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Poor man's Joshua Tree.


Alabama Hills are a collection of quartz monzonite towers and boulders on BLM land. Generally good quality rock on the climbed routes, but often flaky, pebbly, or loose when off-route or exploring a not-well-established path or crack. Development is ongoing, with new routes appearing.

Approaches are generally short -- almost belay from the car to 10-minute scrambles over piles of boulders, occasionally with surprising pits opening up underneath them.

The rock is JTree-like, but the grades are far more in the range of modern sport grades.


From US 395 in Lone Pine, turn west on Whitney Portal Road (as of fall 2013, the only stop-light in Lone Pine). Drive about 2.7 miles up this road, until you see the sign for the Alabama Hills Recreation area. Most of the crags are approached from Movie Road (right turn there), though the Gunga Din section is approached by driving about .4 mile further, and turning left on Horseshoe Meadows Rd.


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The area has a lot of movie-history, a lot of old westerns were shot in the area, and there's numerous placards and images showing scenes from movies with the actual rock in the background.


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