Topo #3660

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 * Pothole Problem #1

Move up the the large hueco, then use slopers to top out up and right

V0 Boulder 11ft Unlink route
2 Pothole Problem #2

Follow a seam right onto large sloping dishes

5.7 Boulder 12ft Unlink route
3 Pothole Mantel #1

Up ramp and mantel onto sloping ledge

V0 Boulder 12ft Unlink route
4 Pothole Mantel #2

Up ramp then mantel to right side of sloping ledge

5.8 Boulder 12ft Unlink route
5 Pothole Arete

Climb rounded arete

5.9 Boulder 12ft Unlink route
6 Pothole Slab

Slab climb faint dishes.

5.7 Boulder 13ft Unlink route
7 Desert Rat Crack

Climb the arete using flaring crack and slopers

5.8 Boulder 14ft Unlink route

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