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Gunga Din

A set of cliffs south of the Whitney Portal access road.

Arizona Tower
Arizona Tower
5.9 Spot
5.9 Sweet Home Arizona

Long, goes past lower-off station for "Muffy". Rap (single rope) off west side.

5.8 Muffy
5.7 Death of a Cowboy
Hell Wall
Hell Wall
5.10b Left Hell Crack
5.10c Right Hell Crack
5.9 Satan Ate My Cat
Alabam Dome
Alabam Dome
5.10c Blockade Runner
5.11a Dihedral Dance
5.9 Gone with the wind
5.9 Southern Man
5.9 Sweet Home Alabam

Not recommended. Gear to 4", dirty rotten dihedral. Lower off from "Southern Man" anchors.

5.10b Sherman's March

1 fixed drill bit -- bring a sling. Belay on summit, rap "Southern Man" or "Dihedral Dance".

Thug Wall
Thug Wall
5.10b Elephant Girl
5.10a R Bhisti

Shares anchor with "Bengal Lancer".

5.10c Bengal Lancer
Rocky Top
Rocky Top
5.10c R Southern Girls

Shares anchors with "Bodacious" and "After Eights".

5.9 R Bodacious

Shared anchors.

5.8 Drop Out

Starts behind a tall block, ends at the top of the block. Often combined with "After Eights" as a 2nd pitch.

5.8 After Eights

Starts about 1/2 way up the formation.

5.8 Chocolate Mice

Continue up past anchor for "After Eights" or "Dark Chocolate".

5.9 Dark Chocolate

Starts about 1/2 way up the formation.

5.8 Gunga Din

Starts behind tall block, from slot. Dihedral to wide crack.

5.8 R Krugerrands

Long -- single rope rappel off to west.

5.8 R Rocky Top

Rap off to west.

Temple of Kali
Temple of Kali
5.10a Kali Sacrifice
5.10a Kew
5.10a Wildest Dreams

Start up "Kew", but move right after 2nd bolt.

Peter Gabriel Cliff
Peter Gabriel Cliff
5.10d Passion
5.10a Wanting Contact
5.10c Sledgehammer
5.11d Chalk the Monkey
Southern Blonde
Southern Blonde
5.9 What a Face

Optional 1" piece.

5.9 R Cajun Spice Girls
5.10a Dick See Chicks
5.10c Unknown
5.10b Unknown 2
Candy Store
Candy Store
5.10b Sugar Daddy

Shares anchor with "Sweet Spot".

5.10a Sweet Spot

Finishes with "Sugar Daddy".

5.8 Pure Cane
5.7 Crack It Up

Gear anchor. Rappel down "Tootsie Pop".

5.6 Tootsie Pop
5.9 Twix

Gear anchor. Rap "Tootsie Pop".

5.10d Rock Candy
5.10a Kit Kat
5.8 Werner's Werthers
Earthday Dome
Earthday Dome
5.8 Have a Slabulous Day
5.9 Everyday is Earthday
5.6 R Seamingly Cool

Lower-off "Everyday is Earthday" anchors.

5.7 Greenpeace and Greenbacks

Rap from "Everyday is Earthday" anchors.

5.8 Corner the Market


Whitney Cave
Whitney Cave
Capricorn Wall

On the right, before the cave.

Whitney Cave Capricorn Wall
5.10c Wounded Knee
5.10c Capricorn
5.10d Dec. 29
5.11a Happy Cappys
5.10c Skylight

From in cave.

5.10b Pipe Dream

From in the cave.

5.9 (unknown)

Go around right of the first formation, climb arete.

Whitney Cave
Pu Pu Platter

After the cave.

Whitney Cave Pu Pu Platter
5.11c Hot and Sour
5.11a Lucky Family
5.10d Why You Call Me Alltime and Make Big Ha Ha
5.10a Precious Auntie
5.9 Jackaloo

2 bolts and a pin. Nasty looking dihedral.

5.9 Boss Choss
The Chocolate Block
The Penguins

A group of towers north-east of the Candy Store boulders. The towers form Corridors with typical Alabama Hills face climbing.

The Penguins
5.6 Bolt Fund Depleted
5.9 Unknown 9+

Poor quality face. Mussy hooks.

5.10a Stem Cell Research
5.10b My Little Lab Rat

Well Bolted

5.7 Goodbye Blue Sky
5.7 Tuxedo Junction

Crack to bolted face. Bring a few small to medium cams up to 3" for the crack.

5.9 Who Says I'm Not
5.7 Penguello
Tenacious D Wall

North facing wall with good rock.

Tenacious D Wall
5.9 Kielbasa

Farthest route on left side of crag. Gear to 4 in. & 2 bolts 2 bolt anchor, rap chains

5.9 Tribute

Juggy & fun, crux after 2nd bolt Longest route at the crag.On the left side & the tallest part of the crag. Start 10 ft. left of " Low hangin' fruit " & 15 ft. right of " Kielbasa ." 7 bolts 3/4 to 1.5 in. cam optional 2 bolt anchor rap chains

5.10b Low Hangin Fruit

A hard start leads to easier edges & jugs, fun! 5 bolts, 3/4 in. to 1 in. cam optional 2 bolt anchor with rap chains

5.7 The Government Totally Sucks

Climb half way up " Felix Char " then take the crack that traverses left, crossing " Low Hangin' Fruit " & " Tribute ", finally, clip the last 2 bolts of & finish on " Kielbasa ". put a long sling on your 1st piece in the traverse to cut down on rope- drag. Gear to 3/4 to 3.5 in. & 2 bolts 2 bolt anchor, rap

5.7 Felix Char(Classical Theacher)

Climb the easy crack in the middle of the crag. Gear to 2.5 in. 2 bolt anchor with rap hangers

5.10b Wonderboy

Face climb for 3 bolts, then traverse right & up to a short crack that ends. Clip 1 more bolt, then follow the right leaning crack to " Rize of the fenix" anchor. 4 bolts & gear to 1.5 in. Shares anchor with "Rize of the fenix", Mussy hooks.

5.10b Rize of the Phoenix

Go left after cliping 1st bolt towrds big block leaning against cliff, DON'T GO UP CRACK! Then go straight up angling back left slightly at the end for the last bolt & the anchor. 6 bolts, 2 bolt anchor, with Mussy hooks.

5.10b Rize of the Phoenix Variation

Climb Rize of the fenix to its 5th bolt, then follow right - angling crack to seperate anchor. 5 bolts & gear up to 1 inch.

5.10d Tenacious D

Bouldery crux at start, climbing eases after third bolt, ends with fun crack that disappears & an exciting face move to the anchors. Farthest right route, start down inside the corridor. 12 ft. right of " Rize of the fenix ". 5 bolts, & gear to 3/4 to 1 in. 2 bolt anchor with mussy hooks.

Showing all 99 nodes.