Topo #10102

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 *** Waimea Arete

The honeycomb arete left of Waimea Wall / Roof Route. Bad landing.

V5 Boulder 10ft Unlink route
3 *** Waimea Wall

The first part of the Roof Route is also a great boulder problem. At the first ledge, walk off left and carefully downclimb via a large tree stump.

V1 Boulder 10ft Unlink route
2 Roof Route

The steep wall and roof left of Farewell to Arms.

5.10a Top rope Unlink route
4 * Farewell To Arms

The steep awkward crack 3m left of the cave, then step right and up the wall to the top. 2 bolt anchor, but take long slings to extend the anchor over the edge.

5.10a Top rope Unlink route

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