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  1. 110 ft (5.12b) Pro: single set of cams to 5", 7 quickdraws.

  2. 105 ft (5.13b) Pro: 16 quickdraws.

  3. 65 ft (5.12b) Pro: cams to 0.5-2", 3 quickdraws.

  4. 80 ft (5.12a) Pro: 0.75" cam, 7 quickdraws.

Descend with a 70m rope in 4 rappels down the south face of the arrow and then into the dihedral of 'Kor-Ingalls' to the bottom.

Route History:


Located in Castleton Tower approx:
Long/Lat: -109.367769,38.651608

Route Grade Citations

5.13b III Principal
5.13b III Hard Landin' Brandon

Route quality

Route quality

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