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Rank Climber Karma
1 Clayton G. N. 8,715points
2 Joey Friedmann 4,165points
3 Daniel Schaeffer 695points
4 Simon Lee 255points
5 Steve Foy 188points
6 Jeff Pray 135points
7 Jacob Teal 129points
8 PJ 94points
9 Coleman McIntyre 93points
10 90points
11 rick 60points
12 cat miller 48points
13 Megan 38points
13 Andrew Stoeber 38points
15 Jeff Lemaster 34points
16 30points
16 Brendan Heywood 30points
18 andrew mckinney 28points
19 shanz 19points
20 bqgagliano 17points
21 Andy J. Lemon 16points
22 Meaghan Nelson 15points
23 Daniel Havens 12points
24 Drew 11points
24 @mwalma2000 11points

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