

E1 6a Trad 6m
58 * Sir Chilled E4 6b Trad 9m
59 Manhattan Crack VS 4c Trad 6m
60 Rib Tickler VS 5a Trad 7m

The Wobbler Area

61 * Concept of Kinky E6 6c Trad 9m
62 * Good Clean Fun E4 6b Trad 9m
63 * 'The Iain Farrar Experience'

The direct start to 'Good Clean Fun'.

E5 7a Trad
64 ** The Wobbler E1 5c Trad 10m
65 Gameo E2 5b Trad 8m
66 Marathonette HVS 5b Trad 7m
67 * Avril HS 4b Trad 6m
68 Mai VS 4b Trad 6m
69 Tupperware E2 6a Trad 6m
70 Mars VD 4a Trad 6m
71 7% Soln HVS 5b Trad 6m
72 * February Crack HS 4b Trad 6m
73 Acute Amnesia HVS 5b Trad 6m
74 ** Exaltation E6 6c Trad 8m
75 ** Saltation

As per 'Exaltation' but move right at mid-height into 'Old Salt'.

E5 6c Trad
76 ** Old Salt HVS 5a Trad 10m
77 * Rimmington Place E2 5c Trad
78 ** Valediction HVS 5a Trad 9m
79 The Water Seller E4 6a Trad 8m
80 Monad E2 6b Trad 6m
81 Boomerang Chimney S 4b Trad 6m
82 Twin Cracks VD Trad 6m
83 Quiver HVS 5c Trad 6m
84 Arrow Crack VS 5b Trad 6m
85 Blinkers VS 5b Trad 6m
86 Balance D Trad 6m
87 Thin Problem Crack VS 5b Trad 6m
88 Vaccine Traverse E2 5b Trad 14m
89 * Microbe HVS 5c Trad 6m
90 * Germ E2 6b Trad 6m
91 Crumbling Crack VS 4b Trad 6m
92 Problem Corner VS 5b Trad
93 Love Handles V3 Boulder
94 Mr M'Quod and the Anti-rock Squad V2 Boulder
95 Millstone Crack V1 Boulder
96 I-Ro-Ha E4 5c Trad

Big Pebble Walls

97 Brown Wall VS 4c Trad 6m
98 Bamboozled E1 5c Trad 7m
99 Ram Jam Full HS 4b Trad 7m
100 Overhung E1 5c Trad 8m
101 Chippendale VD Trad 7m
102 Wedgewood S 4b Trad 6m
103 Nosey Parkers VS 4c Trad 8m
104 Slab Happy VS 5a Trad 8m
105 * Hueco Heaven HVS 5a Trad 10m
106 Hueco Heaven Direct E1 5c Trad 10m
107 Un Hard End

Short crack just left of 'Hueco Heaven'.

D Trad 10m
108 Hard Nosed HS 5b Trad 8m
109 Flaked Out HVS 5b Trad 8m
110 Progressive Wall E2 5c Trad 8m
111 Reptilian VD Trad 15m
112 It's Scary Mary S 4a Trad 8m
113 Scratch Arete

Right-hand side of the arete.

E1 5c Trad 7m
114 Itchy

Left side of the arete.

HVS 5c Trad 7m
115 Scratch Wall VS 5a Trad 6m
116 Ferret's Crack S 4a Trad 6m
117 Ramps HS 4c Trad 8m
118 Two Pitch Climb S Trad 7m
119 Natura Sanat HVS 5a Trad 7m
120 Medicus Curat HVS 5b Trad 7m
121 Dennis's Harp HS 4b Trad 7m
122 Flake Chimney D Trad 7m
123 Drewitt, Drewitt VS 4c Trad 7m
124 Greenman's Route HVD Trad 6m
125 Pillar Route VS 5a Trad 5m
126 Algol Corner S 4b Trad 5m
127 Shining Jewel VS 5a Trad 5m
128 Plucking Pebbles HS 4b Trad 5m
129 Fall Guy HVD 4a Trad 5m

Lonley Crag

130 Wetness Wall VD Trad 7m
131 Brittle Bones E2 5c Trad 9m
132 Missing Link E2 5c Trad 9m
133 * Clubbing E3 6b Trad 8m
134 Mr Pemphigoid HVS 5c Trad 7m
135 Lonely Crag HVD 4a Trad 9m
136 Flesh and Blood E1 5b Trad 6m

Marble Wall

137 Soft Top Beetle V5 Boulder
138 Green Room Slap V7 Boulder
139 * Bifurcated Headplate Max VS 4c Trad 9m
140 Spock Out VS 5a Trad 9m
141 Green Crack VD Trad 9m
142 * Marble Tower Flake HVD 4c Trad 11m
143 ** Marble Arete VS 4c Trad 11m
144 Marble Tower Wall VS 4c Trad 11m
145 * Sceptic HVS 5b Trad 11m
146 *** The Lamia E2 5c Trad 27m 2
147 *** Terrazza Crack HVS 5b Trad 12m
148 ** Harvest E3 6b Trad 5m
149 *** Nectar E4 6b Trad 15m 2
150 * Spinach Slab E6 6c Trad 12m
151 *** Orang-outang E2 5c Trad 12m
152 Orang-outang Direct Right-Hand Start E4 6a Trad 12m
153 Orang-outang Direct Left-Hand Start E3 5c Trad 12m
154 ** Meisner's Link-up E3 5c Trad 20m
155 Mother of Pearl

A left-hand start to 'Marbellous'.

E8 7a Trad 12m
156 *** Marbellous E8 7a Trad 12m
157 *** Goosey Goosey Gander E5 6a Trad 12m
158 * Don's Delight HVS 5b Trad 8m

Cleft Buttress

159 Back Door VS 4c Trad 10m
160 * In a Big Way Yerself E4 6b Trad 9m
161 Green Line E1 5b Trad 8m
162 Easy Cleft M Trad 10m
163 * Malc's Left-Hand Slabs HVS 5b Trad 18m
164 Hideous Hidari E3 6a Trad 8m
165 Left-Hand Tower HVS 4c Trad 18m
166 ** Turtle Power E6 6c Trad 14m
167 * Slap 'n Spittle E4 6a Trad 14m
168 The Jitters VS 4b Trad 14m
169 * Pacemaker HVS 5b Trad 16m
170 * Vena Cave-In E3 5c Trad 16m
171 *** Right-Hand Tower HVS 5b Trad 16m
172 ** Wild and Woolly E1 5b Trad 16m
173 * Tempskya E3 5c Trad 12m
174 ** First Sister VS 4c Trad 12m
175 Keep it in the Family E1 5b Trad 12m
176 * Second Sister HVS 5a Trad 10m
177 * Richard's Sister HS 4b Trad 8m
178 Not Richard's Sister Direct E1 6a Trad 8m
179 Sister Blister HVS 5a Trad 8m

Crow Chin

180 So Many Classics' So Little Time E4 6b Trad 7m
181 Rabbit's Crack HVS 5a Trad 8m
182 Jim Crow HVS 5a Trad 9m
183 * Perforation HVS 5b Trad 9m
184 * Feathered Friends VS 4b Trad 10m
185 * Kelly's Crack VD Trad 10m
186 * Kelly's Eye HS 4a Trad 10m
187 ** Kelly's Eliminate HS 4a Trad 10m
188 Spring Sunshine VS 4c Trad 10m
189 * October Crack D Trad 10m
190 May Crack VS 5a Trad 10m
191 ** October Slab HS 4b Trad 10m
192 Big Al HVS 5a Trad 10m
193 ** Bent Crack VD Trad 10m
194 New Year's Eve HS 4b Trad 10m
195 The Marmoset VS 4c Trad 6m
196 Autumn Gold HS 4b Trad 10m
197 Clare / Twilight HS 4b Trad 10m
198 Bright Eyed VS 4b Trad 9m

Undercut Crack Buttress

1.15. Plantation 35 routes in Area

All Trad

Long/Lat: -1.638992, 53.353706

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Impure, Grey and Mildly Threatening S 4b Trad 6m
2 Narlavision HVS 5b Trad 7m
3 Standing Around Trying VS 5a Trad 7m
4 Sittin' Here Drinkin' HVS 5b Trad 7m
5 Mate E1 5b Trad 7m
6 Cheque VD Trad 7m
7 Frankie Ferocious E3 6a Trad 7m
8 * Giro E2 5c Trad 9m
9 P.O. Crack HS 4b Trad 8m
10 Jammed Stone Chimney HD Trad 8m
11 Slanting Chimney HS 4b Trad 10m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
12 ** The Coign MVS 4b Trad 16m
13 * Outlook Slab

After staring up the crack between blocks (start of The Coign), climb the centre of the slab with horizontal cracks.

FA: Martin Veale, 1978

VS 5a Trad 16m
14 ** Wall End Crack Direct HS 4b Trad 16m
15 * Wall End Crack S 4a Trad 16m
16 * Death and Night and Blood E1 5b Trad 18m
17 ** Wall End Flake Crack

Climb the start of Wall End Crack Direct until the sloping ramp to the right. Follow this to the alert of two cracks and follow to the top.

FA: Fred Piggott and friends

VS 4c Trad 20m
18 * Wall End Holly Tree Crack HS 4b Trad 18m
19 I Never Said It Was Any Good E1 5b Trad 18m
20 ** Helfenstein's Struggle HVD 4a Trad 20m
21 * Saul's Arete VS 4b Trad 22m
22 Dark Angel HVS 5b Trad 21m
23 ** Don E4 5c Trad 22m
24 *** The Archangel E3 5b Trad 22m
25 *** Goliath's Groove HVS 5a Trad 22m
26 ** Doncaster's Route HVS 5a Trad 24m
27 *** Ulysses E6 6b Trad 20m
28 ** Holly Bush Gully Left HS 4b Trad 20m
29 *** White Wand E5 6a Trad 23m
30 Leaps and Bounds E1 5b Trad 20m
31 * The Wall End Traverse VS 4c Trad 70m
32 ** Holly Bush Gully Right MVD Trad 20m
33 * Gnome Man's Land E5 6b Trad 20m
34 ** Fairy Steps VS 4a Trad 16m
35 Double Act HVS 5c Trad 12m

1.16. Plantation Boulders 48 routes in Field

Mostly Boulder

Long/Lat: -1.640158, 53.353481

1.16.1. Crescent Arete Area 0 routes in Sector

1.16.2. Mental Block 0 routes in Sector

1.16.3. Grand Hotel 10 routes in Boulder

All Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Rotor HVS 6a Boulder 5m
2 *** Not To Be Taken Away E2 6a V4 Boulder 7m
3 To Be or Not To Be

FA: Mark Leach

{AU} UK:E3 UKT:6c V7 Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
4 *** Careless Torque E7 7a V12 Boulder 7m
5 *** Crescent Arete E1 5b V2 Boulder 7m
6 Crescent Arete RH FB:6A Boulder
7 * Deadline E5 6c V8 Boulder 7m
8 ** Beneath the Breadline E5 6c V7 Boulder 7m
9 * Breadline E4 6b V5 Boulder
10 ** Big Air E6 6b Boulder 4m

1.16.4. The Photograph 0 routes in Sector

1.16.5. The Lone Boulder 0 routes in Sector

1.16.6. The Business Boulder 6 routes in Boulder

All Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Nobody's Busines FB:4B Boulder
2 Zippy's Traverse {FB} 6C Boulder
3 Jerry's Finish {FB} 6C Boulder 3m
4 * Bullworker {FB} 6B Boulder 3m
5 ** Slopey Pokey {FB} 5+ Boulder 3m
6 Business Launch {FB} 6B Boulder 3m

1.16.7. Crozzle Block 6 routes in Boulder

All Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Crozzle Wall FB:6A Boulder 3m
2 Crozzle Arete FB:6B Boulder
3 Crozzle Arete RH FB:6A Boulder
4 South Arete (unsure of actual name)

Grade not Confirmed.

FB:5B Boulder
5 Crozzle Slab FB:5B Boulder
6 Arete FB:4B Boulder

1.16.8. Green Block 3 routes in Boulder

All Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** The Green Traverse

Start on the sloping right-hand end of the block and traverse left around the front face, until better holds lead to the rockover onto the slab on the left-hand side of the block.

6c V6 Boulder
2 The Green Dyno {US} V6 Boulder
3 The Full Green Traverse V7 Boulder

1.16.9. The Pebble 10 routes in Boulder

All Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Smear Test FB:6A+ Boulder
2 The Ramp FB:4C Boulder
3 Pebble Flakes FB:5B Boulder
4 Thin Slab FB:6B Boulder
5 Ron's Slab II FB:6C Boulder
6 Pebble Arete LH FB:6A Boulder
7 *** The Pebble Arete 5c Boulder 4m
8 *** Deliverance

FA: Q. Fisher

6c V8 Boulder 3m
9 Deliverate FB:6B Boulder
10 Pebbledash FB:6A Boulder

1.16.10. Joker Block 2 routes in Unknown

All Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** The Joker 7a V11 Boulder
2 ** The Ace 7b V13 Boulder

1.16.11. The Face of Business 11 routes in Boulder

Boulder and Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Rose and the Self-Employed Businessman 6c Boulder
2 Jerry's Traverse V9 Boulder
3 ** Jerry's Traverse with Ben's Extension {FB} UKT:7b Boulder
4 Ben's Reverse V8 Boulder
5 The Photograph E3 5c Trad 7m
6 Snap Shot E3 5c Trad
7 Lichen Alive E5 6a Trad 7m
8 Video Nasty E1 6a Trad 6m
9 Adults Only E1 6b V5 Boulder 4m
10 *** Brad Pit 7a V11 Boulder
11 Overexposed E5 6b Trad

1.17. Popular End 475 routes in Area

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: -1.633755, 53.348162

Unique Features And Strengths:

It has the name for a reason. With one prominent buttress after another there are enough classics here to keep one busy for a lifetime.


Covers the 'B.A.W.'s Area' through to the 'Black Hawk Area'.


Park in the designated bay's at the Hook's Car Park. Do not park on the curb/verge.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

Pal Buttress

1 Old Pal VS 4b Trad 7m
2 Pal S 5a Trad 7m
3 Palermo VD Trad 7m
4 Pal Joey VD Trad 7m
5 Kangaroo VS 4c Trad 7m
6 Skippy VS 4c Trad

Dover's Wall

7 Bumbler's Arete M Trad 7m
8 A Black Ying D Trad
9 Beady Eye HS 5a Trad 6m
10 Long Reaches? HVS 5c Trad 7m
11 * Newhaven HD Trad 7m
12 Ramsgate S 4b Trad 7m
13 Dieppe S 4b Trad 7m
14 Dover's Wall, Route 3 VS 4b Trad 12m
15 Falaise de Douvre VS 4c Trad 7m
16 * Nothing to do with Dover HVS 5a Trad 12m
17 * Dover's Wall, Route 2 HVS 5a Trad 12m
18 Dover's Wall, Route 1.5

An eliminate of sorts. Climb the rock between 'Dover's Wall, Route 1' and 'Dover's Wall, Route 2', avoiding holds on both.

VS 5a Trad
19 * Dover's Wall, Route 1 S 4a Trad 12m
20 Dover's Wall, Route 4 VS 4b Trad 11m
21 The Grey Cliffs of ... HVS 5b Trad 12m
22 Wing Buttress Gully D Trad 12m
23 On a Wing and Prayer E1 5c Trad 12m
24 * 5.9 Finish E1 5b Trad 12m
25 * Wing Buttress VS 5b Trad 13m
26 * Cleft Wing VS 5b Trad 12m
27 * Cleft Wing Superdirect VS 4c Trad 12m
28 Trimming the Beard E3 6a Trad 11m
29 Spearing the Bearded Clam E3 5c Trad 11m
30 Taking a Winger E1 5b Trad 12m
31 Wing Wall VD Trad 11m

B.A.W.'s Crawl Buttress

32 Bouldering Matt S 5a Trad 5m
33 Blue December Sky HS 4c Trad 5m
34 The Nays D Trad 8m
35 Jon's Route S 4a Trad 9m
36 Eyes VS 4c Trad 9m
37 Little Pete HVS 5a Trad 8m
38 Obviously Done Before HVD Trad 8m
39 Probably Done Before S Trad 8m
40 * The Punk VS 4b Trad 10m
41 Old Smoothie

Traverses the break above 'The Punk'.

VS 4c Trad 15m
42 ** Cemetery Waits E6 6c Trad 9m
43 *** Shine On E7 6c Trad 9m
44 *** B.A.W.'S Crawl HVS 5a Trad 10m
45 * Punklet E1 6a Trad 9m
46 The Golden Path V9 Boulder
47 Public Image VS 5a Trad 15m
48 Public Face

A variant of 'Public Image' that finishes direct.

VS 5a Trad
49 Green Chimney VD Trad 10m
50 Paste HVS 5c Trad 10m
51 ** Pedlar's Rib E1 5c Trad 11m
52 Non-stop Pedalling

A variant of 'Pedlar's Rib' that heads left at the break.

E2 5c Trad 11m
53 * Pedlar's Arete HVS 5a Trad 11m
54 Keep Pedalling E1 5b Trad 10m
55 ** Pedlar's Slab HVS 5c Trad 11m
56 Pedlar's Wall HVS 5b Trad 10m
57 Top Block Rock S Trad 10m
58 Elastic VS 4c Trad 10m
59 Corner Crack D Trad 8m
60 Recess Rib VD Trad 8m
61 Topo Mania VS 5a Trad 8m
62 Viridescent Corner HVD Trad 8m
63 Left Flank M Trad 8m
64 Pisa Pillar HS 4b Trad 10m
65 Right Side HVS 5c Trad 10m
66 Hidden Crack VD Trad 10m
67 Pisa Crack VS 4c Trad 11m

Verandah Buttress

68 * Plastic Dream E3 6a Trad 10m
69 Tarzan Boy E3 6a Trad 10m
70 ** Headless Chicken E5 6b Trad 13m
71 *** Off With His Head E4 6b Trad 14m
72 ** The Guillotine E3 5c Trad 16m
73 *** Guillotine Direct E4 6b Trad 14m
74 * The Old Dragon E2 5b Trad 14m
75 Mary Whitehouse E3 6b Trad
76 Verandah Buttress Direct E4 6c Trad
77 Fit as a Butcher's Dog E1 5c Trad 12m
78 * Verandah Buttress HVD 5b Trad 14m
79 * Butcher Crack HVS 5b Trad 12m
80 One Stop Shopping E1 6a Trad 10m
81 * Greengrocer Wall E1 5c Trad 10m
82 Verandah Crack D Trad 8m
83 Verandah Wall VS 4c Trad 10m
84 * Cocktails VS 4c Trad 9m
85 * Verandah Pillar HS 4b Trad 10m
86 The Confectioner VS 5a Trad 8m

Roundabout Buttress

87 5 See Plus VS 5a Trad 10m
88 ** Intermediate Buttress VD Trad 10m
89 * The Nose (at Roundabout Buttress) VS 4b Trad 10m
90 * Jaygo's Pipe HVS 5a Trad 10m
91 Second Wind HVS 5c Trad 11m
92 * Swings E1 5c Trad 11m
93 The Roundabout HVS 5b Trad 12m
94 * Turf Crack VD Trad 10m
95 * Little Tower HS 4b Trad 8m
96 49 Bikinis HVS 5a Trad 9m
97 Beads S Trad 7m
98 Trinket S Trad 7m
99 Narrowing Chimney S Trad 7m
100 Vanishing Point VS 4c Trad 10m

Martello Buttress

101 Zel HVS 4c Trad 13m
102 ** Byne's Route VS 4c Trad 15m
103 Choux E2 6a Trad 15m
104 Choux Fleur E1 5c Trad 15m
105 * Another Game of Bowls Sir Walter E1 5b Trad 15m
106 *** The Scoop/Ozymandias HVS 5a Trad 15m
107 *** Martello Buttress

FA: 1922

HS 4b Trad 17m
108 * Bloodshot E3 5c Trad 15m
109 Hebden's Heights HVS 5a Trad
110 * The Old Scoop VS 4b Trad 15m
111 Ain't Nobody Here but us Chickens E3 6b Trad 14m
112 * Martello Cracks M Trad 10m

Saliva Buttress

113 * Mistella VD Trad 12m
114 Wax Museum HVS 5c Trad 12m
115 * Phlegethoa E1 5c Trad 12m
116 * Fading Star Direct Start E2 6b Trad
117 ** Fading Star E2 6a Trad 13m
118 ** Saliva E1 5b Trad 15m
119 * Ashes E3 5c Trad 12m
120 ** Devil's Chimney HD Trad 13m
121 Stay in the Light HS Trad 13m
122 ** Step-ladder Crack VS 5a Trad 15m
123 Dark Water E3 6b Trad 14m
124 ** Hell Crack VS 4c Trad 13m
125 Still in Limbo E1 5b Trad 13m
126 *** Heaven Crack

Layback the flake just left of the descent gully. Tricky move to finish.

VD Trad 10m
127 Lethe HVS 5a Trad 10m
128 * The Aeneid VS 5a Trad 35m
129 Jean's Line HS 4a Trad 10m

Mississippi Buttress

With a collection of classic routes across a range of grades this is certainly one of Stanage's best buttresses.

130 Gathering Gloom E1 5c Trad 10m
131 ** Acheron E1 5b Trad 17m
132 The Louisiana Rib

FFA: 1950

VS 4c Trad 18m
133 * Ferryboat Highway HVS 5b Trad 32m
134 * Finger Licking Good HVS 5a Trad 18m
135 The Levee HVS 5b Trad 17m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
136 ** Mississippi Chimney VD Trad 18m
137 African Herbs E3 5c Trad 18m
138 ** Dark Continent E1 5c Trad 18m
139 Nairobi E4 6a Trad 18m
140 *** Congo Corner HVS 5b Trad 24m
141 ** The Link E1 5b Trad 22m
142 * The Mersey Variant E2 5c Trad 22m
143 *** The Mississippi Buttress Direct

Start in leaning groove, climb to bridge below bulges then follow flake crack which eases off towards the top.

FA: Roy Horseman, 1927

VS 4c Trad 22m
144 ** The Mississippi Variant HVS 5a Trad 24m
145 * Orinoco Flow E2 5c Trad 22m
146 ** The Mississippi Variant Direct E1 5b Trad 22m
147 ** Stanleyville E4 5c Trad 22m
148 * Puzzlelock E4 6a Trad 22m
149 ** Morrison's Redoubt E1 5b Trad 18m
150 Melancholy Witness E3 6a Trad 17m
151 ** Amazon Crack S 4a Trad 12m
152 Tributary HVS 5b Trad 12m
153 Fallen Pillar Chimney VD Trad 11m
154 Fairy Castle Crack D Trad 11m
155 Pixie VS 5a Trad 12m
156 Fairy Chimney D Trad 11m

Balcony Buttress

157 Polyfilla VS 4c Trad 14m
158 * Balcony Climb Direct S 4a Trad
159 Balcony Climb HVD Trad 12m
160 * Balcony Cracks S 4a Trad 14m
161 Nine-Eleven

FA: 2003

E2 5c Trad 14m
162 * Exit Stage Left E1 5b Trad 20m
163 ** Centre Stage HVS 5a Trad 18m
164 Balcony Bulge HVS 5a Trad
165 *** Balcony Buttress S 4a Trad 20m
166 Balcony Balustrade HVS 5a Trad 16m
167 The Flue VD Trad 14m
168 Big Yin VS 4c Trad 14m
169 * Scoop Crack HS 4b Trad 14m
170 Rib and Face VS 4c Trad 12m
171 Balcony Corner D Trad 9m
172 Upanover VS 5b Trad 8m
173 Upanover Crack S Trad 8m
174 Twinkle Toes M Trad 8m

Twin Chimneys Area

175 Savage Amusement E1 5b Trad 10m
176 M Route VS 4c Trad 11m
177 * N Route HS 4a Trad 10m
178 Regret E4 6a Trad 11m
179 ** Agony Crack HVS 5a Trad 11m
180 * Big Dave's Wall E3 6a Trad 11m
181 * Thrombosis VS 4c Trad 11m
182 Rigor Mortis HS 4b Trad 12m
183 Whipped Like a Red-Headed Stepchild

FA: 2004

E2 6b Trad 12m
184 Paralysis VS 4c Trad 12m
185 Boris the Bold VS 4c Trad 10m
186 * Via Roof Route VS 5a Trad 8m
187 Don't Bark, Bite E1 5c Trad 18m
188 Rabies E1 5c Trad
189 ** Crack and Cave VD Trad 18m
190 Bill & Ted's Lobotomy E3 5c Trad 16m
191 ** Twin Chimneys Buttress HVS 5a Trad 17m
192 Lucy's Joy E1 5b Trad 15m
193 Lucy's Delight VS 4b Trad 15m
194 ** Left Twin Chimney M Trad 15m
195 Triplet VS 4b Trad 17m
196 ** Right Twin Chimney VD Trad 11m
197 Bobsnob E1 5a Trad 14m
198 * Little John's Step S 4b Trad 25m
199 Dave's Little Route S 4b Trad
200 Little Slab S Trad 12m
201 Awl VD Trad 12m
202 Bean VS 5a Trad 15m
203 Dun HS Trad 15m
204 ** Bee D Trad 12m
205 * Four VS 4c Trad 12m

Wuthering Buttress

206 Robin Hood's Cave Traverse S Trad 70m
207 *** The Asp E3 6a Trad 10m
208 * Boc No Buttress E5 6a Trad 14m
209 * Boc No Buttress Direct E5 6c Trad 12m
210 *** Wuthering E2 5b Trad 20m
211 * Dithering Frights E2 5b Trad 18m
212 Premier HVS 5a Trad 18m
213 * Robin Hood's Chockstone Chimney S 4a Trad 17m
214 * Connelly's Variation S 4a Trad
215 * Not Much Weak Stack Battered or What E3 6b Trad 15m
216 * Withered Thing E2 6b Trad 17m
217 Seduced by the Dark Side of Climbing E3 6b Trad 16m
218 ** Paucity HVS 5b Trad 18m
219 Wearing Thin E2 6a Trad
220 ** Robin Hood's Crack HVD Trad 18m
221 A Paucity of Independent Climbing E1 5c Trad 18m
222 * Tea- Leaf Crack VD Trad 15m
223 Robin Hood's Cave Gully HD Trad 15m

Robin Hood's Cave Buttress

224 * Last Ice Cream E2 5c Trad 8m
225 * Just One Cornetto E2 5c Trad 8m
226 ** Cave Gully Wall HVS 5a Trad 14m
227 * Sands of Time E4 6a Trad 22m
228 ** Cave Innominate

FA: 1932

VS 5a Trad 14m
229 *** Cave Innominate/Harding's Finish

A link up of CI start and Harding finish. Best of both worlds.

HVS 5a Trad 20m
230 ** Harding's Super Direct Finish HVS 5a Trad 8m
231 ** Carpe Diem E6 6c Trad 15m
232 Last Bolt E3 5c Trad 20m
233 ** Cave Eliminate E3 6a Trad 16m
234 ** Cave Arete HVS 5a Trad 16m
235 ** Robin Hood's Balcony Cave Direct VD Trad 20m
236 Broken Arrow

FA: 1999

E1 5b Trad 5m
237 * Constipation E4 6a Trad 14m
238 ** Pacific Ocean Wall E5 6b Trad 14m
239 *** Desperation E1 5c Trad 12m
240 Robin Hood's Staircase Direct VS 4c Trad 10m
241 Robin Hood's Staircase VD Trad 11m
242 * Rubber Band VS 4b Trad 20m
243 Kenneth VS 4b Trad 11m
244 Stringer HS 4b Trad 10m

Boot Buttress

245 * Titbit VS 4c Trad 8m
246 Muesli HS 4c Trad 10m
247 Cornflakes VS 4c Trad 10m
248 * Boot Crack HD Trad 10m
249 Soft Shoe VS 5a Trad 10m
250 Shuffle VD Trad 10m
251 Before Dunne HVS 5c Trad 6m
252 Grovel, you don't know the meaning of the word VS Trad 10m
253 Madhouse E4 6a Trad 12m
254 * Twin Cracks VD Trad 11m
255 Left Twin Crack S Trad 10m
256 * Right Twin Crack VS 4c Trad 11m
257 ** Ellis's Eliminate VS 4c Trad 20m
258 ** Good Friday HVS 5b Trad 15m
259 Bob's Jolly Jape E4 6a Trad 15m
260 Introversion E1 5c Trad 18m
261 *** Inverted V VS 4b Trad 22m
262 ** Retroversion HVS 4c Trad 21m
263 Our Version E3 6a Trad 21m
264 *** Robin Hood's Right-Hand Buttress Direct HS 4a Trad 23m
265 Thunder Road E5 6a Trad 21m
266 * Cold Turkey HVS 5a Trad 20m
267 ** Straight Crack VS 4c Trad 20m
268 ** Robin Hood Zigzag S 4a Trad 24m
269 * Spring into Action HVS 5b Trad 20m
270 Stage Fright E3 6b Trad 9m
271 The Actress E2 5c Trad 9m
272 *** Bishop's Route S 4a Trad 25m
273 ** Zagrete VS 4b Trad 20m
274 Brittle Star E3 5c Trad 18m
275 ** Zigzag Flake Crack VS 4a Trad 18m
276 Coconut Ice E2 5b Trad 18m
277 * Ice Boat E1 5c Trad 20m
278 * The Little Flake Crack VS 5a Trad 18m
279 ** Flake Chimney

The chimney. Climbed either deep inside through chock stones (secure) or towards the outside (less so).

S Trad 16m
280 Hybrid HVS 5b Trad 15m
281 * Pedestal Chimney D Trad 15m
282 * Wright's Route VS 4c Trad 17m
283 *** Wall of Sound E6 6b Trad 17m

Black Slab Buttress

284 ** Black Magic HVS 5b Trad 15m
285 * Whillans' Pendulum HVS 5b Trad
286 * Echoes E3 5c Trad 18m
287 *** Hargreave's Original Route / Black Slab VS 4c Trad 16m
288 ** Macleod's Variation HS 4b Trad 18m
289 ** The Flange HVS 5b Trad 15m
290 ** April Crack HS 4b Trad 15m
291 Spring Wall HVS 5b Trad 15m
292 ** Easter Rib E1 5b Trad 15m
293 *** Christmas Crack HS 4b Trad 15m
294 Holiday Quartet HVS 5b Trad 14m
295 *** Central Trinity VS 4c Trad 15m
296 Twintrin E1 5c Trad 14m
297 * Meiosis HVS 5b Trad 14m
298 *** Right Hand Trinity

The long crack in the wall is started at a small rightward facing corner then direct up.

HS 4a Trad 13m
299 Fergus Graham's Direct Route HVS 4c Trad 13m
300 Well Right E2 5c Trad 13m
301 * Topaz E4 6a Trad 10m
302 Topaz Copout E1 5b Trad

Rugosity Wall

303 * Green Crack VS 4b Trad 11m
304 * Rugosity Wall HVS 5c Trad 11m
305 * Rusty Wall HVS 6a Trad 11m
306 * Rusty Crack HVS 5b Trad 11m
307 * Via Media VS 4c Trad 11m
308 Via Trivia HVS 5b Trad
309 * Via Dexter E2 5c Trad 11m
310 Oblique Crack

Climb the nice jamming crack, round a slight overhang to the ledge then up the rounded face to top out.

S Trad 11m
311 Oblique Buttress VS 5b Trad 11m
312 Straight Chimney VD Trad 11m
313 Albert's Pillar HS 4c Trad 11m
314 Albert's Amble HVD Trad 11m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

Hollybush Crack Area

315 ** Narrow Buttress VS 4c Trad 14m
316 Straight and Narrow HVS 5a Trad 14m
317 *** Hollybush Crack

The clean crack in the right facing corner. The lower section is somewhat polished and is the crux while the upper section is a bit more juggy but still interesting. Good gear throughout.

FA: George Bower, 1926

VD Trad 14m
318 Straightsville E2 5b Trad 15m
319 ** Queersville HVS 5a Trad 15m
320 * The Nose E3 6a Trad 15m
321 * Yosemite Wall E2 5b Trad 16m
322 The El Cap Finish E2 5b Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
323 Leaning Buttress Gully VS 4c Trad 15m
324 * Hangover VS 4c Trad 16m
325 The Old Bag's Head E4 6a Trad 16m
326 * Leaning Buttress Direct HVS 5b Trad 16m
327 * Leaning Buttress Indirect VD Trad 16m
328 ** Leaning Buttress Crack

The long groove on the right side of the pillar. Good pro throughout.

VD Trad 14m
329 * The Bishop's Move VD Trad

Garden Wall Area

330 Right On S Trad 15m
331 That Sad Man E2 5c Trad 14m
332 Garden Fence

FA: 2004

HS 4a Trad 14m
333 Space Junk HVS 5b Trad 14m
334 * Chockstone Direct S Trad
335 * Garden Wall

Climb the crack to the narrow chimney and grunt past the chockstone

HVD Trad 14m
336 Armchair Buccaneer E1 5b Trad 14m
337 Beech Tree Wall / Birch Tree Wall HS 4b Trad 14m
338 Wild West Wind S Trad 14m
339 Scappy Corner D Trad 13m

The Flying Buttress

340 Mini Micro E2 6b Trad 6m
341 Little Sarah E1 5b Trad 8m
342 The Wedge VS 5a Trad 14m
343 Heliotrope HVS 5c Trad 8m
344 Wedge Gully

S if lead over the capping block. VD if lead under and through the hole. Nice little route for those who like chimneys and bridging a lot.

S 4a Trad 12m
345 Wedge Rib VS 5a Trad 14m
346 Flying Buttress Gully D Trad 16m
347 ** Goodbye Toulouse E1 5b Trad 18m
348 *** Flying Buttress Direct E1 5b Trad 16m
349 * Flying Butt E3 5c Trad 25m
350 ** Kirkus's Corner E1 5b Trad 16m
351 Spasticus Artisticus E4 5c Trad 10m

Tippler Buttress

352 * Jitterbug Buttress S 4a Trad 12m
353 Malarete VS 4c Trad
354 * The Kirkus Original HVS 4c Trad 12m
355 ** Jitter Face S Trad 13m
356 ** Townsend's Variation HVS 4c Trad 13m
357 Cracking Eel

6m left of Malarete. the left pillar of the 3 pillars.side by side.

FA: Harvey Portier Age 8, 2011

M Trad 5m
358 Anxiety Attack E3 5c Trad 15m
359 ** Censor E3 5c Trad 15m
360 The Cutting Room Floor E4 6a Trad 15m
361 ** The Unprintable E1 5b Trad 16m
362 *** The Dangler E2 5c Trad 16m
363 *** Tippler Direct E3 6a Trad 16m
364 ** Paranoid E6 6b Trad 17m
365 *** The Tippler E1 5b Trad 20m
366 ** The 9 o'clock Watershed E6 6c Trad 15m
367 * The Muted Trumper E6 6c Trad 14m
368 * The Y Crack VS 4b Trad 18m
369 * The Z Crack VS 4c Trad 18m
370 The Go Player E4 6b Trad 8m

Castle Buttress

371 ** Castle Chimney M Trad 20m
372 * Black Hawk Tower VD Trad 24m
373 The Famous Ed Wood E1 5b Trad 20m
374 ** Master of Disguise E6 6a Trad 16m
375 *** Chameleon E4 6a Trad 16m
376 ** Black Hawk Bastion E3 6a Trad 16m
377 * Black Adder's Fortress E5 6a Trad

Black Hawk

378 ** Eliminator HVS 5b Trad 15m
379 * Castle Crack HS 4b Trad 18m
380 * Elliot's Eliminate HS 4c Trad 17m
381 * Black Hawk HS 4c Trad 15m
382 ** Prudence HVS Trad
383 * Divine Providence HVS 5b Trad 16m
384 ** Black Hawk Traverse Left VD Trad 17m
385 ** Burgess's Variation S 4a Trad 17m
386 Providence E1 5c Trad 15m
387 * Tribute to Kitty E6 6a Trad 15m
388 Black Hawk Hell Crack S 4a Trad 14m
389 * Black Hawk Traverse Right D Trad 16m

Manchester Buttress Area

390 Ugly Mugs VS 4c Trad 15m
391 Moriarty E3 6a Trad 16m
392 Bump Reader

Starts in a small cave that faces 'Higgar Tor', approx. 25m below 'Moriarty'.

6a V2 Boulder
393 * Gargoyle Variant HS 4b Trad
394 * Gargoyle Buttress VS 4b Trad 14m
395 * Dry Rot E2 5b Trad 13m
396 * Physiology VD Trad 13m
397 Sociology S Trad 13m
398 Anatomy

Climb the right hand corner moving awkwardly left at the overhang.

VD Trad 13m
399 Another Ology

A direct finish to 'Anatomy'. Follow the right-hand upper cracks.

HS 4b Trad 13m
400 * Tinker's Crack VS 4c Trad 13m
401 Beggar's Crack VS 5a Trad 13m
402 Tip Off E2 5c Trad 14m
403 Tip Off Right E1 5b Trad 14m
404 Moss Side E4 6a Trad 13m
405 ** Manchester Buttress HS 4b Trad 16m
406 Manchester United

A variation of 'Manchester United'. Follow the face to the right of the initial crack before going direct to the high ledge.

HVS 5b Trad