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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Count's Buttress to The Big C Area Count's Buttress Area
{FB} UK:E5 UKT:6c Shirley's Shining Temple Boulder 9m
Wall End Area to Amphitheatre Wall End Slab
V9 The Storm Boulder
6c V7 Help the Aged Boulder 6m
V7 Silk Start Boulder
Tower Face to Spur Slab Pullover Buttress
E3 6b V6 Satin Boulder 8m
E3 7a V10 Pressure Drop Boulder
Tower Face to Spur Slab Spur Slab
6b V5 Right Spur Boulder
6b Left Spur Boulder
Billiard Buttress Area Billiard Buttress
E5 6c V7 Help the Young Boulder 7m
Northern End
V3 Incursion Direct Boulder
V10 Lowrider Boulder
V9 R.I.P. O.D.B. Boulder
V11 Chip Shop Buddy

A link-up of 'Low Rider' into 'Chip Shop Brawl'.

V7 Opposition Boulder
V1 Wilbur's Rib Boulder
V3 Love Handles Boulder
V2 Mr M'Quod and the Anti-rock Squad Boulder
V1 Millstone Crack Boulder
V5 Soft Top Beetle Boulder
V7 Green Room Slap Boulder
Plantation Boulders The Path Boulders
VB H Block

Left arete

V0+ The Dirty Protest

Middle of wall.

V1 Side Track Boulder
V2 Midmantel Boulder
V1 The Trucgh Boulder
V2 Wavelength Boulder
V0- Wavelength Arete Boulder
Plantation Boulders Crescent Arete Area
V8 The Storm Boulder
V7 Deadline Boulder
V8 Beneath the Breadline Boulder
V5 Breadline Boulder
V8 Ron's Slab Boulder
V2 Crescent Arete Boulder
V4 Crescent Arete Right-hand Boulder
V6 Crescent Slab Boulder
V7 Mono Slab Boulder
V2 Crescent Groovelet Boulder
V4 The Snapper Boulder
V5 Snapper Arete Boulder
V4 Pocket Wall Boulder
V2 Ramp Thing Boulder
V0+ Nameless Block Mantel Boulder
V1 Issue 53 Boulder
VB Back cover Boulder
V0- Shady Slab Boulder
VB Shady Slab Right Arete Boulder
V5 Big Air Boulder
V11 Coming up for Air Boulder
V0+ Scoops Groove Boulder
V0+ Scoops Slab Boulder
V0 Scoops Arete Boulder
V1 Grooved Arete Boulder
Plantation Boulders Grand Hotel
HVS 6a Rotor Boulder 5m
E2 6a V4 Not To Be Taken Away Boulder 7m
{AU} UK:E3 UKT:6c V7 To Be or Not To Be

FA: Mark Leach

E7 7a V12 Careless Torque Boulder 7m
E1 5b V2 Crescent Arete Boulder 7m
FB:6A Crescent Arete RH Boulder
E5 6c V8 Deadline Boulder 7m
E5 6c V7 Beneath the Breadline Boulder 7m
E4 6b V5 Breadline Boulder
E6 6b Big Air Boulder 4m
Plantation Boulders The Lone Boulder
V2 The Lone Arete Boulder
V2 The Lone Slab Boulder
V2 Lone Scoop Boulder
V1 Scoop Arete Boulder
V0+ Steep Side Boulder
V3 The Lone Ranger Boulder
V0+ Tonto Boulder
V0 Lone Boulder Boulder
Plantation Boulders Bullworker and Crozzle Block
{FB} 6B Bullworker Boulder 3m
FB:6A Crozzle Wall Boulder 3m
FB:6B Crozzle Arete Boulder
FB:6A Crozzle Arete RH Boulder
FB:5B South Arete (unsure of actual name)

Grade not Confirmed.

FB:5B Crozzle Slab Boulder
FB:4B Arete Boulder
{FB} 5C Low Lip Traverse Boulder
Plantation Boulders The Hourglass
{FB} 5C The Hourglass

Up the arête on the right hand side.

{FB} 5C 5+ Slopey Pokey

Start on two pockets to the right of The Hourglass.

Boulder 3m
Plantation Boulders Steep Traverse and Bentley's Block
{FB} 6C Steep Traverse

Start on the slanting ramp and traverse right to exit on the round arête.

Plantation Boulders The Business Boulder
FB:4B Nobody's Busines Boulder 3m
{FR} 6A+ No Name

Direct up the Westward face of the block. Sit start underneath the obvious horizontal handhold above a triangle(-ish) shaped hollow. Follow the flake above to the top.

Boulder 5m
{FB} 6C Zippy's Traverse Boulder
{FB} 5B Big Business

Up the big flake.

{FB} 6C Jerry's Finish Boulder 3m
{FB} 6B Business Launch Boulder 3m
Plantation Boulders Green Block
6c V6 The Green Traverse

Start on the sloping right-hand end of the block and traverse left around the front face, until better holds lead to the rockover onto the slab on the left-hand side of the block.

{US} V6 The Green Dyno Boulder
V7 Dope on a Slope

An extended version of The Green Traverse.

Plantation Boulders The Pebble
FB:6A+ Smear Test Boulder 4m
{FB} 4 Pebble Face Boulder
{FB} 6B Pebble Face Direct Boulder
{FB} FB:4+ Pebble Flakes Boulder 4m
FB:6B Thin Slab Boulder
FB:7B Ron's Slab II Boulder
FB:6A Pebble Arete Left-hand Boulder
5c Pebble Arete Boulder 4m
FB:7C+ Andy Brown's Wall Boulder
FB:4C The Ramp Boulder 4m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 179 routes.