Karma leaderboard in Central Cascade Mountains of climbers


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Rank Climber Karma
1 Chad Hoggard 3,292points
2 rick 1,110points
3 1,025points
4 Alanou 551points
5 Brandon Workman 494points
6 @riskyrunout 417points
7 David O'Donnell 402points
8 russ ricketts 335points
9 Colin J Bart 323points
10 Danny Darby 298points
11 Lance Granite 279points
12 Chris Harrott 231points
13 Daniel Schaeffer 185points
14 Rick Gould 162points
15 @zakko86 142points
16 Lachlan 137points
17 Tracy Harton 126points
18 Scott Harris 121points
18 @sketchedout 121points
20 Jesse James 113points
21 Christian Larson 85points
22 Rob Barker 80points
23 @extrasketch 74points
24 @sonysux 68points
25 Brendan Heywood 60points

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