Karma leaderboard in Indian Creek Canyon of climbers


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Rank Climber Karma
1 Alwyn Johnson 3,935points
2 Kole 2,388points
3 adam demmert 502points
4 430points
5 Matthew L Johnson 291points
6 Sam Ritchie 195points
7 Scott Godwin 147points
8 David Walker 132points
9 mike brumbaugh 131points
10 Carlos Caicedo 83points
11 Mark Hateley 76points
12 mark 70points
13 krister jonsson 69points
14 Jeffrey Pierce 68points
15 Luke Stefurak 64points
16 James Hardy 58points
17 Charles Cooper 56points
18 Tony Williams 47points
19 Gareth Llewellin 41points
20 30points
21 Jeff Mekolites 29points
22 Morgan Fry 27points
22 Felix Parham 27points
24 jason malczyk 24points
25 Mark Wood 23points

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