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Access issues inherited from Birdsboro

Birdsboro Quarry sits in the heart of Hay Creek Water Shed. This area is a protected water source for the surrounding homes and businesses. Please use all Grey Water and Leave No Trace guidelines. The use of this area is a privilege; we all must protect and maintain all climbs and trails leading to and from.

Ethic inherited from Birdsboro

The Birdsboro Climbing Area is public land owned by Robeson Township and managed by the Birdsboro Municipal Authority. Access and recreational usage is granted to us as a privilege not a right. As the land managers all users are required to observe all posted signs and regulations. The lower Water Reservoir is part of the Borough’s drinking water supply. No fishing or swimming is allowed. No deep water soloing is permitted. No fire rings are permitted. Please obey these rules.

Routes should be lead climbed ground to the top. Top rope manners: Use quickdraws in top anchors. Do not rappel or set top ropes above climbs off webbing anchors. Do not remove fixed protection on climbs. Do not tamper with or modify existing routes. Ask the local climbers before establishing new routes. Top Roping routes should be done using quickdraws, not running directly through anchors. Lead climbers have the “right of way” when top rope lines are used for groups. Please respect each other and allow them to “play through” “on lead”. Pets: Dogs are welcome provided they don’t bark obsessively, don’t growl/bark at climbers or other dogs. Music: respect other climbers – ask before you blast. Trash: Please carry it all out – organic waste, cigarette butts. Camping is allowed for events and by request at other times. Please contact us for more information and permissions about camping. No Fire Rings are allowed. This is a Wilderness Area restriction. Swimming and fishing is prohibited in the reservoirs. Remember, Climbers are Guests Here! If the Police or Birdsboro employees come out to use the shooting range we must vacate areas 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 13 until they are done. Be safe and have fun!


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Grade Route
5.8 * Rain Check Sport 3
5.8 Rain Check Direct Sport 4
5.7 Arocknophobia Sport 3
5.9 ** Balls Deep Sport 3
5.9 * Jingle Bells Sport 35ft, 4
5.8 * Itching to Climb Sport 35ft, 5
5.10d * Hognose Sport 35ft, 4
5.10 Slab Dance Sport 5
5.11a Don't Screw with My Disco Unknown 45ft
5.11c Variation Sport 1
5.11d Faint (drilled) Sport 45ft, 5
5.10a Fracture Sport 45ft, 5
5.10 Tap Dance Sport 5
5.9 Puss in Boots Sport 30ft, 3
5.10a * Corny Alternate Start Sport 3
5.8 Corny (Denny's Route) Sport 35ft, 3
5.9 * Bye Bye Bolt Sport 4
5.11b Angry White Man Sport 35ft, 3
5.12b Monkey Boy Sport 40ft, 3
5.9 Monkey Girl Sport 3
5.10c UCGB Slab Start Sport 5
5.10c UCGB Sport 5
5.6 The Sixth Element Sport 4


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