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Printed Guidebook(s):

Desert Rock II - Wall Street to the San Rafael Swell

Author(s): Eric Bjornstad

Publication date: 1997

Ice Climbing Utah

Author(s): David S. Black

Publication date: 2000

Desert Rock: Rock Climbs in The National Parks

Author(s): Eric Bjornstad

Publication date: 1996

Rock Climbing Utah

Author(s): Stewart M. Green

Publication date: 1998

United States

Printed Guidebook(s):

Rock 'N Road: Rock Climbing Areas of North America

Author(s): Tim Toula

Publication date: 1995

Rock Climbing Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland

Author(s): Eric J. Horst

Publication date: 2001

Classic Rock #07 Devils Tower/Black Hills: Needles, Wyoming and South Dakota

Author(s): John Harlin III

Publication date: 1996