Topo #3093 - The Old Woman - west face

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 ** Dogleg
5.8 Trad 98ft Unlink route
3 The Cavity
5.11d Mixed 90ft, 4 Unlink route
4 The Fang
5.11b Mixed 100ft, 1 Unlink route
9 * Lower Band
5.10b Trad 200ft 2 Unlink route
5 Bridwell-Sustad
5.11a Mixed 100ft, 3 Unlink route
6 *** Double Cross

Warning: The first 20 feet of this climb are unprotectable and have sent many an unprepared climber to hospital.

5.7 X Trad 98ft Unlink route
8 * Route 499
5.11b Top rope Unlink route
10 * Sexy Grandma

Ascends the curving arete right of Double Cross, pulling a roof on large holds halfway up. Enter a gulley, step right over blunt lip onto slab beneath roof, and head straight up clipping three bolts and a pin en route to a two-bolt anchor. Some discrepancyon the grade, but it's a safe lead.

5.8 Trad 80ft Unlink route
11 * Band Saw
5.10c R Mixed 90ft, 3 Unlink route
12 Middle Band
5.10d Trad 170ft 2 Unlink route
14 ** Orphan
5.9 Trad 82ft Unlink route
16 * Dandelion
5.10a Mixed 90ft, 1 Unlink route

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