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Showing 1 - 100 out of 179 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Count's Buttress to The Big C Area Count's Buttress Area
{FB} UK:E5 UKT:6c *** Shirley's Shining Temple Boulder 9m
Wall End Area to Amphitheatre Wall End Slab
V9 The Storm Boulder
6c V7 * Help the Aged Boulder 6m
V7 Silk Start Boulder
Tower Face to Spur Slab Pullover Buttress
E3 6b V6 ** Satin Boulder 8m
E3 7a V10 * Pressure Drop Boulder
Tower Face to Spur Slab Spur Slab
6b V5 * Right Spur Boulder
6b Left Spur Boulder
Billiard Buttress Area Billiard Buttress
E5 6c V7 ** Help the Young Boulder 7m
Northern End
V3 Incursion Direct Boulder
V10 * Lowrider Boulder
V9 R.I.P. O.D.B. Boulder
V11 Chip Shop Buddy

A link-up of 'Low Rider' into 'Chip Shop Brawl'.

V7 Opposition Boulder
V1 Wilbur's Rib Boulder
V3 Love Handles Boulder
V2 Mr M'Quod and the Anti-rock Squad Boulder
V1 Millstone Crack Boulder
V5 Soft Top Beetle Boulder
V7 Green Room Slap Boulder
Plantation Boulders The Path Boulders
VB H Block

Left arete

V0+ The Dirty Protest

Middle of wall.

V1 Side Track Boulder
V2 Midmantel Boulder
V1 The Trucgh Boulder
V2 Wavelength Boulder
V0- Wavelength Arete Boulder
Plantation Boulders Crescent Arete Area
V8 *** The Storm Boulder
V7 Deadline Boulder
V8 * Beneath the Breadline Boulder
V5 Breadline Boulder
V8 * Ron's Slab Boulder
V2 * Crescent Arete Boulder
V4 * Crescent Arete Right-hand Boulder
V6 Crescent Slab Boulder
V7 * Mono Slab Boulder
V2 Crescent Groovelet Boulder
V4 * The Snapper Boulder
V5 * Snapper Arete Boulder
V4 Pocket Wall Boulder
V2 Ramp Thing Boulder
V0+ Nameless Block Mantel Boulder
V1 Issue 53 Boulder
VB Back cover Boulder
V0- Shady Slab Boulder
VB Shady Slab Right Arete Boulder
V5 Big Air Boulder
V11 Coming up for Air Boulder
V0+ Scoops Groove Boulder
V0+ Scoops Slab Boulder
V0 Scoops Arete Boulder
V1 Grooved Arete Boulder
Plantation Boulders Grand Hotel
HVS 6a Rotor Boulder 5m
E2 6a V4 *** Not To Be Taken Away Boulder 7m
{AU} UK:E3 UKT:6c V7 To Be or Not To Be

FA: Mark Leach

E7 7a V12 *** Careless Torque Boulder 7m
E1 5b V2 *** Crescent Arete Boulder 7m
FB:6A ** Crescent Arete RH Boulder
E5 6c V8 * Deadline Boulder 7m
E5 6c V7 ** Beneath the Breadline Boulder 7m
E4 6b V5 ** Breadline Boulder
E6 6b ** Big Air Boulder 4m
Plantation Boulders The Lone Boulder
V2 The Lone Arete Boulder
V2 The Lone Slab Boulder
V2 Lone Scoop Boulder
V1 Scoop Arete Boulder
V0+ Steep Side Boulder
V3 The Lone Ranger Boulder
V0+ Tonto Boulder
V0 Lone Boulder Boulder
Plantation Boulders Bullworker and Crozzle Block
{FB} 6B * Bullworker Boulder 3m
FB:6A ** Crozzle Wall Boulder 3m
FB:6B Crozzle Arete Boulder
FB:6A Crozzle Arete RH Boulder
FB:5B * South Arete (unsure of actual name)

Grade not Confirmed.

FB:5B * Crozzle Slab Boulder
FB:4B * Arete Boulder
{FB} 5C ** Low Lip Traverse Boulder
Plantation Boulders The Hourglass
{FB} 5C *** The Hourglass

Up the arête on the right hand side.

{FB} 5C 5+ * Slopey Pokey

Start on two pockets to the right of The Hourglass.

Boulder 3m
Plantation Boulders Steep Traverse and Bentley's Block
{FB} 6C *** Steep Traverse

Start on the slanting ramp and traverse right to exit on the round arête.

Plantation Boulders The Business Boulder
FB:4B * Nobody's Busines Boulder 3m
{FR} 6A+ ** No Name

Direct up the Westward face of the block. Sit start underneath the obvious horizontal handhold above a triangle(-ish) shaped hollow. Follow the flake above to the top.

Boulder 5m
{FB} 6C Zippy's Traverse Boulder
{FB} 5B * Big Business

Up the big flake.

{FB} 6C Jerry's Finish Boulder 3m
{FB} 6B Business Launch Boulder 3m
Plantation Boulders Green Block
6c V6 *** The Green Traverse

Start on the sloping right-hand end of the block and traverse left around the front face, until better holds lead to the rockover onto the slab on the left-hand side of the block.

{US} V6 The Green Dyno Boulder
V7 *** Dope on a Slope

An extended version of The Green Traverse.

Plantation Boulders The Pebble
FB:6A+ ** Smear Test Boulder 4m
{FB} 4 *** Pebble Face Boulder
{FB} 6B * Pebble Face Direct Boulder
{FB} FB:4+ ** Pebble Flakes Boulder 4m
FB:6B * Thin Slab Boulder
FB:7B ** Ron's Slab II Boulder
FB:6A ** Pebble Arete Left-hand Boulder
5c *** Pebble Arete Boulder 4m
FB:7C+ ** Andy Brown's Wall Boulder
FB:4C * The Ramp Boulder 4m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 179 routes.